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Mark Guerrero's "Chicano Music Chronicles" radio show now a podcast on podbean.com

Mark's podcast page is called Mark Guerrero Radio.  The 31 episodes of "Chicano Music Chronicles" are housed there.  A new show will be added to the podcast site.  There are three shows in the can that will soon be edited and up on the site.  Click here to visit the site on podbean.com.  The shows can also be heard, shared, and downloaded on this website.  Click here to go to that page.


Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Article on Rainbow Gardens Music Venue of the '40s, '50s & '60s

Mark Guerrero was interviewed for an article on the history Pomona's legendary music venue by David Allen.  Rainbow Gardens featured the big bands of the '40s, the major Latin orchestras of the '50s, and the rock bands of the late '50s and early '60s, which included mainstream artists and many Chicano and East L.A. bands such as The Romancers, The Blendells, The Jaguars with the Salas Brothers, and my Mark's teenage band, Mark & the Escorts.  Click here to read the article.



Chan Romero and Mark Guerrero Perform "Hippy Hippy Shake" in Liverpool, England

Chan perform his classic song for the Liverpool Rock & Roll Society backed by Mark Guerrero and the Liverpool band, the Firewheels, at The Cadwa in Liverpool, England on June 28, 2018.  Musicians: Chan Romero (lead vocal), Mark Guerrero (lead guitar), Arty Davies (drums), Ritchie Ballard (bass), George Eccles (rhythm guitar), and Frank Hopley (piano).  Video by Jammin Classics.


Mark Guerrero Contributes To New Harvey Kubernik Book

"The Doors- Summer's Gone" by Harvey Kubernik.  A compilation of written pieces on the Doors by musicians and other music-related people such as Steve Van Zandt, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Burton Cummings, Ram Dass, and filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker.  Mark Guerrero contributed a written Doors-related piece on page 58.



Mark Guerrero Quoted In Biography of Carl Wilson

"Long Promised Road- Carl Wilson, The Soul of The Beach Boys The Biography" by Kent Crowley.  Mark Guerrero is quoted on page 57.



Chan Romero's "Hippy Hippy Shake" Video
by Jammin Classics

A new video produced by Tony Reyes' Jammin Classics, featuring Chan Romero and his original 1959 recording of his hit song "The Hippy Hippy Shake."  It features many of his family members, including two daughters and some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Singer Melania and Mark Guerrero have a cameo appearances in the video.



Mark Guerrero's Latest Videos
by Jammin Classics

"On the Boulevard"

Mark Guerrero with Tierra
"Los Chucos Suaves"

"I'm Brown"

"Get Your Baby"



Mark Guerrero Interview on classicbands.com

In December of 2017 Mark was interviewed by Gary James for classicbands.com, a website that has interviews with tons of classic rock artists.  Mark talks about Mark & the Escorts and his other bands of the '60s and the music scene in East L.A. and Hollywood.  He also talks about his solo recordings and his '70s band Tango.  His work as a Chicano and East L.A. rock historian is also discussed.  Click here to read the interview.



Mark at Shadow Ridge School in Hesperia, CA
September 26, 2017

Mark was invited to Shadow Ridge School for a talking and musical presentation to high school students on the occasion of a Cesar Chavez day.  Mark spoke to the students about Cesar Chavez and his life and work, along with his personal experience with Cesar.  Mark also showed relevant videos and still images and performed some of his music, as well as a Lalo Guerrero song.




Mark & the Escorts "Get Your Baby" in "Logan Lucky" Movie

Mark & the Escorts' 1965 recording "Get Your Baby" is played in its entirety in the movie "Logan Lucky" starring Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, Adam Driver, Seth McFarland, Hillary Swank, and Dwight Yokum.  Our instrumental recording is also on the movie soundtrack CD, along with songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bo Diddley, Dr. John, John Denver, and Leann Rimes.  Mark & the Escorts was my first teenage band.




Mark's "Chicano Music Chronicles" Radio Show

Mark Guerrero's "Chicano Music Chronicles show just finished a three year run on crnlive.com.  The show is now a free podcast at Mark Guerrero Radio on podbean.com.  The concept of "Chicano Music Chronicles" is Mark plays recordings by the guest and interviews the artist about the songs and their careers in general.  Mark has done thirty shows to date featuring artists such as Trini Lopez, El Chicano, Tierra, Los Illegals, Chan Romero, and Ersi Arvisu.  Other recent guests include Lonnie Jordan of War, Louie Perez of Los Lobos, and Chris Montez.  Here's a link to the podcast:
https://markguerrero.podbean.com/.  The shows are also available on this website on the Chicano Music Chronicles page.

Recent Shows

Louie Perez of Los Lobos-

Mark Guerrero interviewed founding member Louie Perez about the music and career of Los Lobos.  Louie is a songwriter, drummer, and guitarist (acoustic, electric, and Mexican folk stringed instruments such as the jarana).


Mark & Louie Perez of Los Lobos (2016)

Los Lobos Recordings Featured

1. Don't Worry Baby 2. Evangeline 3. Will the Wolf Survive 4. One Time One Night 5. La Bamba 6. El Gusto 7. Kiko and The Lavender Moon 8. Saint Behind the Glass 9. Mas y Mas 10. Ya Se Va 11. De Colores 12. Mexico Americano 13. Chucos Cumbia 14. Little Things 15. Gates of Gold

Lonnie Jordan of War


Lonnie Jordan & Mark (2016)

War Recordings Featured

1. East L.A.  2. Spill the Wine 3. Slippin' Into Darkness 4. All Day Music 5. The Cisco Kid 6. The World Is a Ghetto 7. Low Rider 8. Why Can't We Be Friends 9. Don't Let No One Get You Down 10. Summer 11. Hey Senorita 12. Cinco de Mayo 13. Wild Rodriguez



Palm Springs Walk of Stars
3rd Annual Celebration of Stars
October 30, 2016
Palm Springs, California

Mark Guerrero performed representing his late father Lalo Guerrero at the 3rd Annual Celebration of Stars at Spencer's Restaurant in Palm Springs.  Lalo was a recipient of a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame.  Other performers included Trini Lopez and others also performed.  See program below:




History Of Chicano Rock
California State University at San Bernardino
Palm Desert Campus
October 21, 2016

Mark Guerrero presented a lecture/performance on the History of Chicano Rock in the Oliphant Auditorium on the Palm Desert campus of Cal State San Bernardino for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  See course descriptions below:





Mark quoted on The Beatles' "Revolver" Album on Harvey Kubernik piece on Record Collector News and CaveHollywood.com

Mark's three paragraphs on "Revolver" is included with other contributions by Michael McDonald, Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, Steven Van Zandt, Alex Del Zoppo of Sweetwater, and others.

Click here to read article on Record Collector News

Click here to read article on Cave Hollywood

The Beatles - Revolver - cover art (2)



Mark Guerrero Quoted in Harvey Kubernik Book

"Neil Young- Heart of Gold" by Harvey KubernikMark Guerrero is quoted twice in the book on Neil Young and his music.  You can order the book from the amazon.com link below.





Desert Memorial Park
Cathedral City, California
November 1, 2015

Mark Guerrero performed for a Day of the Dead celebration at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, CA- The event also honored my dad, Lalo Guerrero who passed away 10 years ago in 2005.  They built an altar in his honor and presented Mark with a plaque commemorating the event.  Mark read Lalo's "Day of the Dead" poem and sang Lalo's classic songs "Los Chucos Suaves" and "Nunca Jamas."  See plaque, altar, event schedule and video below:

Click here to see short video with Mark's comments at the event



Lalo Guerrero Altar



Mark Singing Lalo's "Nunca Jamas"



Three Sixty North
Palm Springs, California
September 6, 2015

Mark Guerrero performed backed by The Jackson Garrett Band for the benefit of We Care Dental.



Steven's Steak House
Commerce, California
June 14, 2015

Mark did not perform on June 14th after all due to a cold.  The show will be rescheduled.

Mark Guerrero will perform with Ray Carrion and Thee Latin All Stars.  Mark will perform a nine song set at Steven's Steak House, 5332 Steven's Pl., Commerce, CA, 1 to 6 pm.  The set will include three of his original songs, a song of his father's, and some covers.  Ticket prices on the flyer below.  For tickets and info call 323-895-2863.




Inland Empire Weekly
San Bernardino, California
March 19, 2015

Article also appeared in
El Chicano- Rialto Record- Colton Courier

Guerrero employs various avenues to advance history of East L.A. music

 March 19, 2015CultureEducationhistoryMusicSan BernardinoSchools

By Harvey M. Kahn

When Mark Guerrero delivers a lecture, performs or teaches at one of the two Cal State University San Bernardino campuses, he has some of the best first-hand knowledge to draw from. At a moments notice, Guerrero can conduct a two-hour, multi-media presentation about the history of East Los Angeles music of the 1960’s or about the Beatles.

Guerrero fronted the group, Mark and the Escorts from East L.A. in the 60’s and was a part of a style of Chicano music that was heard from Whittier Boulevard to New York City. Although Guerrero has appeared on many recordings with fellow chart toppers, he never received the international notoriety like neighbors, Cannibal & The Headhunters, Thee Midniters, the Premiers or the Blendells. He did have top notch producers and managers like Billy Cardenas and rock and hall of famer Lou Adler.

“It was amazing and exciting to be witness to that huge music scene coming from such a small, low-middle class area of unincorporated Los Angeles. It was like the music boom in Liverpool that was happening simultaneously in the music hotbed of East L.A,.” said Guerrero. “It promoted our culture and gave us a sense of pride.” He listed others from the area like Los Lobos, Tierra, and El Chicano who had million sellers a few years later. Guerrero named a lot of others with great talent from the area but who never had big hits such as “Little Ray” Jimenez.

Guerrero feels that his generation of revolutionary East L.A. musicians and those just prior had the benefit of living in a prime location at a prime time. “Rock was still young in the early 60’s. We were a half hour away from Hollywood recording studios, TV and radio stations and there were plenty of places to play. Bands could get gigs at teen night clubs, parties, or dances. There are hardly any teenage venues today,” said Guerrero.

He told of a whole new wave of Chicano musicians who are carrying on the tradition of East L.A music. “There are many new bands who are representing East L.A. very well such as Chicano Batman.”

Guerrero is considered the leading historian on the 1960’s East L.A. sound. It was his famous father, Lalo Guerrero who created the sounds preceding the East L.A. rock music explosion.

The late Lalo Guerrero, whose career started in 1939 is nationally recognized as the “Father of Chicano Music.” Lalo Guerrero originated a style of Chicano music that honored his Mexican heritage through many styles including ballads, parodies and children classics. He composed music that used pachuco slang on tunes like Marihuana Boogie and Los Chucos Suaves.

Much the same, the younger Guerrero performs concerts, benefits, tributes and lecture/performances. He was in Santa Cruz last month for a benefit show at the Resource Center for Non-Violence for the local day worker center. There, he screened the documentary, “Lalo Guerrero-The Original Chicano” and performed a concert of his and his father’s music.

Mark Guerrero feels there are pros and cons from being the son of an icon to Chicanos. At first, he never mentioned it because he didn’t want to use his father’s name to advance his own career. “I am proud of my father and his talents but I never wanted people to minimize my accomplishments because of who my father was. As I got older there was no way to separate us.”

At his lecture on race and racism at Cal State University San Bernardino, he lets his songs tell some of the story such as his Capitol Records release, “I’m Brown,” and some of his father’s like, “No Chicano’s on TV.” At the CSUSB, Palm Desert Campus he just finished teaching a class on the History of the Beatles Part 1, for the school’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

He is preparing to teach Beatles Part II. “The Beatles revived rock and roll and made it into an art form. They did everything well,” said Guerrero.

In his bio, it lists that Guerrero had “I’m Brown” included with songs of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger, etc. at the Grammy Museum in a 2009 exhibit called Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom. He earlier consulted and contributed material to an exhibit for the Smithsonian Institute entitled American Sabor: Latinos in Popular Music.

Guerrero has been a performer non stop since 1963. Now approaching an age when most think retirement, he’s got the stamina to do shows six nights per week at Lavender Bistro in La Quinta, plus all of his other ventures.

He recommends to younger musicians to play everywhere you can even if it’s for free. “Never dog it and don’t let your ego get in the way.”

He said he never liked hard drugs, cigarettes or alcohol and thinks that is why he’s still going strong. Like other’s who lived in the 1960’s, he witnessed the already well documented story of drug abuse. He tells serious musicians that drugs will hurt their career. “It’s hard to remain dependable if you become a drug user or an alcoholic. To keep working you have to be disciplined.”


The Amphitheater at The River
Rancho Mirage, California
March 1, 2015

Mark Guerrero performed backed by The Jackson Garrett Band for the benefit of We Care Dental.



History Of The Beatles
California State University at San Bernardino
Palm Desert Campus
Part 1- January 15, through February 19, 2015
Part 2- March 13, through April 24, 2015

Mark Guerrero taught two classes, The History of The Beatles, Part 1 and Part 2 in the Oliphant Auditorium on the Palm Desert campus for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  See course descriptions below:




Resource Center For Non-Violence
Santa Cruz, California
February 21, 2015

Mark Guerrero performed for the benefit of The Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County- Mark screened the documentary "Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" and video clips of Mark & Lalo performing together in Paris, France, Tucson, Arizona, and other venues.  Mark's concert consisted of his songs "On the Boulevard," "Pre-Columbian Dream," and "Zoot Suit" and Lalo Guerrero songs "Los Chucos Suaves," "Nunca Jamas," "Tacos For Two," "There's No Tortillas," and "No Chicanos On TV."  The event took place at the Resource Center For Non-Violence for the benefit of The Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County.

3 photos below courtesy of Chelsea George


County Supervisor John Leopold & event organizer Mireya Gomez





Rick Rosas L.A. Times Obituary
November 8, 2014

Mark Guerrero's long time bass player, who later played with Joe Walsh and Neil Young.



The Amphitheater at The River
Veterans Appreciation Event
Rancho Mirage, California
January 4, 2015

The Jackson Garrett Band, Mark Guerrero, Mike Costley, Darci Daniels, Shely Yoelin, and others will perform a benefit concert for We Care Dental, a non-profit dental service meeting the needs of developmentally disabled individuals, veterans, and the elderly by providing affordable care and services.




American Legion Hall
Veterans Appreciation Event
Palm Springs, California
November 15, 2014

Freddy Fender Jr., Mark Guerrero, Tabu, Evaro Brothers, Steve Ditullio, Billy Erickson, and Voodoo Hustlers performed at the American Legion in Palm Springs.


Freddy Fender Jr. & Mark



Billy Cardenas, East L.A. pioneer producer of the 1960s,
is producing a new CD!

     Billy Cardenas is working with Andy Tesso & the Rockers featuring Danny Diaz on a new CD.  Cardenas and Andy Tesso, the legendary East L.A. guitarist of the '60s, are starting a new production company to continue the "Eastside Sound" in the new millennium.  The new CD will feature three songs by Mark Guerrero and others by Chan Romero of "The Hippy Hippy Shake" fame, and Max Uballez, leader of East L.A.'s seminal band of the '60s, The Romancers.  Mark will play piano on his three songs.  Billy is also in talks to recruit Max Uballez to join the company.

left to right-Tony Garcia (sax), Chris Garcia (drums), Billy Cardenas (producer), Mark Guerrero, Danny Diaz (guitar, vocals), Vinnie Armenta (vocals), Ray Beltran (bass), and Andy Tesso (guitar)
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)

Click on the link below to hear Mark Guerrero's recent interview with Billy Cardenas

Billy Cardenas 2014 Interview



New CD by East L.A.'s legendary doo wop duo, The Heartbreakers!
"Greetings From East L.A." includes Mark Guerrero's song
"Baby I Love You So"

     The Heartbreakers' new CD, "Greetings From East L.A.," in addition to Mark's song "Baby I Love You So," includes songs by Chan Romero, Frank Zappa, Agustin Lara, and Larry Tamblyn of The Standells.  Brothers Benny and Joe Rodriguez sound as good as they did in the early 1960s when they recorded their classic "Eastside Sound" hit "Cradle Rock."  "Greeting From East L.A." also includes a new recording of "Cradle Rock."  The CD captures the sound and style of the classic doo wop days of the early '60s.  For more info on "Greetings From East L.A. write to brodriguez424@gmail.com.

Sound byte of Mark Guerrero's "Baby I Love You So" by The Heartbreakers


Feature article on Mark In The Desert Sun Newspaper
Palm Springs, California
July 13, 2014

     a major article by Bruce Fessier covering what Mark's been doing since leaving his long time gig at Las Casuelas Terraza in Palm Springs, including his musical performances and lectures.  It also goes into Mark's overall musical career starting in the early '60s.

Click here to read the article.



Mark a Guest on Pat Vegas Radio Show

Mark Guerrero is a guest on Redbone's Pat Vegas "Chance To Have It All" radio show
(July 13, 2014)

Click here to hear the show on chancetohaveitall.podomatic.com
The show starts after 48 seconds.  After you hear the intro, Mark's interview starts at 34:18. You can drag the scroll bar to that point. There are several drop outs during the songs due to technical problems, but there are some interesting comments during the songs.
The hosts are Acelabella and Pat Vegas of Redbone.


Pat Vegas, Acelabella, Mark, and Pete Allman
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)


Pat Vegas, Pete Allman, Acelabella, Mark
(Pat's nephew in foreground)
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)


Mark sings with Little Ray's band in East L.A.

Event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sounds of Music store in East Los Angeles- Two bands played in the parking lot of Sounds of Music on Whittier Blvd., Second to None and Little Ray & the Idols.  Little Ray invited Mark to come up and sing with the band.  Mark sang "Knock On Wood" by Eddie Floyd and "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard.  Many East L.A. musicians with roots in the 1960s were in attendance including Rudy Salas of Tierra, Bobby Delgado of The Exotics and now The Delgado Brothers, Anthony Baray and Fred Gonzalez of The Emeralds, Robert Warren and Ernie Hernandez of Mark's teenage band Mark & the Escorts, and The Heartbreakers.  Congratulations to Carlos Reyes, owner of Sounds of Music, a music store that has supported East L.A. and Chicano music and musicians for 50 years!


Mark, Little Ray Jimenez, and Ernie Hernandez
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)


Mark Singing with Little Ray's band
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)


Ernie Hernandez, Rudy Salas, Mark, Anthony Baray, and Fred Gonzalez
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)


Robert Warren, Bobby Delgado, Fred Gonzalez, Ernie Hernandez, Mark, and Anthony Baray
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)



Mark Guerrero Featured in Harvey Kubernik Book

"Turn Up the Radio: Rock, Pop, and Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972" by Harvey KubernikMark Guerrero is quoted throughout the book on the Eastside Sound, various musical experiences, and the greater music scene of Los Angeles during the period.  Mark also contributed many of his archival photos and flyers for the book.  You can order the book from the amazon.com link below.



Mark Guerrero in Another Harvey Kubernik Book

"It Was Fifty Years Ago Today- The Beatles Invade America and Hollywood."  This book chronicles The Beatles history with Southern California and Hollywood.  There are stories never before told and images never before seen.  Kubernik interviewed musicians, filmmakers, record producers, and many others about their experiences and their heartfelt connection with The Beatles.  Mark Guerrero talks about his experiences growing up on The Beatles, their impact on the East Los Angeles / Chicano music scene, his trips to Liverpool, and more.



Click here to read an interview with Harvey Kubernik about "It Was Fifty Years Ago Today" at the Record Collector News website


American Legion Hall- Palm Springs

Mark Guerrero, Chan Romero, Tabu Band, and the Voodoo Hustlers at the American Legion in Palm Springs- Saturday, May 3, 2014, 1 pm- 5 pm, Owen Coffman Post 519, 400 N. Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262.  Donation $12. 





Mary Pickford Theater
Cathedral City, California
April 12, 2014

Screening of "Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" documentary- Mary Pickford Theater, Cathedral City, CA on Saturday, April 12, 2014, Doors open at 4:30, films start at 4:45.  There will also be a musical performance by Mark Guerrero and a Q & A by Dan Guerrero, the director/producer of the documentary.  As part of the "Tales of Cathedral City Film Festival sponsored by the Cathedral City Arts Commission.  To RSVP for free tickets do the following:  go to www.eventbrite.com, type Tales of Cathedral City into the search box, click on "Tales of Cathedral City film festival," click on "connect to register," (if facebook box comes up, click cancel), then type in your info and click "register."   


The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
(March 31, 2014)

     a lecture/performance on "The History of Chicano Rock: 1940-1980," with a special emphasis on the pre-rock period of the 1940s.  The event was presented by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for Spanish and Portuguese.  Mark spoke and performed for the class of Paloma Martinez-Cruz, which is for graduate students.  Mark discussed the subject with the aid of projected photographs and video clips. He also performed several of his songs, as well as a couple of his father's (Lalo Guerrero).


Photo by Augusto Saenz


Photo by Augusto Saenz


Mark Guerrero Video Interview
Coachella Valley Music Show
February 2014

Coachellavalleymusicshow.com- Mark is interviewed by Valerie Kattz.  Other artist interview segments are with rock bands Pictures From Eden and Blasting Echo.  Mark's interview is about 12 minutes into the video.  There are a couple of performance videos inserted into the interview.  They're put in after Mark mentions having written songs for his father, Lalo, and Trini Lopez.  The songs played in the videos are not songs Mark wrote, but they're simply performances Mark did with those artists.




California State University at San Bernardino
Palm Desert Campus
Palm Desert, California
February 28, 2014

Mark Guerrero lecture/performance- On Friday, February 28, 2014, Mark did a lecture/performance on the "History of Chicano Rock and the Eastside Sound of the 1960s" at the Oliphant Auditorium.  The event was  presented by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.





Chicano rock pioneer Chan Romero & Mark



California State University at San Bernardino
San Bernardino, California
February 11, 2014

Mark Guerrero lecture/performance for a class on "Race and Racism."  The presentation involved a talk and discussion on race and racism and how it related and continues to relate to the music business, as well as music related to the subject.  The presentation was conducted in a lecture hall.  Mark performed his songs "Blood On the Sun," "Days of the Dons," "Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Told Me)," "When the Population Shifts," and "I'm Brown."  He also performed his father's song "No Chicanos on TV."




Dr. Fenelon, Mark, and Dr. Madrigal



Cal State San Bernardino
SMSU Theater
January 14, 2013

Mark Guerrero lecture/performance- Mark did a presentation on the "History of Chicano Rock and the Eastside Sound of the '60s" at the SMSU Theater on campus.  The presentation included a slide show with commentary, video clips, sound bytes, musical performances, and a question and answer period.  Songs he performed included his "On the Boulevard," "Pre-Columbian Dream," "Viva Dolores," and "Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Told Me)," and his dad's "No Chicanos On TV."  He then did an impromptu presentation for the class of Dr. Elsa Valdez, which included a talk and musical performances of Mark's "When the Populaton Shifts," "Whitewash," and "I'm Brown."  See flyer and program below:





Mark at podium at SMSU Theater presentation



Mark in front of Dr. Valdez' class


Adriatic Lounge
Palm Springs, California
December 31, 2013

Mark Guerrero on New Year's Eve- Other performers included Chan Romero, Nancy Franklin, Fleet Easton, and Rudy Caballero.  See flyer below:

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