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'60s Eastside Photos

     This page has photos and images of Eastside bands of the 1960s.  Photos of Cannibal & the Headhunters, The Premiers, The Blendells, Ronnie & the Casuals, The Sisters, and my 60s bands, Mark & the Escorts and The Men from S.O.U.N.D. can be found on the main photo gallery.  Click on "Photo Gallery" on the main menu of this website to see those photos.

Bands Represented In the Photos Below

Thee Midniters / The Jaguars / The Blue Satins / Thee Emeralds / Mickey & the Invaders / Thee Ambertones / Thee Celestials / Thee Enchanters / The Royal Checkmates / The Mixtures / Armenta Brothers / The Progressions / The Royal Jesters / The Rhythm Playboys / The Counts / The Velvetones / The Vesuvians / Thee Etalons / The Exotics / Thee Enchantments / The Little Heartbreakers / The Desires / Art & the Niteliters / Art & the Fabulons / Ace / The Village Callers / The Delgado Brothers / The Prophets


Thee Midniters

(left to right- Larry Rendon, Little Willie G., George Salazar (behind cymbal), Roy Marquez, George Dominguez, Benny Lopez, Ronnie Figueroa- behind amp)


Benny & the Midniters (early 60s)

(left to right- Little Willie G., Richard Ceballos, unknown,
Raul Ceballos, Benny Ceballos, and Joe Farfan)
(photo courtesy of Raul Ceballos)

Thee Jaguars

(left to right- Frank Chavez, Anthony "Beaver" Carroll, Mario Panagua, Adrian Sansone)


Mark Guerrero & Mario Panagua (2007)

(Mario was leader and lead guitarist for the Jaguars.
He was also involved with the production of the first albums of both El Chicano and Tierra)


The Blue Satins

(left to right- Robert Perez, Johnny Betencourt, Bobby Loya, Charles Lueras,
Pete Ventura, Louie Lopez, Frank Mezquita, Frank "Pinky" Estrada, and Ray Suarez)


Thee Emeralds

(left to right- Ray Ballesteros, Jesse Perez, Jacob Padilla, Anthony Baray {front center}, Ray Rosa {back center}, Fred Gonzalez, Andy ?, Rodger Baron Guitierrez)


Thee Emeralds

(front row, left to right- Anthony Baray, Sammy "Bones" Ramos, Ray Rosa)
(center, left to right- Mike Mercado, Ray Ballesteros, Jesse Perez)
(back row, left to right- Jacob Padilla, Fred Gonzalez, Andy ?)


Thee Emeralds
(at Pacific Ocean Park)

(left to right-
Ray Rosa, Jacob Padilla, Ray Ballesteros, Mike Mercado, Anthony Baray, and Fred Gonzalez)


Mickey & the Invaders

(top row, left to right- John Ortiz, Bobby Espinoza,
and brother and sister, Denny and Linda Robinson)
(kneeling in front, left- Mickey Aversa, right- Simon Casas)


Mickey & the Invades with The Blossoms

(The Blossoms backed up artists such as Elvis Presley and The Righteous Brothers.)


Thee Ambertones

top center- Henry Hernandez (guitar)
middle row, left to right- Jimmy Alvarez (drums), Eddie Delgado (bass),
Ray Areole(sax), and Mike Sandoval (guitar)
bottom row, left to right- Charlie Muñoz (vocals) and Danny Medina (keyboards)


Thee Ambertones

(left to right- Jimmy Alvarez (on drums), Eddie Delgado (behind drummer),
Mike Sandoval, Frankie Olvera, Danny Medina, Tony Duran,
and Henry Hernandez)
(photo courtesy of Joey Delgado)

6 photos below courtesy of Gene Valdez

Thee Ambertones

Thee Ambertones


Thee Ambertones "Live"


Thee Celestials

(left to right- Richard Ramirez, Bob Zurko, Bernie Leal, Chuck Muela, Ray Headrick, and Mike Valdez)
(hidden- Mike Montez, rhythm guitar and Mike Aceves, drums)


Thee Celestials "Live" at Rosewood Park Hall

(left to right- hidden behind cymbal, Mike Aceves,
Richard Ramirez, Bob Zurko, Mike Valdez, and Bernie Leal)


Thee Enchanters


Thee Royal Checkmates (1964)

(left to right- Joe Herrera (keys), Albert Alaman (bass), Eddie Jones (vocals/guitar)
Richard Saenz (rhythm guitar), Ray Rodriguez (drums), Freddy Saenz (vocals)
(c. 1972 Ray Rodriguez would become the drummer for Yaqui.)


Thee Royal Checkmates (c. 1966)

(front center- Debbie Thomas)
(left to right- Bobby Gonzales, Richard Saenz, Steve Ramirez, Aaron Ballesteros,
Joe Herrera, Ralph Gandara, Eddie Jones, David Segura, and Eddie Herron)
(Aaron Ballesteros would later become Tierra's longtime drummer.)
(photo courtesy of Ralph Gandara)

8 photos of The Mixtures below courtesy of Dan Pollock


The Mixtures (1961)

(standing left to right- Del Franklin, Johnny Wells, Jess Porras,
Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Eddie De Robles)
(seated- Steve Mendoza and Dan Pollock)


The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (March 1962)

(left to right- Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, Jess Porras, Dan Pollock,
Eddie De Robles, and Johnny Wells)
Steve Mendoza (far left hidden, piano)


The Mixtures (March 1962)

(standing left to right- Steve Mendoza, Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto,
Dan Pollock, Jess Porras, and Johnny Wells) (Eddie De Robles on drums)


The Mixtures and The Standells at Rainbow Gardens (March 1962)

(At the rear of the stage: The Standells, with Larry Tamblyn on guitar
Dan Pollock {bending down in front of Larry} and Eddie De Robles on front set of drums. Front of the stage from left to right are Leroy "Zag" Soto (standing),
Corkie Wilkie (back to camera with sax), and Jess Porras)

The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (February 12, 1962)
(taken during the live "Stompin' At the Rainbow" album)

 left to right- Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Dan Pollock


The Mixtures at Rainbow Gardens (February 12, 1962)
(taken during the live "Stompin' At the Rainbow" album)

left to right- Eddie Robles (drums), Del Franklin, Leroy "Zag" Soto, and Dan Pollack


The Mixtures (1960)

(left to right- Phil & Harv, Dan Pollock, Johnny Wells (hidden), Del Franklin,
Leroy "Zag" Soto (hidden),Jess Porras, Steve Mendoza, and Dick Halstead)


The Mixtures (1959)

left to right- Del Franklin, Jess Porras, Dick Halstead, Steve Mendoza, Johnny Trueblood (Mixtures' first drummer), Dan Pollock, and Autrey Joe Johnson



Armenta Brothers at Our Lady of Lourdes (1948)


Thee Progressions

(from left- Rick DeLeon, Clarence Playa, far right- Sammy "Bones" Ramos)


Thee Royal Jesters

(front row, left to right- Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia {pre-Cannibal & the Headhunters}, Joe Urzua, Jimmy Horvath, and Robert Martinez)
(back row, left to right- Freddie Ayala, Raul Ceballos, Johnny Diaz, and Fred Gallegos)
(photo courtesy of Raul Ceballos)


The Rhythm Playboys

(center- Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia, pre-Cannibal & the Headhunters)


Thee Enchantments

(lead singer- Eddie Serrano,
later of Cannibal & the Headhunters, Olde Tyme Religion, and Yaqui)


The Little Heartbreakers


Thee Counts

left to right-
(front row- Larry Torres, bass; Richard Mitsunaga, lead guitar; Bobby Garola, guitar)
(back row- Ralph "Harpo" Viramontes, vocalist; Ronnie Wheat, drummer
Art Duardo, sax; Tommy Cavanaugh, trombone; and Charlie Montijo, lead singer)

Four photos below courtesy of Don Viray of Thee Counts

Thee Counts

(Left to right- Johnny Joe Ramos, bass; Bobby Gurrola, guitar; Bobby Rodriguez, trumpet; Don Viray, guitar; Charlie Montijo, lead singer; Albert Barron, sax;
Ronnie Wheat, drums; Arnold Serafin, keyboards; and Joe Vasquez, sax)


Thee Counts

( Left to right and around- Bobby Gurrola, Arnold Serafin, Tommy Cavanaugh, Don Viray, Johnny Joe Ramos, Charlie Montijo, Joe Vasquez, Albert Barron, and Ronnie Wheat)


Thee Counts c. 1965

(left to right- Bobby Rodriguez, Albert Barron, Ronnie Wheat, Arnold Serafin, Charlie Montijo, Don Viray, Johnny Joe Ramos, and Bobby Gurrola)

(Salesian Rock & Roll Show)


Don Viray of Thee Counts


The Velvetones


The Vesuvians

(Bobby Hernandez on sax)

The Etalons

(back row- Bobby Rodriguez, Danny Felix, Mike Mercado, Frank Gonzalez, Pete Reyes?)
(front row- Albert Lugo, Joe Hernandez?, and Richard Armeda)


The Exotics

(standing left to right- Danny Delgado, guitar; George
Marchello; vocals; Marty Caling, guitar)
(seated left to right- Bobby Delgado; bass, and Henry Brumfield; drums)

2 photos below courtesy of Albert Martinez of The Desires


The Desires

(left to right- Albert Martinez, Tony Velasquez, Rebecca Salcedo,
Ricky Sanchez, and Ben Velasquez)


The Desires

(left to right- Ben Velasquez, Tony Velasquez, Rebecca Salcedo, Frank Soliz, Albert Martinez, and Ricky Sanchez)


Albert Martinez of the Desires & Mark Guerrero (2007)
(Photo by Christina Rose)


Art & the Niteliters


Art & the Fabulons

(top row, left to right- Ernest Martinez, Joey Valenzuela,
Ernie Valenzuela, and Art Valenzuela)
(front row, left to right- Cesar Reta, Willie Estrada, and Efrain Farias)



The Village Callers


The Delgado Brothers

(Bobby and Danny Delgado, 2nd and far right, had been  members of The Exotics
and Eddie Delgado, 2nd from right, had been a member of Thee Ambertones)


The Prophets

(back row, left to right-  Bill Reyes,  Bobby Hernandez (Romancers),  Tom Fuentes, Gil Mendiaz)  (front row, left to right- Dave Parsley, John Deluna (later of El Chicano), unidentified)
(Photo courtesy of William "Bill" Reyes)


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