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     Below are songs written by Mark Guerrero that have been recorded by himself or other artists on records, CDs, and DVDs.  Click on the links to hear all or a part of each song.

Mark Guerrero Songs Covered by Other Artists

Herb Alpert

"Sueño Precolombino" a.k.a. "Pre-Columbian Dream" - recorded by Herb Alpert on a single and "Noche de Amor" album, A&M Records (1983)


"Sueño Precolombino"- song #1



Trini Lopez

"Oh Maria"- recorded by Trini Lopez on "Romantic & Sexy Guitars" CD (2004)


"Oh Maria"- song # 6


Chan Romero

"Rockin' Like There's No Tomorrow"- recorded by Chan Romero on a single and "You're On the Right Track" CD (2008)




Lalo Guerrero

"Fernando, El Toro"- 7 1/2" vinyl E.P. recorded by Lalo Guerrero, a tribute to Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela, Ambiente Records (1982)-  Lalo wrote "Ole! Fernando" and Mark wrote "Fernando, El Toro." The songs were also featured in an ESPN documentary entitled "Fernandomania" (2001)




"Mihijita" a.k.a. "Mihijito"- recorded by Geree, R Town Records, 4 song CD "Geree" (1997) and "Through These Eyes" CD (1999)





The Heartbreakers

"Baby I Love You So"- recorded by The Heartbreakers, "Greetings From East Los Angeles" CD (2014)


"Baby I Love You So"- song # 7



Roger Connelly

"Gotta Thank the Black Man" a.k.a "You Gotta Thank the Black Man (For Your Rock & Roll)"- recorded by Roger Connelly on "No Stranger To Bad Weather" CD, Lyin' Dog Records (1996)



Michael Apidgian

"Meet Me On the Other Side"- recorded by Michael Apidgian on "Sentimental Fool" CD, Stardust Records International (2001)


"Meet Me On the Other Side"- song # 13


Mark Guerrero Songs Recorded by Mark

(Titles with no link have links on other singles and albums below)

All songs on "Tango" vinyl album with Mark's 70s band Tango, A&M Records (1973)

1. "He's An Artist"
2. "Walk On Down" 3. "I'm a Human" 4. "Allesandro" 5. "I'm Brown" 6. "Rock & Roll Queen" 7. Wild Night At the Old Rest Home" 8. "Brown Hair Growin" 9. "Livin' Off the Land" 10. "Greenback Blues"




All songs on the "On the Boulevard" 12" vinyl E.P. (1989)

1. "On the Boulevard" 2. "If I Could Touch Your Life" 3. "Room For the Latin (In Rock & Roll)" 4. "Latin Quarter"




All songs on the CD "Mark Guerrero Solo & with Tango (1972- 74)" (2010)

All ten songs from "Tango" album above plus "Lonely" "Nobody's Satisfied" "Don't Rain On My Parade" "Holy Moses" "Out In the Cold" "Hang On" "Rock & Roll Circus" "Hollywood" and "Song and Dance Man"


All songs on the "On the Boulevard Anthology, 1979-1988" CD

"Room For the Latin","Pre-Columbian Dream" "On the Boulevard," "If I Could Touch Your Life," "Mihijito" "Zoot Suit" "Rosalie," "Latin Quarter," "En El Bulevar" "You Gotta Thank the Black Man (For Your Rock & Roll)" "Love Lotion" "I'll Take Rock & Roll (Any Ol' Time)" "Pre-Columbian Dream" (Instrumental), and "On the Boulevard (instrumental) (2010)


"The Streets of East L.A."- "Live" performance by Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán in the documentary "Chicano Rock: The Sounds of East Los Angeles" (2008)


The Ballad of Lalo Guerrero"- recorded by Mark Guerrero on the CD compilation and in the documentary DVD, "Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" (2006)


"The Ballad of Lalo Guerrero"- song #22


"Pre-Columbian Dream"
(instrumental) and "On the Boulevard" (instrumental)- recorded by Mark Guerrero with horn and string arrangements by Jose Hernandez of Mariachi Sol de Mexico for a television documentary on Los Angeles Chicano artists, Los Four (1982)- DVD released in (2004)



"Life In L.A."
recorded by Mark Guerrero for a television program called "L.A.- An Artist's View" about visual artists in Los Angeles, which included legendary Chicano artist Carlos Almaraz. (1980)

Life In L.A."
words and music by Mark Guerrero


and "On the Boulevard" recordings by Mark Guerrero- "The Chicano Alliance" compilation CD, R-Town Records (1998)




"Amber Waves"
single with Nineteen Eighty Four on Kapp Records (1969)


"No Matter How Long It Takes" and "Baba"
single with Nineteen Eighty Four on Kapp Records (1969)


"Lila, Love Me Tonight"
and "Dare I Touch You, Marylou?"- solo single on Ode Records, produced by Lou Adler (1971)



"Rock & Roll Queen"
and "Lonely"- solo single on Capitol Records (1972)




I'm Brown" and "Livin' Off the Land"- solo single on Capitol Records (1972)



"Holy Moses"
and "Rock & Roll Circus"- single with Tango on A&M Records (1974)


Mark Guerrero Songs In Spanish

(music by Mark Guerrero)


"Reyna Del Rock" and "Boulevard" a.k.a "On the Boulevard"- music to two songs recorded by rock group Souffle on their "Al Natural" album (Spanish lyric to "Reyna Del Rock" by Daniel Guerrero- Spanish lyric to "Boulevard" by Lalo Guerrero), Orfeon Records, Mexico (1988)


"Reyna Del Rock"- song #1


"Boulevard" a.k.a. "On the Boulevard"- song #3


Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero

     Mark Guerrero wrote the music to eleven songs on four children's albums by Lalo Guerrero y Las Ardillitas (lyrics by Lalo Guerrero),   EMI Records, Mexico (1982-91):  "E.T. El Extraterrestre" from a single and "20 Exitos Navideños de Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero" (1982); "Panfilo El Rey del Rock," "Juegos de Video," "Ejercicios Aerobicos," and "Rockanroleando en Mexico" from "Panfilo El Rey del Rock" (1983); "Queremos Rock Para Navidad," "Super Santo Clos," "La Computadora (de Santo Clos)," and "El Niño Jesus" from "Aleluya! Es Navidad" (1984); "Panfilo El Catrin," and "El Sapo" from "Mensajes y Locuras" (1991)


"E.T. El Extraterrestre"
on vinyl 45 rpm single, Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero, EMI Pops (1981) and vinyl L.P. "20 Exitos Navideños de Las Ardillitas, Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero, EMI Pops (1982)






"E.T. (El Extraterrestre"- song #1


"Panfilo El Rey Del Rock," "Juegos de Video," "Rocanroleando En Mexico," and "Ejercicios Aerobicos"
on vinyl L.P. "Panfilo El Rey Del Rock," Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero, EMI Pops (1983)


Lado A
"Panfilo El Rey Del Rock"- song #1
"Juegos de Video"- song #5
Lado B
"Rocanroleando En Mexico"- song #1
"Ejercicios Aerobicos"- song #4



"Queremos Rock Para Navidad," "Super Santo Clos," "La Computadora de Santo Clos," and
"El Niño Jesus"
on vinyl L.P. "Aleluya! Es Navidad," Las Ardllitas de Lalo Guerrero, EMI Pops (1984)


"Queremos Rock Para Navidad"- song #1
"Super Santo Clos"- song #2
"La Computadora de Santo Clos"- song #3
"El Niño Jesus"- song #4



"Panfilo, El Catrin (The Dude)" and "El Sapo"
on vinyl L.P. "Mensajes y Locuras" EMI Pops (1991)



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