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Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán - Page 2

Past Concerts (continued)

Autry National Museum
Griffith Park- Los Angeles, California
September 18, 2004

     On Saturday, September 18, 2004, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán performed in the plaza of the Autry National Museum at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA.  Also on the bill were Lalo Guerrero, Quetzal, an all female jarocho group called Candela, with the all student group Son del Centro.  The event was called "Si Se Puede! Dance, Sing, Empower:  The Chicano Music Scene."  Artists, poets, and writers were also included, as well as booths and displays containing memorabilia, history, and information.  It was an excellent show on a beautiful L.A. night, with a great audience who loved the music and reveled in the spirit of the occasion.

Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán at the Autry National Museum (September 18, 2004)

(left to right- Ron Reyes, Karl Carrasco, Johnny Guerrero, Mark Guerrero, Bobby Dominguez, Alex Armstrong, Aaron Guerrero Routtenberg,
Gilbert Hansen (behind Aaron), and Al Lopez)


Latin Oldies Festival
Arrowhead Credit Union Park
San Bernardino, California
November 1, 2003

     On Saturday, November 1, 2003, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán performed at the Latin Oldies 2003 Festival at Arrowhead Credit Union Park in San Bernardino, CA.  The lineup included Tierra, Thee Midniters with special guest Little Willie G., El Chicano, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán, East L.A. Revue All Stars featuring The Premiers, The Best of Everything, and Cauldron.  See flyer below.

Video of Mark performing "Radio Aztlán" at the Latin Oldies Festival

"Radio Aztlán"
words & music by Mark Guerrero


Lalo Guerrero Tribute
John Anson Ford Amphitheater
Hollywood, California
October 4, 2003

     On Saturday, October 4, 2003, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán performed at the Lalo Guerrero Tribute at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, CA, Saturday, October 4, 2003.  The venue is a beautiful 1241 seat outdoor amphitheater.  Guest artists included Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán, Liz Torrez, Richard Montoya of Culture Clash, Trio Los Panchos, Dyana Ortelli, Mi Tierra Dance Company, and a mariachi from the Mariachi USA Foundation.  I sang four of my dad's songs with my band; "Los Chucos Suaves," "Me Gusta El Cha Cha Cha," "Muy Sabroso Blues," "Tin Marin De Do Pingue," and a tribute song I wrote called "The Ballad of Lalo Guerrero."  We also backed Liz Torrez on "There's No Tortillas," Richard Montoya on "No Chicanos On TV," and my dad on his song of Chicano pride, "El Chicano." Net proceeds to benefit Mariachi USA.  Presented by Rodri Entertainment.  See program below.

Video of Mark performing "The Ballad of Lalo Guerrero" at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater

"The Ballad of Lalo Guerrero"
words and music by Mark Guerrero


The Autry Museum of Western Heritage
Los Angeles, California
May 18, 2003

     On Sunday, May 18, 2003, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán performed at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Los Angeles.  It's purpose was to launch the documentary, "Chicano Rock!," by Jon and Nancy Wilkman, inspired by the book "Land of a Thousand Dances" by David Reyes and Tom Waldman.  We played six of my songs and then backed up my dad, Lalo Guerrero, on three more.  Also on the bill were Chicano rock legends, Thee Midniters.  Rudy Salas, leader of Tierra, sat in for a few songs with Thee Midniters, including a rendition of Tierra's hit song "Together."  There were also two screenings of a ten minute portion of the documentary in progress and a lecture by Reyes and Waldman.  Ruben Molina also spoke about his book, "The Old Barrio Guide to Low Rider Music."  It was a daytime, outdoor concert that had a good turnout.  Some of the musical notables in the audience were guitar legend Ry Cooder, Ruben Guevara (formerly of Ruben & the Jets), future mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, 1960s manager/producer, Billy Cardenas, and all three of my former band mates of my 1970s band Tango (Richard Rosas, John Valenzuela, and Ernie Hernandez).  See flyer below.

Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán backing Lalo Guerrero
Autry Museum of Western Heritage (May 18, 2003)

(left to right- Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero, Al Lopez (behind Mark), Johnny Guerrero (behind Al), Ron Reyes, and Alex Armstrong)  [also performing, but not in photo- Tim Jones, Bobby Dominguez, and Aaron Routtenberg-Guerrero]

Video of Mark performing "The Streets of East L.A." at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage

"The Streets of East L.A."
words & music by Mark Guerrero


Mayor's Costume Ball
Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, Arizona
March 1, 2003

     On March 1, 2003, Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán played in Tucson, Arizona at the 3rd Annual Mayor's Costume Ball For the Arts at the Tucson Convention Center.  The proceeds benefited the Artists and Arts Organizations served by the Tucson-Pima Arts Council.  We also backed up my dad, Lalo Guerrero, on three songs.  My dad was there as the honored guest and received an award from Mayor Bob Walkup.  Also in attendance was singing legend, Linda Ronstadt, who grew up in Tucson and is a part time resident.

The band cutting up after the gig
(Hotel Congress)

left to right- Bobby Dominguez, Alex Armstrong, Leo Valenzuela,
Mark Guerrero, Tim Jones, and Ronnie Reyes


La Placita Village
Tucson, Arizona
October 6, 2002

     On Sunday, October 6, 2002 Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán headlined a concert at La Placita Village in downtown Tucson, Arizona.  It was a beautiful outdoor setting, where we introduced four new songs to our repertoire and had a great time.  Tucson is a very hip town.  The night we arrived, Al Dimeola was appearing at the Rialto Theater.  We caught part of his show and later he and his band were hanging out in the lobby/bar area of the historic Hotel Congress, where we were staying.  (The Rialto is right across the street from the Hotel Congress).  In the nightclub of our hotel, Steve Wynn, formerly of the 80s band Dream Syndicate, was playing with his current band.  They were in town recording a new CD and staying at the hotel at no charge in exchange for playing a free show.  The night we performed at La Placita Village, also appearing in town were John Mayall, at the Rialto, and Tony Bennett, at Casino del Sol.  We also did a live performance and interview at KXCI FM radio the afternoon of our concert.

Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán at La Placita Village (October 6, 2003)

(left to right- Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Alex Armstrong, Ron Reyes,
Leo Valenzuela, Tim Jones, and Aaron Guerrero Routtenberg)

Video of Mark performing "Whitewash" at the La Placita Village

words & music by Mark Guerrero


The Hop
Puente Hills, California
September 22, 2002

     On Sunday, September 22, 2002 Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán played at The Hop in Puente Hills, California.  We were on the bill for the second time with Malo and Tierra (see the flyer below).  The concert was a sellout and an artistic success for all three bands.  The response from the audience was enthusiastic all night long.  Some of the notables in attendance were legendary guitarist Andy Tesso (formerly of the Romancers), Jimmy Espinoza of Thee Midniters, and David Reyes, co-author of the book "Land of a Thousand Dances."  See flyer below.


Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán at The Hop (September 22, 2002)

(left to right- Aaron Guerrero-Routtenberg, Ron Reyes, Johnny Guerrero, Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Leo Valenzuela, and Alex Armstrong (partially hidden)


The Galaxy Theater
Santa Ana, California
July 20, 2002

     Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán's first performance was Saturday, July 20, 2002 at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California.  We were on the bill with Malo and Tierra for that show as well.  Our set included nine of my songs, as well as a couple of my dad's, legendary Chicano singer/songwriter Lalo Guerrero.  We did a tight show we were extremely happy with and received an excellent response from the sold out house.  Malo followed with a powerhouse set, led by original member Arcelio Garcia on lead vocals.  They had the house dancing and groovin' and closed their set with their classic hit, "Suavecito."  Tierra closed the show with a phenomenal set, which included a display of great musicianship and showmanship.  They dawned zoot suits at one point and a sax lit up with rolling lights during a hot solo.  Rudy Villa (one of their two sax players) also did a great comic impression of the late rhythm & blues DJ, Wolfman Jack, wig and all.  They did a great version of one of my favorite Tierra recordings, "Mi Gente," and closed the show with their classic hit, "Together."  The Galaxy Theater was jumpin' all night long and the people, including myself, had a great time.  See flyer below.


Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán at The Galaxy Theater (July 20, 2002)

left to right- Aaron Routtenberg-Guerrero, Johnny Guerrero, Tim Jones, Ronnie Reyes,
Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Alex Armstrong, Leo Valenzuela, and Al Lopez


The First Incarnation of Radio Aztlán

     In 1991, I put together what was the first version of Radio Aztlán.  Due to some personal circumstances, it only lasted for a few months during which time we recorded a few demos, played a show on January 12, 1991 at the historic La Golondrina Cafe at Olvera Street in Los Angeles, and were the house band on a live show called "Noche de Risa y Susto," that featured Cheech Marin, Rita Moreno, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, Culture Clash, Carlos Mencia, and others.  The band members were Mark Guerrero (guitar, keyboard, and lead vocals), Ron Reyes (lead guitar), Bill Reyes (drums), Leo Valenzuela (bass), and Alex Armstrong (guitar and background vocals).  Ron, Leo, and Alex were all to be in Radio Aztlán when it resumed eleven years later in 2002.

Flyer for Concert at La Golodrina Cafe- January 12, 1991

Program for "Noche de Risa y Susto" Show at the L.A. Theatre Center



Radio Aztlán (1990)

(left to right- Ron Reyes, Alex Armstrong, Mark Guerrero, Leo Valenzuela, and Bill Reyes)



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