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Liverpool Photo Gallery

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Three Photos Below at The Fantail Pub in Kirkby


Mark Guerrero with Geoff Nugent of The Undertakers


Mark Guerrero & Geoff Nugent


Locals with Geoff Nugent


Photos below at Huyton Park Conservative Club
at Sounds of the Sixties event


Huyton Park Conservative Club

(Underneath the blue "overcast" suburban skies)


Rehearsal at Huyton Park Conservative Club

(left to right- Arty Davies, Ritchie Ballard, George Eccles, and Phil Ford)


Mark Guerrero with band

(left to right-
Arty Davies, Mark Guerrero, Ritchie Ballard, and George Eccles)


Phil Ford

(rockin' with us to the left of the band)


Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes

(left to right- Sam Hardie, Kingsize Taylor, Pete Stephenson, Billy Good (barely visible), John Frankland, and Nicky Crouch)


Mark Guerrero with Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes

(left to right-
Sam Hardie, Kingsize Taylor, Mark Guerrero, and John Frankland)


Kingsize Taylor and Mark Guerrero


Lee Curtis


Mark Guerrero & Lee Curtis


Mark Guerrero and Bill "Faron" Ruffley

(of Faron's Flamingos)


Faron with The Beatles c. 1962

(John Lennon's torso in leather jacket above left)


Paul McCartney and Faron c. 1962


Faron with Mark Guerrero

(at Huyton Conservative Club)


Faron, Mark Guerrero, and Kingsize Taylor

(at Huyton Conservative Club) (excuse glare)


Arty Davies


The Undertakers

(left to right- Chris Evans, Jimmy O'Brien, and Billy Good)


Mark Guerrero and Ken Shalliker

(Ken is the former bassist for Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes and now a highly respected luthier)


Spencer Leigh

(BBC Merseryside Radio)


Photos Below at the British Legion Hall
at The Merseycats event


The Zodiacs

(formerly Ian & the Zodiacs of the 60s)
(left to right- Baz Davies, Neil Lancaster, Colin Fabb,
and not shown on drums, Carl Hardin)


The Zodiacs

(left to right- Neil Lancaster, Colin Fabb, and Les Maguire-formerly of Gerry & the Pacemakers on keyboard)


Liverpool Express

(left to right- Dave Goldberg, Billy Kinsley, and Adam Goldberg)

(Billy Kinsley also of The Merseybeats)


Liverpool Express

(left to right- Billy Kinsley, Adam Goldberg, and Kenny Parry)


Mark Guerrero & Billy Kinsley of The Liverpool Express


Mark Guerrero with Clayton Squares

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