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The Bootleg Theater- Los Angeles

"Evangeline, The Queen of Make-Believe"- a new play written by Louie Perez of Los Lobos, Rose Portillo, and Theresa Chavez which played at the Bootleg Theater in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles.  The initial run was May 3-27, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Due to popular demand, two shows were added, Friday, June 1st, and Saturday, June 2nd.  The play, which is inspired by Los Lobos' song Evangeline, is about an East L.A. devoted daughter by day and Hollywood go go dancer by night.  The story takes place in the 1960s amid the political turbulence of the Viet Nam War and the East L.A. student walkouts, featuring the songbook of Louie Perez and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos.  The music is performed by the band Cava offstage, with Cava's lead vocalist Claudia Gonzales brilliantly singing the songs on stage amongst the actors.  On Saturday, May 26th, there was a concert following the show featuring Cava, and special guests Thee Commons, Mark Guerrero, and Little Willie G.  Mark Guerrero performed his first recording, "Get Your Baby" by Mark & the Escorts, his 1972 Capitol Records single "I'm Brown," and his father's pachuco classic, "Los Chucos Suaves." For more info on the play, go to bootlegtheater.org or aboutpd.org.  Below is the flyer on the after-play show that took place on May 26th.



Program cover




Mark performing "Get Your Baby" at the Bootleg Theater


Video of Mark performing "Get Your Baby" at the Bootleg Theater
music by Thomas - Edwards


American Legion Hall- Palm Springs

Memorial Day Show- Monday, May 28, 2012 at the American Legion Hall in Palm Springs.  The show was in remembrance of Owen Coffman, Roaul Prieto, and Richard Milonavich.  Musical performers included Mark Guerrero and the L.A. band, Tabu.




Private Home- Beverly Hills

Fundraiser for Music 2 Life- On Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Mark Guerrero performed his song "I'm Brown at a fundraising event for the Music 2 Life organization.  Here is a description of the organization'a mission from their website:  "Music2Life harnesses the power of music for social change through entertainment, education, technology and artist collaboration. Founded by Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary) and daughter Liz Stookey Sunde, this nonprofit initiative offers new ways for musicians, fans, industry pros, journalists, DJs and fellow nonprofits to engage with music of meaning."

Mark & Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary

(Peter, Paul & Mary had major hits in the 60s with songs such as "Blowin' In the Wind," "Puff the Magic Dragon,"
"Leavin On a Jet Plane," and "I Dig Rock & Roll Music"


La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

A Celebration of Chicano Zoot Suit Culture- On Sunday, March 11, 2012 there was an event celebrating Chicano zoot suit culture at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles which featured a car show, zoot suit dancers, musical performances by the East L.A. band, Chico, and Mark Guerrero, and a screening of the movie "Zoot Suit" by actress / professor Alma Martinez.  Below is the description of the event from the La Plaza official website:

Día de la familia: Family Day, Sunday, March 11, 2012, 1pm-3pm
Celebrate the style and elegance of vintage cars, by Marcos’ Garage, designed and inspired by the Zoot Suit generation. Listen to singer and songwriter Mark Guerrero perform pachuco songs.  Watch the dynamics of LA Dance Events as they demonstrate swing dance of the 1940s. Create your own art work in the genre of the ‘40s.

Conversaciones y cine : Conversations & Film, Sunday, March 11, 2012, 3pm-5pm
Alma Martinez, Professor of Theater Arts, Pomona College and actress will introduce the 1981 film "Zoot Suit" written and directed by Luis Valdez.  "Zoot Suit offers insight into American history topics including, post World War II race relations, immigration, and assimilation.  Discover how zoot suitors asserted themselves with fabric and made statements of defiance.




La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

"A Time In History: The Mexican-American Repatriation during the Great Depression"- On Sunday, February 26, Mark Guerrero performed at an event in commemoration of the approximately 400,000 California citizens and residents of Mexican decent who were forced out of California between 1929 and 1944.  It took place at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles.  Mark performed a set of music which was related to the event, i.e. songs of the era as well as songs about immigration and Chicano/Latino pride.  The days festivities began with a well attended private event which featured a speech by Eva Longoria, well known actress and soon to have a master's degree in Chicano Studies.  Mark, who performed solo with acoustic guitar, sang songs such as "This Land Is Your Land" and "Deportees" by Woody Guthrie," "Los Chucos Suaves" and "No Way Jose" by Lalo Guerrero, and his own songs "Whitewash," "Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Told Me)" and "I'm Brown."  Following Mark's performance was a panel discussion about the subject repatriation and the screening of the film on the same subject called "A Forgotten Injustice."  See press release below:


Internet Movie

Mark Guerrero in a spoof of the television show "CSI Miami"- Mark plays Morty, a coroner, in Brad Mercer's "CSI Alm Prings."  Brad Mercer is a singer/songwriter/musician who is also a classic rock radio DJ in Palm Springs, CA.  The approximately 1 hour film also features special guest stars Mickey Thomas (Elvin Bishop Band / Jefferson Starship / Starship) and British rock star Terry Reid.  Suspend disbelief and have some fun.

Brad Mercer, Sylvia Corralez, Mark Guererro, and Tim High


"CSI Alm Prings" Video

here to go to the official website of CSI Alm Prings,
where you can also view the movie trailer and footage from the premiere screening with interviews.


American Legion Hall- Palm Springs

New Year's Day 2012 Show- On January 1, 2012 Mark Guerrero performed on the bill with the Jackson Garret Band, Gary Bias of Earth, Wind & Fire, and the duo of Johnny Meza and Lola Rossi at the American Legion Hall in Palm Springs.  Mark was backed by members of the Jackson Garrett Band (John Pagels, guitar; Jeff Stover, bass; and Steve Alaniz, sax) with Johnny Meza on keyboard and Andy Fraga Jr. on drums.  Guerrero played guitar and sang "Let the Good Times Roll" by Louis Jordan, classic rock songs "Blue Suede Shoes," "You Never Can Tell," "Knock On Wood," "Long Tall Sally," and his dad's pachuco song, "Los Chucos Suaves."


Museum of Ventura County

Screening of "Chicano Rock: The Sounds of East Los Angeles"- On Sunday, October 9, 2011, Mark Guerrero performed and was a panel member at a screening of the documentary "Chicano Rock: The Sounds of East Los Angeles" at the Museum of Ventura County.  The panel discussion, which followed the screening, was about the music of the Chicano rock era depicted in the film.  Panelists included "Chicano Rock" documentary filmmakers Jon and Nancy Wilkman; Tom Waldman and David Reyes (co-authors of the book "Land of a Thousand Dances"); Max Uballez (music producer and leader of the 1960s East L.A. band, The Romancers); and Mark Guerrero (singer-songwriter-Chicano music historian).  Mark Guerrero's musical performance included his songs "On the Boulevard," "Pre-Columbian Dream," and "I'm Brown," and his late father's songs "Tacos For Two" and "Los Chucos Suaves."



Museum of Ventura County


La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

"Tardeada LA Plaza"- Mark Guerrero performance of "Whitewash"- On Sunday, October 2, 2011 the first installment of "Tardeada LA Plaza" was held from noon until 5 p.m.  The event took place at the Los Angeles Plaza de Cultura y Artes at 501 N. Main St., Los Angeles (1/2 block south of La Pacita Church at Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles).  This continuing series brings the campus to life with family activities, compelling conversation, and unique events.  The author of the recently-published "Siqueiros: From Paradise to Utopia," Dr. Irene Herner Reiss is an expert on the life and work of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.  His 1932 work América Tropical, whitewashed in 1932 and the center of a dedicated conservation project since the late 1980s, is the subject of a new interpretive center set to open down the street from LA Plaza next year.  Dr. Herner Reiss will lead a conversation titled: "Why rescue América Tropical?, a Los Angeles archaeological site of the 20th century."  She was joined by writer, musician, and teacher, Ruben Martinez, and Oliver Mayer, Chair in Literature and Writing at Loyola Marymount University, author of Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail, and resident artist at Stanford University's Institute for Diversity in the Arts.  Mark Guerrero performed "Whitewash," his song about the whitewashing of Siqueiros' mural "America Tropical," at the event.  Mark Guerrero's brother Dan moderated the event.  Prior to the conversation, families and children participated in hands-on art workshop in LA Plaza's garden.  This event was free to the public.






La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

"Cuentos Del Pueblo"- Book Signing and Mark Guerrero Solo Acoustic Performance- On Saturday, October 1, 2011 at the Los Angeles Plaza de Cultura y Artes hosted its first ever meeting of Mexican-American authors at La Plaza at 501 N. Main St., Los Angeles (1/2 block south of La Placita Church at Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles).  This exciting event brought together nine Los Angeles area Mexican-American authors who conducted a book signing from 12 noon until 5 p.m. in the Plaza patio area.  Musical entertainment for this special event was provided by Mark Guerrero, who performed his original music, as well a music by his father, the late great "Father of Chicano Music," Lalo Guerrero.  The event was spearheaded by Mark's good friend, Alex Areyan, author of "Mexican-Americans In Los Angeles."  Alex was also one of the authors signing books.  See the program and info on the exhibit below.



The current exhibit at the museum, "L.A. Starts Here," is a must see for anyone interested in the history Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles.  This interactive exhibit starts with the first inhabitants of Los Angeles, near the current site of the museum in 1781, and includes an exhibit of Lalo Guerrero artifacts and another on the play "Zoot Suit" by Luis Valdez, which features Lalo Guerrero's classic pachuco song, "Los Chucos Suaves."  The mission of La Plaza de Cultura y Artes is "to celebrate and cultivate an appreciation for the enduring and evolving influence of Mexican and Mexican-American culture, with a specific focus upon the unique Mexican-American experience in Los Angeles and Southern California."  Click here to visit La Plaza's website and more information.  You can call La Plaza at 888-488-8083 Wednesday through Monday, noon to 7 p.m.


Historic Radio Show Found

1972 Radio Show featuring Mark Guerrero, Tierra, and Yaqui Found!- I borrowed a box of tapes from Art Brambila, former manager of the aforementioned artists, that had sat in his garage for decades.  I was looking for tracks by a particular band and found a reel to reel tape of a show we all did on KLOS radio with host Joe Ortiz in 1972.  We all played our current recordings and were interviewed, as was Art Brambila about the purpose and goals of Brown Bag Productions.  I digitized the show and sent it to Ortiz, who wrote an article about it with a link to hear the show and blogged it out all over the internet.  Click here to read the article and hear the show.

Joe Ortiz (standing), Mark Guerrero & Art Brambila

(Reuniting after rediscovering a 1972 radio show we did together, along with Tierra and Yaqui.


Tiki Oasis 2011- San Diego

Mark & the Escorts- My teenage band from the 1960s reunited once again for a show at Tiki Oasis 11 on Friday, August 19, 2011 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in San Diego, California.  The event took place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and included musical groups, campy burlesque, surf, comedy, and Hawaiian-style acts.  Mark & the Escorts performed on the main stage at 7 p.m. on Friday night.  Big Sandy with Los Straightjackets also performed on the same night.  For more info visit tikioasis.com.



Mark & the Escorts
(Tiki Oasis 11- San Diego)

(left to right- Alex Del Zoppo, Trini Basulto, John Valenzuela, Mark Guerrero, Rick Rosas, and Robert Warren) (Ernie Hernandez- on drums behind Mark)


Mark & the Escorts

(left to right- Trini Basulto, Alex Del Zoppo, Rick Rosas, Mark Guerrero, Robert Warren, Ernie Hernandez, and John Valenzuela)

Video of Mark & the Escorts performing "Get Your Baby" at Tiki Oasis 2011

Video of Mark & the Escorts performing "La La La La La" at Tiki Oasis 2011


American Legion Hall- Palm Springs

Fundraiser for the Palm Springs Police Department Canine Unit- The benefit concert took place on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at the American Legion Hall in Palm Springs, CA.  There was a recent shootout that left a police dog and a suspect dead and two officers wounded.  The police dog's name was Ike.  Musical performances were provided by Mark Guerrero & Brad Mercer, Darci Daniels, Patrick Evans, Nino Fontana, Patrick Swain, Bonnie Gilgallon, Greg Burr, and Tabu.  The event was hosted by singer/comedian Rick Noyce.


Historic Paramount Ballroom- East Los Angeles

60s Eastside Sound Reunion Show- On Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at the legendary Paramount Ballroom in East Los Angeles an historic benefit reunion show took place.  The musical lineup included The Premiers ("Farmer John"), Mark & the Escorts ("Get Your Baby"), Chan Romero and Eastside Revue ("Hippy Hippy Shake") led by legendary "Eastside Sound" guitarist Andy Tesso, The Jags (with members of The Jaguars), The Salas Brothers, The Heartbreakers ("Cradle Rock"), Mickey Lespron of El Chicano, Mike Rincon of The Blendells, The Storytellers, Easy Company, and The In Crowd.  The $10 donation went to the families of Frank Zuniga, original bassist of The Premiers, and Annie Perez, the wife of lead guitarist of The Premiers, Lawrence Perez.  Frank Zuniga and Annie Perez passed away in December 2010.


Mark & the Escorts- Paramount Ballroom (2011)

(left to right- Alex Del Zoppo (keyboard, unseen), Mark Guerrero, Trini Basulto, Ernie Hernandez (drums, unseen), John Valenzuela, Rick Rosas, and Robert Warren)


Autry National Center- Los Angeles

Homage to Siqueiros Poetry Reading- On Sunday January 9, 2011, performances took place at noon and 2 p.m. at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park.  Mark Guerrero sang his song "Whitewash," which is about the legendary Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and his censored mural at Olvera Street, "America Tropical."  Actresses Yareli Arizmendi (best known for "Like Water for Chocolate") and Rose Portillo (of About Productions) performed an in-gallery, bilingual reading of the poem "Rey David" (King David) written by Uruguayan poet Blanca Luz Brum, second wife of Siqueiros.  The performances took place in the Siqueiros exhibit at the Autry, which ran from September 24, 2010  to the day of these performances, January 9, 2011.  For more information, click here to visit the Autry's website and here for a facebook page dedicated to the event.


American Legion Hall- Palm Springs

American Legion Post 519, Palm Springs, CA- On Saturday, January 1, 2011, New Year's Day,  Mark Guerrero performed at a concert to support American Legion veterans.  See flyer below:


"Chicano Soul Legends" at the Gibson Amphitheater at the Universal City Walk- On Saturday, December 18, 2010 Mark Guerrero sang background vocals with El Chicano on "Tell Her She's Lovely." Also on the bill were Tierra, Malo, Little Willie G. & Thee Midniters, PCG House Band with Joe Bataan, MC Blvd, and DW3.

Museo Cultural- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mark Guerrero Tribute to Lalo Guerrero in Santa Fe, New Mexico- On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Mark Guerrero performed a 90 minute solo concert doing a combination of Lalo Guerrero and Mark Guerrero songs at the Museo Cultural.  The last two songs were performed with the San Diego trio, Los Romanticos.  During the day Mark conducted a two hour workshop on the career of Lalo Guerrero and the history of Chicano music.  See flyer below:


Palm Springs Fiesta Days Concert

Palm Springs Fiesta Days: a Celebration of Latino Culture & Heritage- Concerts took place on Saturday and Sunday, September 18th and 19th, 2010 at the O'Donnell Golf Club at 301 N. Belardo Rd. in Palm Springs, CA.. 4 pm to 10 pm.  The musical lineup included:  On Saturday, September 18th- Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles, Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos, Mark Guerrero, Frankie Garcia's Cannibal & the Headhunters, El Chicano, and Tierra.  On Sunday, September 19th- Mariachi Serenata, The Blazers, Lala, MC Magic, Quetzal, and Malo featuring Jorge Santana.  See flyer below:


Video of Mark performing "I'm Brown" at Fiesta Days in Palm Springs

"I'm Brown"
words and music by Mark Guerrero




Belvedere Park- East Los Angeles


Unfinished Concert, East L.A. Civic Center- On Saturday, August 28, 2010 there was an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium.  The concert featured Rudy and Steve Salas, Los Illegals, Cava, Anthony Baray, and DJ Albert.  MCs were David Reyes and Tom Waldman.  Mark Guerrero did a Interview/musical performance in the East L.A. library moderated by Tom Waldman.



Spotlight 29 Casino- Indio, California

War, El Chicano, and Tierra at Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio, CA.  On Friday, June 11th, 2010  Mark Guerrero sang with El Chicano.  Click here and scroll down to read the review on this website.


Jerry Salas & Mark Guerrero

(El Chicano at Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio, CA)

Video of Mark singing "Brown Eyed Girl" with El Chicano at Spotlight 29 Casino
(3 minute partial clip)


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