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'60s Eastside Flyers

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     The "60s Eastside Flyers" pages contain scans of flyers promoting dances and concerts on the East Los Angeles circuit in the 1960s.  My bands Mark & The Escorts, 1963 to 1966, The Men From S.O.U.N.D., 1966 to 1968, and Nineteen Eighty Four, 1969, were part of the Eastside scene.  The most popular bands of the time are to be found on these flyers, which will give you an idea what the music scene was like in East L.A.'s golden age.  Many of the artists I've written about in my articles on this website can be found on these flyers.  I was able to pinpoint the years on the flyers that didn't specify them by cross referencing gig calendars I had from the era.  According to the calendars, we played many more gigs than these, but the following are the flyers I acquired at the time and saved.  I added a few flyers from the early 70s when I was a solo artist and a member of Tango, who recorded for A&M Records.  Pages 1 and 2 feature flyers I had saved from dances and shows in which my bands participated.  Pages 3, 4 and 5 are flyers from dances and shows that we were not a part of that were sent to me by musicians of the period.  Page 6 has some music charts from the L.A. top 40 stations of the period, KFWB and KRLA.  Many Chicano and Eastside artists are on these charts.  Below are what's on pages 1 through 6.  To view pages, scroll down this page and then go to each succeeding page from the link at the bottom of each page.

Page 1- The Escorts / Mark & the Escorts  Flyers (1963- 66)

Page 2- The Men From S.O.U.N.D. Flyers (1966- 68)

Page 3- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965)

Page 4- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965)

Page 5- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965) 

Page 6- Miscellaneous KRLA, KFWB, and KHJ Radio Charts (1958- 66)

The Escorts (1963)

CYO Hall - November 15, 1963

(The members of The Escorts were Mark Guerrero, guitar; Robert Warren, guitar; and Ernie Hernandez, drums)

     The Escorts became Mark & the Escorts in 1964.  (The members of Mark & the Escorts at various times as it evolved were Mark Guerrero, guitar/vocals; Ricky Almaraz, vocals; Robert Warren, guitar/vocals; Richard Rosas, bass; Ernie Hernandez, drums/vocals; Trini Basulto, sax; Richard Magaña, baritone sax; Joe Cabral, Farfisa organ; Richard Mojarro, guitar/vocals/harmonica; and Richard Morin; guitar/vocals.)

Mark & the Escorts (1964)

Belair Rollerdrome - August 7, 1964
handwritten flyer from box office window)


St. Alphonsus Auditorium - September 19, 1964


Alexandria Hotel - October 25, 1964


Alexandria Hotel - October 25, 1964

(poster of same show as flyer above)


Alexandria Hotel - December 5, 1964

(This was the first time my father was mentioned on one of my flyers.  I was mortified because, although I was proud of him, I didn't want to use his name to publicize myself at the time. Notice the promoters left the "s" off of Escorts.  Also, this was the first time we were on the bill with a Latin band from Latin America.)


East Los Angeles College Auditorium - (1964)

(Another show with Latin artists.  My band, Mark & the Escorts (called Mark Guerrero Combo above) is one of only two rock bands on the bill of a show celebrating Mexican Indepedence Day.  The other rock band was The Velvetones.

     The four flyers below were handwritten for the box office window at Rainbow Gardens in Pomona.  I was about 14 years old at the time, but for the sake of posterity took them down after the gigs and saved them.  I'm glad I did because they show for the record what bands played on those nights.  All the four shows below were on Sunday late afternoons and went into the evening, or as they're called in Spanish, tardeadas.


July 5, 1964

(Kosher Pickel Harry was a fictitious person made up by East L.A. manager, Billy Cardenas.  Of course, Kosher Pickel Harry never showed up anywhere.)


July 5, 1964


August 3, 1964

("Jagged" Jaguars above must have been a mistake.  The person who wrote the flyer probably was writing Jaguars and put two g's and rather than rewrite the flyer, wrote Jagged Jaguars.)



(Note the signature at the top is of our other  guitarist, Robert Warren.)

Mark & the Escorts (1965)

CYO Hall - February 19, 1965


"Big" Union Hall - February 20, 1965


Shrine Auditorium - February 21, 1965


1965 Shrine Auditorium - February 21, 1965
backside of flyer above)


Belvedere Park Auditorium - March 5, 1965


Alexandria Hotel - March 13, 1965


Jonson's Market Parking Lot - March 20, 1965
story below)



Union Building - April 18, 1965
(Huntington Park)

(It's amazing how many bands were playing at this venue in one night!)


"Big" Union Hall - May 1, 1965
see mailer below)


"Big" Union Hall - May 1, 1965


St. Alphonsus Auditorium - May 8, 1965


Boulevard Theater - June 5, 1965


Montebello Ballroom - July 2, 1965


Montebello Ballroom - August 20, 1965


Montebello Ballroom
September 3, 1965


Montebello Ballroom
September 17 & 19, 1965


Montebello Ballroom - September 19, 1965


Montebello Ballroom - October 1, 1965


Montebello Armory - October 9, 1965


Montebello Ballroom
October 15, 1965


Montebello Ballroom
November 5, 1965


Big Union Hall - December 11, 1965


All Nations Hall - December 19, 1965

Mark & the Escorts (1966)

Montebello Ballroom
January 21, 1966


Montebello Ballroom
March 4, 1966


Serbian Hall - August 27, 1966


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