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The Men From S.O.U.N.D. Gig History

     The Men from S.O.U.N.D. was my second teenage band.  It was really the natural evolution of my first band, Mark & the Escorts.  We simply changed our name in keeping with the style of the times.  The core of the band was the same, but some members changed when we changed the name.  We were around 16 to 18 years of age during this period, which spanned from March of 1966 to October of 1968.  Thanks to the fact I saved my calendars from these years, below is a list of gigs The Men From S.O.U.N.D. did until we changed our name again, this time to Nineteen Eighty Four in October of 1968.  Unfortunately, I don't have the calendar for 1967 so those gigs will remain undocumented.  Below are our gigs for the years 1966 and 1968.


Montebello Ballroom (Montebello, CA) March 25
St. Alphonsus Auditorium (East L.A.) April 2
Big Union Hall (Los Angeles) April 9
Big Union Hall (Los Angeles) April 16
Pioneer High School (Pico Rivera, CA) April 23
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) April 29
Anna’s Party (Monterey Park) May 7
Kennedy Hall (East L.A.) May 13
Huntington Park Ballroom (Huntington Park, CA) May 14
Big Union Hall (Los Angeles) May 21
Sacred Heart Hall (Pomona, CA) May 29
Pedrini’s Music Store parking lot June 12
DeWald’s Hall (San Gabriel, CA) June 17
Sacred Heart Hall (Pomona, CA) June 18
La Casa (Los Angeles) July 1
Garfield High School Sport’s Night (East L.A.) July 15
Big Union Hall (Los Angeles) August 13
Huntington Park Ballroom (Huntington Park, CA) August 20
El Monte Community Center (El Monte, CA) August 26
Serbian Hall (San Gabriel, CA) August 27 (billed as Mark & the Escorts)
Party for New Breed Car Club (East L.A.) September 3
Guadalupe Hall (East L.A.) September 9
Bell Gardens High School (Bell Gardens, CA) September 16
Cantwell High School (East L.A.) September 30
Bell Gardens High School (East L.A.) October 7
Private party (Ernie’s cousin) (East L.A.) October 8
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) October 15
Garfield High School Assembly (East L.A.) October 20 day
Rosewood Park Hall wedding shower (Commerce, CA) October 21
Kennedy Hall (East L.A.) October 22
El Monte Community Center (El Monte, CA) October 23
East L.A. College Show for U.F.W. (East L.A.) October 29
Montebello Ballroom (Montebello, CA) November 4
Garfield High School Senior Coming Out Party (East L.A.) November 4
Big Union Hall (Los Angeles) November 5
Montebello Ballroom (Montebello, CA) November 10
Garfield High School Sports Night (East L.A.) November 10
Dance (San Fernando, CA) November 11
Kennedy Hall (East L.A.) November 12
Montebello Ballroom (Montebello, CA) November 18
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) November 23
Dance (Burbank, CA) November 23
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) November 24
Croation Hall (East L.A.) November 26
Montebello Ballroom (Montebello, CA) December 2
Alhambra High School (Alhambra, CA) December 3
Kennedy Hall (East L.A.) December 9
Valley Skateland (Northridge, CA) December 9
Cantwell High School (East L.A.) December 16
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) December 17
Carpenter’s Hall (Van Nuys, CA) December 25
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) December 25
Serbian Hall (San Gabriel, CA) December 31
Little Union Hall (East L.A.) December 31

1967 (no info available)


Burbank Machinist’s Union Hall (Burbank, CA) January 20
Alhambra High School Rock & Roll Show (Alhambra, CA) January 27
Garvey Park Gym (Monterey Park, CA) January 27
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Hall (East L.A.) February 2
Garvey Park Gym (Monterey Park, CA) March 9
Lourdes Church Hall (East L.A.) March 16
Las Padrinos Juvenile Hall (Downey, CA) March 20
Machinist’s Union Hall (Burbank, CA) March 30
American Legion Hall (South San Gabriel, CA) April 12
Kennedy Hall (East L.A.) April 14
Galaxy Night Club (Hollywood CA) April 29
Pasadena Civic Auditorium (KRLA Radio event) (Pasadena, CA) April 1
Temple City Women’s Club (Temple City CA) April 15
Gold Star Recording Studios (Hollywood, CA) (demo session) September 30
Wedding Dance October 5
Van Nuys Carpenter’s Hall (Van Nuys, CA) October 12

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