1965Mark & the Escorts"Get Your Baby" b/w "Tuff Stuff"
 Mark & the Escorts"Dance With Me" b/w "Silly Putty"
1967Mark & the Escorts"West Coast Eastside Revue"
1969Nineteen Eighty Four"Three's a Crowd" b/w "Amber Waves"
 Nineteen Eighty Four"No Matter How Long It Takes" b/w
1971Mark Guerrero"Lila, Love Me Tonight" b/w "Dare I Touch You Marylou?"
1972Mark Guerrero"Rock & Roll Queen" b/w "Lonely"
 Mark Guerrero"I'm Brown b/w
"Livin' Off the Land
1974Tango"Holy Moses" b/w
"Rock & Roll Circus
1989Mark Guerrero"On the Boulevard"
1993Mark Guerrero"Radio Aztlán"
1994Mark Guerrero"Jukebox Man"
1995Mark & the Escorts"Jump, Jive & Harmonize"
1996Mark Guerrero"Face and Heart"
1998Mark Guerrero"Chicano Alliance"
2001Mark & the Escorts"Eastside Revue, Vol. 2"
2002Mark & the Escorts"Mindrocker"
2004Mark Guerrero"Murals of Aztlán" (dvd)
2006Mark Guerrero"Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" (cd/dvd)
2008Mark Guerrero"Chicano Rock: The Sounds of East Los Angeles" (dvd)
2009Mark Guerrero"Trini Lopez Presents: Latin Music Legends" (dvd)
2009Mark & the Escorts"60s Garage Nuggets"
2010Mark Guerrero"Stand and Deliver"
2017Mark & the Escorts"Logan Lucky Motion Picture Soundtrack"