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Mark Guerrero Radio
Below are "Chicano Music Chronicles" and "Rock Doc Chronicles" shows
Both shows are available and housed at
markguerrero.podbean.com where they can be heard, shared, embedded, or downloaded.

Mark Guerrero's
Chicano Music Chronicles

     This page contains information and links to shows I produced and hosted for my internet radio series "Chicano Music Chronicles," originally broadcast in 2006 and 2007 and revived in 2015 though 2018 on crnlive.com.  The show is now a free podcast on podbean.com.  I spotlight one artist per show and play their best known and my favorite recordings by that artist.  I also interview the artists about their recordings and careers. The only shows of the ones below on which I did not have a guest, are the show about my dad, Lalo  Guerrero, who had passed away before the inception of my show, and the show on my own music.  Shows below feature Lalo Guerrero, Trini Lopez, Chan Romero, El Chicano, Tierra, Little Ray Jimenez, yours truly Mark Guerrero, Geri Gonzalez (aka Geree), Little Willie G, The Eastside Sound, Hirth Martinez (two shows), Los Illegals, Billy Cardenas (1960s East L.A. manager/producer), Art Brambila (1970s East L.A. manager/producer), Steve Salas (the original voice of Tierra), George Ochoa (Slauson Brothers, Yaqui), Rene Ornelas (Rene & Rene), George Landa (Los Nawdy Dawgs), Don Tosti (Edmundo Tostado), Ersi Arvisu (The Sisters, El Chicano), Lonnie Jordan of War, Louie Perez of Los Lobos, Sunny Ozuna, Jose "Dr. Loco" Cuellar and his Rocking Jalapeño Band, Gabriel Manzo formerly of Malo, Butch Rillera (Redbone), Max Uballez (Romancers, Macondo), Pat Vegas of Redbone, Arturo "Rooster" Perez (Redbone), and Louie Mendez & Lorenzo Martinez.

Read about and hear the shows below

Show #1- Lalo Guerrero- Mark Guerrero plays selected recordings by his father, the late great Lalo Guerrero, and gives information on each one.  All songs are Lalo Guerrero compositions (with the exception of "Pecadora" written by Agustin Lara).  Featured are thirteen of Lalo's greatest songs and recordings, representing most of the genres for which he is best known.  Some highlights include his classic bolero "Nunca Jamas," his pachuco classic "Los Chucos Suaves," his norteño/rock hit "La Minifalda de Reynalda," his hilarious parody "There's No Tortillas," and his rockin' "Tin Marin de do Pingue."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally  broadcast in December 2005.  (46 minutes 59 seconds)

Lalo Guerrero

Lalo Guerrero Recordings Featured

1. El Chicano 2. Los Chucos Suaves 3. La Minifalda de Reynalda 4. Tin Marin De Do Pingue
5. Pecadora 6. There's No Tortillas 7. El Corrido de Deleno 8. Los Greñudos 9. Nunca Jamas 10. Do You Believe in Reincarnation? 11. Manzanita 12. No Chicanos On TV 13. Barrio Viejo


Show #2- Trini Lopez-
Mark Guerrero plays selected Trini Lopez recordings and discusses them with Trini, who is in studio with Mark. 
Some of the songs spotlighted include Trini's mega-hits "If I Had a Hammer" and "Lemon Tree," as well as two Lalo Guerrero compositions Trini recorded, "Chamaka" and "Pancho Lopez."  Mark Guerrero's "Oh Maria," which Trini recorded in 2004, is also featured.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in January of 2006.  (56 minutes 35 seconds)

Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez Recordings Featured

1. If I Had a Hammer 2. La Bamba 3. Kansas City 4. Lemon Tree 5. Chamaka 6. Laura 7. Pancho Lopez 8. Made In Paris 9. Dance the Night Away 10. I Know You Know You Do 11. Una Paloma Blanca 12. Oh Maria


Show #3- Chan Romero-
Mark Guerrero plays selected Chan Romero recordings and discusses them with Chan, who is in studio with Mark. 
Chan followed in the footsteps of Ritchie Valens on the DelFi Record label and his song "The Hippy Hippy Shake" was performed in the early 60s by The Beatles.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in February of 2006.  (54 minutes 13 seconds)

Chan Romero (1959)

Chan Romero Recordings Featured

1. The Hippy Hippy Shake 2. My Little Ruby 3. I Don't Care 4. I Want Some More 5. Latin American Rock & Roll 6. Hot Tamale Man 7. The Rooster 8. California Earthquake 9. America 10. Rock & Roll Santa Claus 11. If I Had a Way (Thrill Me So Much) 12. Rockin' Like There's No Tomorrow


Show #4- El Chicano-
Mark Guerrero plays selected El Chicano recordings and discusses them with original leader and founding bassist, Fred Sanchez, and lead vocalist, Jerry Salas, who are in studio with Mark. 
Highlights include their hits "Viva Tirado," El Chicano's version of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," and "Tell Her She's Lovely."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in March of 2006.  (64 minutes 6 seconds)

El Chicano (1972)

El Chicano Recordings Featured

1. Viva Tirado 2. Sabor a Mi 3. Don't Put Me Down If I'm Brown 4. Brown Eyed Girl 5. Tell Her She's Lovely 6. Enchanted Forest 7. Gringo En Mexico 8. El Cayuco 9.  Ahora Se 10. Primavera 11. Love the One You're With


Show #5- Tierra-
Mark Guerrero plays selected Tierra recordings and discusses them with leader/lead guitarist/vocalist Rudy Salas, who is in studio with Mark. 
Highlights include their hits "Together," "Gonna Find Her," and Tierra's classic Chicano anthem "Barrio Suite."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in May of 2006.  (91 minutes 18 seconds)

Tierra (1972)

Tierra Recordings Featured

1. La Feria 2. Gema 3. Barrio Suite 4. If I Come This Way 5. Baila Simon 6. Together 7. Gonna Find Her 8. I Want You Back 9. Margarita 10. Mi Gente 11. Come As You Are 12. Lady In the Moonlight 13. Welcome To Cafe East L.A.


Show #6- Little Ray Jimenez aka Li'l Ray-
Mark Guerrero plays selected Little Ray recordings and discusses them with Ray, who is in studio with Mark.  In the 60s Ray was one of the Eastside Sounds greatest and most popular singer/performers.  He recorded for many record labels including Columbia, Epic, DelFi, and Uni (MCA).  Highlights include his great version of "I Who Have Nothing" and his Eastside Sound classic "Karen."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in July of 2006.  (61 minutes 4 seconds)

Little Ray Jimenez (1965)

Little Ray Jimenez Recordings Featured

1. I Who Have Nothing 2. I Been Tryin' 3. Karen 4. Come Swim With Me 5. There Is Something On Your Mind 6. My Rainbow 7. Loretta 8. My Girl 9. Shake Shout and Soul 10. Soul and Stomp 11. Ooh Baby Baby 12. Leave Her Alone 13. Hey Does Somebody Care 14. Mi Oración de Paz


Show #7- Mark Guerrero
- Mark Guerrero plays selected songs from his own recording catalogue and gives information on each one.  Mark has been writing and recording since he was a teenager in East Los Angeles in the 60s.  He's recorded for labels such as GNP Crescendo, Kapp (MCA), Ode, Capitol, and A&M.  He's recorded with his bands, Mark & the Escorts, Nineteen Eighty Four, and Tango, as well as recording as a solo artist.  The show features a cross section of Mark's recordings, including his first recording with his teenage band, Mark & the Escorts; a solo recording produced by rock & roll hall of famer Lou Adler; some solo tracks with Capitol Records' selected tracks recorded with his '70s band, Tango; and some of his rock and recordings from the '80s and beyond.  Some of the recordings are in the Chicano music genre and others will be in the rock, country rock, and popular music style, demonstrating the bi-cultural nature of his music.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in August of 2006.  (66 minutes 35 seconds)

Mark Guerrero (2012)


Mark Guerrero with Tango (1974)

(left to right- Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, John Valenzuela, and Ernie Hernandez)

Mark Guerrero Recordings Featured

1. Room For the Latin (In Rock & Roll) 2. Pre-Columbian Dream 3. I'm Brown 4. On the Boulevard 5. If I Could Touch Your Life 6. Rock & Roll Queen 7. Mihijito 8. Zoot Suit 9. Lila, Love Me Tonight 10. Rosalie 11. Nobody's Satisfied 12. Whitewash 13. Oh Maria 14. Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Told Me) 15. Get Your Baby 16. I'll Take Rock & Roll (Any Ol' Time)


Show #8- Geri Gonzalez
(aka Geree)- Mark Guerrero plays selected recordings by r&b/Latin female vocalist extraordinaire, Geri Gonzalez, and discusses them with her.  Geri was lead vocalist for East L.A.'s popular Village Callers in the 60s.  In the 80s, she had an album out on MCA Records.  In recent years, she has sung with El Chicano and Chico.  She's considered one of the finest female vocalists to come out of the "Eastside Sound" and one of the best all-time Chicana singers.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in October of 2006.  (73 minutes 34 seconds)

Geree (1982)

Geree Recordings Featured

1. Don't Break My Heart 2. Ritmo y Romance 3. Sabor a Mi 4. Heart To Hands 5. Caught In the Act 6. Mañana Is Now 7. Sweet Misery 8. Dame Tu Amor 9. Heaven On Earth 10. I Can't Stop the Rain 11. Give a Little Love  12. Mihijita


Show #9- Little Willie G
- Mark Guerrero plays selected recordings from throughout the recording career of Little Willie G (Garcia).  Little Willie G is in studio with Mark discussing his career, which includes his days with East L.A's most popular band of the 60s, Thee Midniters, his stint with Malo in the 70s, his solo career, and his participation on Ry Cooder's 2005 CD, "Chavez Ravine."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which originally broadcast in December of 2006.  (81 minutes 40 seconds)

Little Willie G

Little Willie G Recordings Featured

1. Land of a Thousand Dances 2. That's All 3. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 4. Sad Girl 5. Never Knew I Had It So Bad 6. Dreaming Casually 7. Jump Jive and Harmonize 8. Close To Me 9. Gotta Serve Somebody 10. Cultura 11. Is This All There Is? 12. Three Cool Cats 13. Onda Callejera


Show #10-
The Eastside Sound- Mark Guerrero plays some of the classic Eastside Sound recordings of the early to mid-60s.  Mark interviews Richard "Scar" Lopez of Cannibal & the Headhunters, George Delgado of the Premiers, Sal Murillo of the Blendells, Andy Tesso and Max Uballez of the Romancers, Rudy Salas of the Salas Brothers, and Ersi Arvizu of The Sisters.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which originally broadcast in March and April of 2007.  (82 minutes 35 seconds)

"Eastside Sound" Recordings Featured

1. Land of a Thousand Dances (Cannibal & the Headhunters) 2. Farmer John (The Premiers) 3. La La La La La (The Blendells) 4. Slauson Shuffle (The Romancers) 5. My Heart Cries (The Romancers) 6. Darling (Please Bring Your Love) (The Jaguars with the Salas Brothers) 7. Gee Baby Bee (The Sisters)


Show #11- Hirth Martinez-
Mark Guerrero plays selected recordings by singer/songwriter Hirth Martinez from his Warner Brothers albums of the 70s though his CDs of the late 90s.  Hirth is in studio with Mark discussing how he was "discovered" by Bob Dylan, produced by Robbie Robertson of The Band, and his popularity in Japan.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in May and June of 2007.  (91 minutes 11 seconds)

Hirth Martinez (1977)

Hirth Martinez Recordings Featured

1. All Together Alone 2. Winter Again 3. Comin' 'Round the Moon 4. That's the Way It's Gotta Go 5. You Are a Star 6. Big Bright Street 7. The Moone Tune 8. The Mothman Samba 9. Old Friends 10. 5/4 Samba 11. The Girl 12. Busy Man 13. These Days 14. Somewhere In the Power of Her Love


Show #12- Los
Illegals- Mark Guerrero plays selected recordings of 80s Chicano punk rockers, Los Illegals.  Los Illegals emerged from East Los Angeles in 1979 and were part of a vibrant punk scene in East L.A. and Hollywood.  They recorded an album called "Internal Exile" for A&M Records in 1983, which included their powerful anthem about immigration called "El Lay."  Mark Guerrero talks with founding members Willie Herrón, Jesus "Xuiy" Velo, and Bill Reyes about their music and history.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show, which was originally broadcast in July and August of 2007.  (116 minutes 58 seconds)

Los Illegals (1983)

Los Illegals Recordings Featured

1. El Lay 2. Secret Society 3. We Don't Need a Tan 4. The Mall 5. Wake Up John 6. Victory 7. Another Hundred Years of Solitude 8. Maria Elena (Letter From L.A.) 9. Ode To Rosa Lopez 10. Xich vs. the Migra Zombies 11. Little WIng 12. Banderas 13. El Lay (Spanish version)


Show #13- Hirth Martinez "Live"-
Mark Guerrero plays selected "live" recordings by Hirth Martinez, who was first featured on show #11 above.  Some were recorded "live" in the studio and others at McCabe's in Santa Monica, California in 2009.  On this show, Mark & Hirth also discuss Hirth's music and career in further detail.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (76 minutes 28 seconds)

Hirth Martinez (1976)

Hirth Martinez "live" Recordings Featured

1. It 2. Do Wrong Shoes 3. Slowly 4. Somewhere In the Power Of Her Love 5. Love Song 6. Dreamlight 7. These Days 8. Little Angel / Sing With Me 9. Love Is Like the........ 10. Old Friends 11. Mothman Samba


Show #14- Billy Cardenas-
Mark Guerrero interviews 1960s manager/record producer Billy Cardenas, who managed and produced many East L.A. groups in the golden age of the "Eastside Sound."  Recordings by the various bands and vocal groups Billy worked with are discussed and played. Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (93 minutes 59 seconds)

Billy Cardenas (2003)

Billy Cardenas Related Artist's Recordings Featured

1. Slauson Shuffle (The Romancers) 2. Cradle Rock (The Heartbreakers) 3. Farmer John (The Premiers) 4. La La La La La (The Blendells) 5. Land of a Thousand Dances (Cannibal & the Headhunters) 6. Get Your Baby (Mark & the Escorts) 7. Dance With Me (Mark & the Escorts) 8. I Wanna Do the Jerk (Ronnie & the Casuals) 9. Gee Baby Gee (The Sisters) 10. Come Swim With Me (Li'l Ray) 11. I Who Have Nothing 12. Sloop Dance (The Atlantics)


Show #15- Art Brambila-
Mark Guerrero interviews East L.A. manager/producer of the 1970s, Art Brambila about the behind the scenes stories of the artists he worked with including Mark Guerrero, Tierra, Yaqui, Carmen Moreno, and Johnny Martinez, as well as his television show, "The Mean Salsa Machine.  Some of the best music recorded by these artists during this period are played and discussed.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (76 minutes 28 seconds)

Art Brambila (2012)

Art Brambila Related Artist's Recordings Featured

1. Lila, Love Me Tonight (Mark Guerrero) 2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Carmen Moreno) 3. I'm Brown (Mark Guerrero) 4. Barrio Suite (Tierra) 5. It's Time For a Change (Es Tiempo Para Un Cambio) (Yaqui) 6. She Caught the Katy (Yaqui) 7. I Like the Way You Do It (Johnny Martinez) 8. Mañana Is Now (Geree) 9. Adios Madre Querida (Art Brambila)


Show #16- Steve Salas-
Mark Guerrero interviews the lead vocalist and founding member of Tierra.  Many of Steve's recordings with Tierra and his solo career are played and discussed.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (120 minutes 35 seconds)

Steve Salas (2015)

Steve Salas Recordings Featured

1. Barrio Suite 2. Darling (Please Bring Your Love) 3. Brown Eyed Girl 4. La Feria 5. Gema 6. My Lady 7. Together 8. Gonna Find Her 9. La La Means I Love You 10. I Want You Back 11. Margarita 12. Solitary Man 13. You Don't Know Me 14. Dame Tu Amor (with Geree) 15. Vuela Palomita


Show #17-
George Ochoa- Mark Guerrero interviews singer-songwriter George Ochoa whose credits include being a member of The Slauson Brothers, Mark's mid-1960s band The Men From S.O.U.N.D., Cannibal & the Headhunters (with Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia), Olde Tyme Religion, Yaqui, and Redbone. He's one of the best singer-songwriters to come out of East L.A.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (79 mnutes 4 seconds)

George Ochoa (1966)

George Ochoa Recordings Featured

1. It's Time For a Change (Es Tiempo Para Un Cambio) 2. Rosalie 3. Glori, I Enjoy Being With You 4. Itchy Feeling 5. She Caught the Katy 6. Blue Harbor 7. I Need a Woman 8. Stop Wasting the Earth 9. Mitote 10. The Rich Keep Getting Richer


Show #18- Rene Rene-
Mark Guerrero interviews singer-songwriter Rene Ornelas, founding member of Rene and Rene who had two major hits in the 1960s, "Angelito" and "Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero." Ornelas had several other Rene's as partner and eventually decided to go solo and is now known as Rene Rene.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (74 minutes 9 seconds)

Rene Rene

Rene Rene Recordings Featured

1. El Babalu 2. Angelito 3. Lo Mucho Que Te Quiro 4. Baby Doll 5. Quien Te Dijo Que Te Quiero 6. Tequila 7. Hoy Amenecí Pensando En Ti 8. Put Your Hand In the Hand 9. The Lord Is Alive 10. Yo Quiero Que Vivas Conmigo


Show #19-
Los Nawdy Dawgs- Mark Guerrero interviews George Landa of Los Nawdy Dawgs of Tucson, Arizona. Featured is their latest CD, "Lalo's Town," dedicated to my late father, Lalo Guerrero. Only the opening song "Bailando Con El Diablo" is from a previous album.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (78 minutes 5 seconds)


George Landa & Mark (2015)
(Tucson, Arizona)

Los Nawdy Dawgs Recordings Featured

1. Bailando Con El Diablo 2. Lalo's Town 3. Dead Man's Party 4. Barrio Boy 5. Tin Marin De Do Pingue 6. Los Chucos Suaves 7. Ranfla (The Coop) 8. Gabriella 9. Tranza Town 10. Guero Canelo Special 11. Guacamole Man 12. El Vagabundo 13. El Yo Tamayo 14. Where's My Tamales 15. Marijuana Boogie 16. Lalo's City


Show #20- Don Tosti-
Mark Guerrero interviews Don Tosti, b. Edmundo Tostado, the late legendary Chicano musician, arranger, composer. Don played violin in the El Paso Symphony Orchestra at the age of nine, played bass with the big bands in New York at the age of nineteen, led Latin bands in Los Angeles in the 1950s, and was subsequently a society musician in Palm Springs. His band, the Pachuco Boogie Boys recorded the hit record, "Pachuco Boogie" in 1948.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (73 minutes 40 minutes)

Don Tosti (1943)

Don Tosti Recordings Featured

1. Loco 2. Vine Por Ti 3. Montuno # Uno 4. Chavalita 5. Pachuco Boogie 6. Guisa Gacha 7. El Tirili 8. Tacos For Two


Show #21- Ersi Avizu- Mark Guerrero interviews legendary female vocalist Ersi Arvizu, who was lead singer for the The Sisters, The Village Callers, and El Chicano.  She also was featured on Ry Cooder's "Chavez Ravine" album and subsequently recorded a solo album produced by Cooder.  Mark and Ersi discuss her music career as well as her career in boxing.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (94 minutes 5 seconds)

Ersi Arvizu (2008)

Ersi Arvizu Recordings Featured

1. Cruisin' To The Hop 2. Gee Baby Gee 3. Ooh Pooh Pah Doo 4. Sabor a Mi 5. Muy Fifi 6. Ejercito Militar 7. Soy Luz y Sombra 8. Window of Dreams 9. El Arbol 10. En El Tambo 11. Mi India 12. In the Closet 13. Mil Besos 14. Friend For Life


Show #22- War-
Mark Guerrero interviews Lonnie Jordan about the music and career of his band War.  War's hit records and other favorite recordings are discussed, as well as War's popularity with the Latino community.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (1 hour 47 minutes 42 seconds)

Lonnie Jordan & Mark (2016)

War Recordings Featured

1. East L.A.  2. Spill the Wine 3. Slippin' Into Darkness 4. All Day Music 5. The Cisco Kid 6. The World Is a Ghetto 7. Low Rider 8. Why Can't We Be Friends 9. Don't Let No One Get You Down 10. Summer 11. Hey Senorita 12. Cinco de Mayo 13. Wild Rodriguez


Show #23- Los Lobos-
Mark Guerrero interviews founding member Louie Perez about the music and career of Los Lobos.  Louie is a songwriter, drummer, and guitarist (acoustic, electric, and Mexican folk stringed instruments such as the jarana).  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (2 hours 1 minute)

Mark & Louie Perez (2016)

Los Lobos Recordings Featured

1. Don't Worry Baby 2. Evangeline 3. Will the Wolf Survive 4. One Time One Night 5. La Bamba 6. El Gusto 7. Kiko and The Lavender Moon 8. Saint Behind the Glass 9. Mas y Mas 10. Ya Se Va 11. De Colores 12. Mexico Americano 13. Chucos Cumbia 14. Little Things 15. Gates of Gold


Show #24- Sunny Ozuna- Mark Guerrero interviews Tejano music legend Sunny Ozuna discussing and playing his music which spans over fifty years.  He first gained fame with his hit "Talk To Me" with Sunny & the Sunglows, later to be know as Sunny & the Sunliners.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (90 minutes 54 seconds)


Sunny Ozuna & Mark (2016)

Sunny Ozuna Recordings Featured

1. Just a Moment 2. Golly Gee 3. No One Else Will Do 4. Talk To Me 5. Cariño Nuevo 6. Smile Now and Cry Later 7. Put Me In Jail 8. I'm No Stranger 9. Reina de Mi Amor 10. Cariñito 11. Greater Greater Greater 12. Sumbale Maria 13. Botella Maldita 14. Un Grave Dolor


Show #25- pc Muñoz-
Mark Guerrero interviews Bay Area songwriter/recording artist pc Muñoz.  pc is an extraordinary songwriter who describes his music as art funk.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (1 hour 44 minutes 14 seconds)

Mark & pc Muñoz (2016)

pc Muñoz Recordings Featured

1. Brunching Britney and the Homeboy 2. Skin City 3. High Minded Man 4. Wages of Sin 5. The Last Campfire Song 6. Legacy 7. Blood 8. California 9. Small Map 10. Chatter and Buzz 11. Archery 12. The Man I Can't Be 13. Kiss Off 14. I Love U 15. Ain't Love Grand 16. What If I Told You a Secret 17. By the Water - Electronic Boom-Bap Mix 18. Sign O' the Times


Show #26- Jose "Dr. Loco" Cuellar-
Mark Guerrero interviews Jose "Dr. Loco" Cuellar, singer/songwriter/musician and college professor with a phd.  Dr. Loco's music runs the gamut from fun party songs to poetic and serious songs, which display his social activism.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (2 hours 20 minutes 8 seconds)

Dr. Loco & Mark (2016)

Dr. Loco Recordings Featured

1. Pa' Lo Que Vale 2. I Feel Good (I Feel Chingón) 3. Cumbia Del Sol 4. Picket Sign 5. Chile Pie 6. Los Chucos Suaves 7. Famed 8. Barrio Trilogy Plus a.) Barrio East Los b.) I'm In Heaven c.) Barrio Missión 9. Volver Return 10. Vamos a Bailar 11. Me Siento So Bad 12. Linda Cholita 13. Camelia the Chicana 14. Look-Ka Py Py 15. Dance 'Til I Drop


Show #27- Gabriel Manzo-
Mark Guerrero interviews Bay Area guitarist/singer/songwriter, Gabriel Manzo.  Gabriel played lead guitar with Malo for over thirty years and has played extensively with Bo Diddly and Jorge Santana.  Mark and Gabriel discuss and feature Manzo's album Manzo Rally.  His music has rock, Latin, and jazz elements and sometimes contains social activism and themes of cultural significance.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (81 minutes 22 seconds)

Mark & Gabriel Manzo (2016)

Gabriel Manzo Recordings Featured

1. Just For Now 2. Give Love 3. Está Bien (It's All Good) 4. Love Me Lorena 5. Dolores Huerta 6. Cesar 7. Set My People Free 8. El Dorado 9. Don't Come Cryin' 10. Something's Coming


Show #28- Butch Rillera-
  Mark Guerrero interviews drummer Butch Rillera, who in the '60s and '70s played and/or recorded with The Righteous Brothers, Redbone (in their heyday), and White Trash.  Mark and Butch discuss various tracks he played on by The Righteous Brothers, Redbone, and "live" tracks by Fatback and The Rillera Brothers Band.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (1 hour 42 minutes 10 seconds)

Butch Rillera & Mark (2017)

Butch Rillera Recordings Featured

1. Koko Joe (Righteous Brothers) 2. In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin' (RIghteous Brothers) 3. Hot Tamales (Bobby Hatfield) 4. Come and Get Your Love (Redbone) 5. 23rd and Mad (Redbone) 6. One More Time 7. Suzy Girl (Redbone) 8. Cooking With D'Redbone 9. Moon When Four Eclipse 10. Someday (A Good Song) 11. Tore Down (Fatback) 12. Toughen Up (Rillera Brothers Band) 13. The Blues Is Alright (Rillera Brothers Band)


Show #29- Chris Montez- Mark Guerrero interviews Chicano rock pioneer Chris Montez, who had five Top 40 hits in the 1960s including "Let's Dance" and "Call Me."  Chris talks about his tour with The Beatles in 1963; his shows with Smokey Robinson, Sam Cooke, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins; and his memorable tour of Brazil in the '60s.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (1 hour 52 minutes 51 seconds)

Chris Montez & Mark (2002)

Chris Montez Recordings Featured

1. Let's Dance 2. No No No 3. All You Had To Do Was Tell Me 4. Chiquitita Mia 5. You're the One 6. Call Me 7. Sunny 8. The Girl From Ipanema 9. The More I See You 10. The Look Of Love 11. No One Knew 12. There Will Never Be Another You 13. Ay No Digas 14. Time After Time 15. Lo Nuestro 16. Some Kinda Fun


Show #30- Max Uballez- Mark Guerrero interviews East L.A. rock pioneer Max Uballez, who led the seminal "Eastside Sound" band of the '60s, The Romancers.  In the early '70s he led the Latin rock band Macondo who recorded for Atlantic Records.  He also wrote songs for and/or co-produced recordings by Cannibal & the Headhunters, The Premiers, The Blendells, Little Ray Jimenez, The Heartbreakers, The Atlantics, and others in the '60s.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (3 hours 4 minutes 29 seconds)

Max Uballez & Mark (2000)

  Max Uballez Recordings Featured

1. You Better 2. Rock Little Darling 3. Slauson Shuffle 4. Huggies Bunnies 5. Patricia 6. My Heart Cries 7. Come Swim With Me 8. Cradle Rock 9. Everytime I See You 10. Don't Let Her Go 11. Nau Ninny Nau 12. Take My Heart 13. Sad and Lonely 14. She Gives Me Love 15. Follow the Music 16. She Took My Oldsmobile 17. Get On This Plane 18. Beaver Shot 19. Dance With Me (Blendells version) 20. Sneakin' In the Back Door 21. Why 22. Never Thought I'd See You Gone 23. Ay Cayuco 24. Do It To Me 25. Melissa 26. Press Rewind 27. Loving You 28. Chuy De Cabra (song) 29. Chuy De Cabra (book excerpt)


Show #31- Pat Vegas- Mark Guerrero interviews bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and founding member of the legendary Native-American/Chicano band, Redbone.  In the early '70s Redbone released six albums on Epic Records and scored two national top forty hits, including their mega hit "Come and Get Your Love."  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (2 hours 1 minute 58 seconds)

Mark & Pat Vegas (2010)

Redbone Recordings Featured

1. Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band 2. Prehistoric Rhythm 3. Niki Hokey 4. Chance To See 5. Maggie ("live") 6. Light As a Feather 7. Alcatraz 8. Chant 13th Hour 9. Witch Queen of New Orleans 10. Message From a Drum 11. Jerico 12. Wovoka 13. We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee 14. Clouds In My Sunshine 15. Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes 16. Come and Get Your Love


Show #31- Arturo "Rooster" Perez- Mark Guerrero interviews Arturo Perez, one of three drummers who played with Redbone during the peak of their recording years.  Some of the recordings he played on are played and discussed.  Artie is also an accomplished singer and songwriter as evidenced by his album "Misbehavin'," which is also featured on the show.  Press the play button on the link below to hear the show.  (1 hour 15 minutes 11 seconds)

Mark & Arturo Perez (2018)

Arturo "Rooster" Perez Recordings Featured

1. Fais-Do 2. Motivation 3. Poison Ivy 4. Already Here 5. Be Somebody 6. Which Way Is Up 7. Red Dress 8. Future X Wife 9. Boney Maroney 10. Gangster Of Love 11. Ooh Poo Pah Doo 12. Annie's Lover 


Show #32- Louie Mendez and Lorenzo "Lencho" Martinez- Mark Guerrero interviews Louie Mendez and Lorenzo "Lencho" Martinez about their music made together and separately.  Louie and Lorenzo have worked together in Los Rock Angels, Los Dados, and Louie & Lorenzo.  Louie has played with the Texas Tornados and Flaco Jimenez and Lorenzo with Los Suspiros, Lalo Guerrero, and is currently a member of the Grammy Award winning band, Los Texmaniacs.


Mark, Louie Mendez, and Lorenzo "Lencho" Martinez (2019)

Louie Mendez and Lorenzo Martinez Recordings Featured

1. Hole In My Heart 2. Wishful Thinking 3. City Lady 4. A Jarocho Christmas 5. Feliz Navidad 6. Pancho Claus Is Coming To Town 7. I Want You Back 8. Nunca Jamas 9. Boney Maroney 10. Gangster Of Love 11. I Threw Our Ring Down the Toilet 12. El Pocho Jarocho 13. Deportee 14. Mexico Americano 15. Dos Amores 16. Diamonds and Pearls


Mark Guerrero's
Rock Doc Chronicles

     In July of 2019 I debuted a new show called "Rock Doc Chronicles."  After doing 32 episodes of "Chicano Rock Chronicles" I realized I needed another show to feature artists that did not fit into the Chicano/Latino/East L.A.-related music category.  In other words, the other side of brown.  I'm pleased and honored to have as my first guest the legendary folksinger Ramblin' Jack Elloit.  The two other guests I've had are English rock star Terry Reid and world-class musician/singer/songwriter Tim Weed.  The moniker Rock Doc in "Rock Doc Chronicles" came from a name pioneer rocker Chan Romero started calling me when we started working together in 1995.  Since then he calls me Rock Doc.  I'm not using the name to create a radio character, just for the title of the show because since Chan gave me the name it has special meaning to me. 

Show #1- Ramblin' Jack Elliot-
Mark Guerrero interviews legendary folksinger Ramblin' Jack Elliot.  Ramblin' Jack has been called the "son of Woody Guthrie" and the father of "Bob Dylan."  Jack started singing and travelling in the early '50s, was part of Bob Dylan's legendary Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975, and continues to tour and perform at age 87 in 2019.  We talk about some of his experiences with Woody and Dylan and his encounters with Jack Kerouac, James Dean, Lead Belly, and Ringo Starr.  Some of his and other related recordings are played.  This is the first episode of my new show, "Rock Doc Chronicles."  (1 hour 32 minutes and 50 seconds)


Mark & Ramblin' Jack Elliot (2018)

Ramblin' Jack Elliot and Related Artists Recordings Featured

1. If I Were a Carpenter 2. Me and Billy the Kid 3. Don't Think Twice It's Alright 4. Connection 5. Deportee 6. Goodnight Irene


Show #2- Terry Reid- Mark Guerrero interviews English rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Terry Reid.  Terry and his band opened for the Rolling Stones and Cream in the 1960s.  Because he had an album out and was touring with the Stones, he turned down the lead vocal job for the band who would become Led Zeppelin.  In the '60s, Aretha Franklin was quoted as saying "The best things to come out of England are the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Terry Reid."  On this show the best of Terry's two solo albums of the '70s are featured.  The first one, "Seed of Memory," was produced by Graham Nash.  This is the second episode of my new show, "Rock Doc Chronicles."  (2 hours 15 minutes 40 seconds)


Terry Reid & Mark (2018)

(Pioneer Town, CA)

Terry Reid Recordings Featured

1. Believe In the Magic 2. Faith To Arise 3. Without Expression t 4. Horses Through a Rainstorm 5. Seed of Memory 6. Brave Awakening 7. The Way You Walk 8. Ooh Baby Make Me Feel So Young 9. The Frame 10. Rogue Waves 11. Walk Away Rene 12. Then I Kissed Her 13. All I Have To Do Is Dream


Show #3- Tim Weed aka Tim Wiedenkeller- Mark Guerrero interviews singer/songwriter/musician Tim Weed.  Tim is a world-class musician on banjo, guitar, and mandolin  This show mainly spotlights Tim's extraordinary album "Soul House,"  but also plays and discusses his song and recording "The New Old Pueblo" as well as featuring his virtuosity on the banjo on songs where he adapts the instrument to create and play classical and Indian raga music. This is the third episode of my new show, "Rock Doc Chronicles."  (1 hours 59 minutes 41 seconds)


Mark & Tim Weed (2005)

Tim Weed Recordings Featured

1. The New Old Pueblo 2. Soul House 3. Count Your Blessings t 4. Under the Banyon Tree 5. Love and Peace and Happiness 6. Aye Mojinamba 7. Movin' a Mountain 8. Long Tom 9. Homesick 10. Near But Far 11. Soul House (Reprise) 12. Lama 13. Morro Glenn


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