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Tim Weed

Tim Weed, aka Tim Weidenkeller, is a world-class singer/songwriter/musician who has a new CD out called "Soul House."  He's a great lead singer and master of the banjo and other stringed instruments.  This collection of ten songs includes my favorite "Love and Peace and Happiness," a song on which I had the pleasure of contributing a harmony vocal.  Tim once performed this song for the Dalai Lama.  I also sang harmony on another of Tim's recordings which is available as a CD single called "The New Old Pueblo."  This song laments the loss of a part of Tucson's old barrio and some of its traditions.  For more information on Tim Weed and his music, visit www.timweed.com.

"Soul House'"
Tim Weed (2013)



Tommy Mora

Tommy's album called "Keep On Moving" contains the old-school style song, "Tell Me."  Tommy is a strong singer and has some excellent musicians behind him.  Click on the link to check out the video for "Tell Me" on you tube.  Click here to download "Keep On Movin'".  For more info on Tommy Mora at Reverbnation, click here.

"Keep On Movin'"
Tommy Mora (2010)


Sammy Morales

"What Is Love" is an excellent CD by singer-songwriter Sammy Morales.  It's a smooth collection of mostly ballads done in a soulful, jazzy style.  The music is described in the album notes as:  "a Soulful timepiece of enchanting lyrics about love and life, words and music by Sammy Morales and Albert Lucero, childhood friends that collaborated on a truly unique CD."  They're great songs for which Sammy's vocal sound and style fit like a glove.  I've heard this album many times and have enjoyed it.  My favorite cuts are "Forbidden Love," "How Could You Walk Away," "Then There WasYou," "What Is Love," and "Since You've Been Gone," which is a tribute to the late great John Lennon.  "What Is Love" is available at cdbaby.com .  Visit myspace.com/sammysings for more info.

"What Is Love"
Sammy Morales (2009)


Raymundo Monge

"En Mi Cuarto- In My Room" is a brand new CD by Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Raymundo Monge.  Raymundo started his professional music career as a member of the youth mariachi, "Mariachi Juvenil Voz de America," before moving on to the adult version, "Mariachi Voz de America."  However, his debut CD features his singing and songwriting in what I might call an "alternative" rock style that has overtones of pop and r&b.  Raymundo is an excellent vocalist and songwriter who sings in both English and Spanish on this collection.  Simply put, Raymundo Monge is a real talent.  Producers on the CD are "Angry" Mike Eleopoulos, angrymike.com, on "Regreso."  (Mike has worked with Fergie, Justin Timberlake, and Luis Miguel); Richard Mata, who did the music arrangements on "Vuelve A Mi" and is the musical director of Mariachi Voz de America; and David Soto  III, who works closely on Raymundo's live material and did production and arrangements on "Dreamin", "Over to You", and "Be Happy."  "En Mi Cuarto- In My Room" is available on i tunes and at cdbaby.com.  Check out myspace.com/raymundomonge for more info.

"En Mi Cuarto - In My Room"
Raymundo Monge (2010)


Olga Flores

"Con Mi Alma y Corazón" is a new CD by Tucson diva Olga Flores.  This collection is dominated by tracks where she's backed by mariachi, a style she sings with passion and authenticity, however she shows her versatility by singing several other songs in Tejano style backed by conjunto instruments and even does a great version of a classic r&b ballad made famous by Ray Charles, "You Don't Know Me."  I'm pleased to say Olga also does a great job on this CD with my dad's great song, "Barrio Viejo," which was inspired by Tucson's barrio where he was born and raised.  Olga Flores is an excellent vocalist who sings with soul and heart, which makes the CDs title so appropriate.

"Con Mi Alma y Corazón"
Olga Flores (2010)


Barry Rillera

"From Where I Stand"- Barry Rillera is a music veteran in the truest sense of the word. After graduating college and teaching grammar school for two years, he went on the road with two hometown friends, The Righteous Brothers, and never looked back.  In a touring career with The Righteous Brothers which spanned some 30 years, he served as their lead guitarist, bandleader and tour manager.  During some quiet periods in their career, Barry took time off to tour with two bands of which he was particularly proud - Ray Charles (1 year) and the Southern R&B/ Rock Group, White Trash.  He also recorded with Ray Charles amongst many others, and did an album with Jerry LaCroix & White Trash for Columbia.  But, his heart has always been with the blues ever since he first learned to play by listening to B. B. King 78 records. This opened his mind to the possibilities the electric guitar had in store for the changing music scene at that time.  Barry has stopped touring as a sideman for other singers, to pursue a solo career, firmly believing he has something to offer.  Barry continues to follow his passions, which are performing live and writing more blues material.  Barry Rillera CD is availabe at amazon.com at the link below and cdbaby.com.

"From Where I Stand"
Barry Rillera (2005)


Pepe Marquez

"Let's Take A Trip"- a new CD by the excellent singer from Santa Barbara, California.  The collection includes great covers of classic r&b songs such as Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On," The Temptations' "Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got," and "The Closer I Get To You" (a duet with Techeetah Lopez).  It also features songs by Smokey Robinson, Richard Bean (the original vocalist of Malo), and Pepe's producer Carlos Guillen.  Guitarists featured on the CD include Ray Carrion and Tierra's Rudy Salas.  This album also has many great East L.A. guest vocalists such as Steve Salas (the original voice of Tierra), Gilbert Stokes, and Mike Jimenez.  All the above singers, including Pepe, are featured on a track called "Float On," which is one of the highlights on the record.  "Let's Take a Trip" has excellent musicianship, arrangements and production.  Some of the tracks are produced by Carlos Guillen and others by Jeff Lewis, the great trumpet player of Tierra who is also an excellent engineer.  Click on the links below to see three music videos from "Let's Take a Trip."

"Float On" featuring Steve Salas, Gilbert Stokes, and Mike Jimenez

"Let's Take a Trip" (title track)

"Love the Way" featuring Ray Carrion of Thee Latin Allstars

"Let's Take A Trip"
Pepe Marquez (2017)

"Pepe Marquez"- the singer from Santa Barbara, California has a CD out simply called "Pepe Marquez."  This collection is mostly made up of original compositions by his producer, Carlos Guillen.  Musical genres include r&b, cumbias, a techno funk tune called "No Parking On the Dance Floor," and a cha cha that's one of my favorite tracks, "Muchacha Cha."  The CD also features a duet with Steve Salas of Tierra on the classic "Too Late To Turn Back Now" and two tracks with Rocky Padilla, covers of "Tighten Up" and "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me."  The album closes with a cover of Lionel Ritchie's "Penny Lover."  Pepe has been singing for over 20 years and has opened for artists such as Malo, Tierra, and Little Joe y La Familia.  For more information visit pepemarquez.com.

"Pepe Marquez"
Pepe Marquez (2010)

"Dance Mamacita"-
Highlights of Pepe's 2007 release include the title track and a cover of the classic "Never Can Say Goodbye."  Most of the songs on the album were written by Carlos Guillen, who's an excellent writer in many styles.  The songs on the CD are a mix of r&b, salsa, and some nice ballads, both in English and in Spanish.   Pepe's previous CD called "Just For You" featured covers of "Grazing In the Grass," "That's All," Debarge's "All This Love," and Neil Sedaka's "Working On a Groovy Thing."  My favorite track on this collection is a cumbia called "Juana La Cubana/Mambo U/K.  For more information visit pepemarquez.com.


"Dance Mamacita"
Pepe Marquez (2007)


"Just For You"
Pepe Marquez (2004)


Alfredo Rubalcava

bassist/vocalist with roots in the East L.A. music scene of the sixties, has a CD out with a collection of songs with elements of Latin, rock, and jazz.  Alfredo has many musical credits,  including his participation as a bass player on part of Tierra's second album, "Stranded," in 1972.  The highlight of the record for me is his version of The Beatles' obscure but great song "There's a Place."  It's always been a favorite of mine and Alfredo gives it an excellent Latin jazz treatment.  He also puts his own style to The Beatles' "I'll Be Back" and The Kinks' "Tired of Waiting."  Alfredo also writes or co-writes most of the other tracks.  For more information write Alfredo at live@promusic47.org.

"Heart of the Warrior"
Alfredo Rubalcava (2003)


La Banda Skalavera

"No Está Mal"- a CD by a nine-piece Los Angeles band managed by East L.A. music pioneer Max Uballez.  Max was the leader of 60s Eastside band, The Romancers, who are featured on this website.  The music of La Banda Skalavera is best described in their bio as being "firmly rooted in rancheras and rock & roll, brimming with ska and punk attitude, a dab of reggae, cumbia, and heavy metal interwoven with a Raza groove."  I haven't heard them live yet, but I understand they have a lot of energy on stage and are very exciting.  They also write all their own songs.  Their CD, "No Esta Mal," was just released in December of 2004 with national distribution.  A national tour is in the works.  For more information on La Banda Skalavera visit makzrecords.com or contact Max Uballez at  makzrecords@aol.com or xelaco@aol.com.

La Banda Skalavera
"No Esta Mal" (2004)


Anthony Prieto

a smooth r&b vocalist from Southern California, who can best be described as a romantic singer, since most of the tracks on his self-titled CD are love songs.  His music also has pop and Latin influences.  Anthony Prieto has performed on the bill with some of the top Chicano artists such as Malo, Tierra, Kid Frost, and A Lighter Shade of Brown.  He's also got a new CD out called "Life, Love, & Desire" (2004).  "Prieto" is available at amazon.com at the link below.

Anthony Prieto
"Anthony Prieto" (2000)


The Armenta Brothers

a CD entitiled "Lifetime Achievement" has just been released by Brown Bag Records by the legendary pioneers of Chicano rock.  The band from East L.A. goes back to the fifies when they played venues such as the Zenda Ballroom and El Monte Legion Stadium.  This CD contains both instrumentals and vocals, covering classic songs such as "Pachuco Hop," "Night Train/All Night Long," "Corrido Rock," and "Stardust."  The album also features guest vocalists Rudy Salas of Tierra, Steve Salas, Hank Castro, and Sal Chico.  It also has an intro by legendary dj, Huggy Boy.  The Armenta Brothers can still rock.  My favorite cut is Frogman Henry's "Ain't Got No Home" with an excellent lead vocal by Rudy Salas.  For more info on the CD or to order it visit, armentabrothers.com.  See CD below.


"Lifetime Achievement" The Armenta Brothers (2004)


Johnny Hernandez

"This Time Again" is a new cd by r&b/blues/Latin vocalist Johnny Hernandez, who also happens to be the brother of Tejano music legend Little Joe Hernandez.  Johnny's voice has an authenticity, style, and sound that works well with r&b and blues music, which is what his cd is all about.  There are covers of such r&b classics as "Kansas City," "Sweet Home Chicago," "Stagger Lee," and "CC Rider."  Johnny also does a nice cover of Jimmy Clanton's ballad "Just a Dream."  There are a couple of songs written by Johnny, including a cool blues song called "Wicked, Wicked Woman."  The CD closes with a salsa tune called "Todo Me Gusta De Ti" that is one of the highlights of the album and shows Johnny can also sing Latin music with authenticity.  For more information visit johnnyhernandez.biz.

"This Time (Again)"
Johnny Hernandez (2007)


La Ventana

"La Ventana"- La Ventana came together in January of 2005 from a core of long-time Bay Area musicians who all shared the same musical vision, "performing our own unique brand of Latin music." The band describes their style as "Salsa Rock."  La Ventana music is made up of elements of salsa, rock, reggae, and soul.  The band members have opened for and shared the bill with artists such as Santana, Marc Anthony, Sapo, and Chepito Areas.  Some highlights of their new cd include "Te Estoy Buscando," a salsa tune in Spanish that kicks off the cd; "Mira Mi Vida," a bi-lingual salsa tune; "Baby Please," a soul ballad sung in English with some subtle Latin percussion; and "Friends Before Lovers," a reggae song sung in English.  All but one of the tracks are written by lead vocalist Carlos Elizalde and guitarist Johnny De La Cruz.  Elisalde's provides excellent lead vocals and the band can play.

"La Ventana" (2007)

Photo of La Ventana Below

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