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 Chicano & East L.A. Music Articles

     The following is a collection of articles I've written on Chicano and East Los Angeles musical artists.  Chicano artists are from East L.A. or anywhere else they may be based.  East Los Angeles artists originated, played the East L.A. circuit, or were part of the "Eastside Sound."  Most are Chicano, but many are of other races, ethnicities, and national backgrounds.  Some of these articles have appeared in various newspapers, magazines, and websites.  The articles give the following information on the artists:  a.) background and history  b.) accomplishments  c.) information on recordings, including what is currently available and where to get it  d.) current projects, if any  e.) in some cases, what's to come.  I also add opinions as well as personal and musical experiences I've had with the artists to hopefully make the articles more interesting and unique.

     Some of the artists have achieved international fame, others a brief national notoriety or long-lasting regional success.  There are also some who enjoyed very little fame or monetary success, but nevertheless created and recorded music worthy of recognition and preservation.  Most of the articles are based on interviews I did with the artists.  The articles are also occasionally updated.  You can see photos of the artists on my "Main Photo Gallery" page and hear sound bytes and in some cases access videos of their music at the end of each article.  At the bottom of every page is a link to where you can purchase the music of the artist via a link to amazon.com.  You can get to any article directly from the links below or navigate from one article to the next from the link at the bottom of each page.

Article 1- Mark Guerrero:  Introductory Article

Article 2- Chan Romero:  Rock & Roll Pioneer 

Article 3- Don Tosti:  Master of Music

Article 4- El Chicano:  Latin Rock Pioneers

Article 5- Flaco Jimenez:  The Patron Saint of Conjunto Music

Article 6- Tierra:  Funkafied Salsa

Article 7- Carmencristina Moreno:  Chicana Lady of Song

Article 8- Lalo Guerrero:  The Father of Chicano Music

Article 9- Los Lobos:  How Did the Wolf Survive?

Article 10- Cannibal & the Headhunters:  1960s Chicano R&B Hit Makers

Article 11- The Premiers:  1960s Chicano Rock Hit Makers

Article 12- The Blendells:  1960s Chicano Rock Hit Makers

Article 13- Little Willie G.:  Thee Midniters and Beyond

Article 14- Trini Lopez:  From the Barrio to International Stardom

Article 15- Chris Montez:  Rock & Pop Hit Maker of the 60s

Article 16- Freddy Fender:  Tex Mex Superstar

Article 17- Little Ray:  East L.A. Superstar of the 60s

Article 18- Hirth Martinez:  Hirth From Earth and Beyond

Article 19- The Romancers:  The Father of 60s East L.A. Bands

Article 20- Tango:  My 70s Band From East L.A., Not Argentina

Article 21- Los Illegals:  Pachuco Punk Rockers of the 80s

Article 22- Geree:  Chicana Latin/Soul Singer Supreme

Article 23- Redbone:  Cajun Funk with a Touch of Latin Soul

Article 24- Rubén Funkahuátl Guevara:  Ruben & the Jets, Con Safos, y Mas

Article 25- Malo:  "Suavecito" to Latin Legends

Article 26- Ronnie & the Casuals:  60s Eastside Band From Pomona

Article 27- Yaqui:  East L.A. Chicano Rock Band of the 70s

Article 28- Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band:  José Cuéllar- PhD. by Day, Loco by Night

Article 29- The Sisters:  Ersi, Rosella and Mary Arvizu

Article 30- Elijah:  East L.A.'s Funky Horn Band of the 70s

Article 31- The Mixtures:  Stompin' At the Rainbow / Breakin' Down Racial Barriers

Article 32- The Village Callers:  East L.A. Latin Rock Innovators

Article 33- The Blazers:  The Other Band From East L.A.

Article 34- The Delgado Brothers:  Blues and Beyond

Article 35- Manny Lopez:  East L.A.'s King of the Cha Cha Cha

Article 36- Question Mark & the Mysterians:  The First Punk Rock Band

Article 37- Mickey & the Invaders:  More Than a Surf Band

Article 38- Jack D'Amore:  Rocker From East L.A.

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