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Mark Guerrero Gallery


Mark 5 Years Old

(wearing a Davy Crockett coonskin cap)


The Escorts at Lalo's (October 28, 1963)

(left to right- Robert Warren, Mark Guerrero, and Ernie Hernandez)
(Lalo Guerrero on stage in background introducing the band)


Mark & the Escorts (1964)

(left to right- Ricky Almaraz, Trini Basulto, Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, Ernie Hernandez, and Robert Warren)


The Men from S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

(left to right- Tony Rodas, Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero,
George Ochoa, and Ernie Hernandez)


Nineteen Eighty Four (November 1968)

(left to right- Richard Rosas, Ernie Hernandez, Tony Rodas, and Mark Guerrero)


Solo Artist on Lou Adler's Ode Records (1971)


Mark in Echo Park (1971)


Mark Guerrero & The Mudd Brothers (1972)
Cal State Los Angeles
Feria de la Raza Concert

(left to right- Rick Rosas, Mark Guerrero, Ernie Hernandez,
John Valenzuela, and Anthony Baray on Hammond organ far right)


Mark Recording at Independent Studios (1972)


Mark on television in Los Angeles (1972)


Tango (1973)

(left to right- Rick Rosas, Mark Guerrero, John Valenzuela, and Ernie Hernandez)


Tango (1973)

(left to right- Ernie Hernandez, Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, and John Valenzuela)


Tango- Roxy Theater, Hollywood (1974)

(left to right- Rick Rosas, Ernie Hernandez, Mark Guerrero, and John Valenzuela)


Mark (1977)


Mark (1977)


Mark (1983)


Armstrong & Guerrero (1983)

(Alex Armstrong & Mark Guerrero played hundreds of gigs and played on each others sessions in the 80s and early 90s.  Later, Alex played with Lalo Guerrero with
Mark Guerrero & the Second Generation Band and Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán.)


Armstrong & Guerrero (1984)


Mark (1986)


First Incarnation of Radio Aztlán (1990)

(left to right- Ron Reyes, Alex Armstrong, Mark Guerrero, Leo Valenzuela, and Bill Reyes)


Mark (1995)


Mark Guerrero, Rick Cowling & Mark Warila (1996)


Mark as a member of Redbone (2003)

(left to right- Raven Hernandez, Steve Roybal, Pat Vegas, Mark Guerrero, and George Ochoa)


Mark (2004)


Mark (2011)


Mark (2012)


Artist Portraits


Wayne Healy Alaniz sketch (2002)

(Chicano artist Wayne Healy Alaniz drew this sketch
on a napkin on New Year's Eve)


Frank Romero sketch (1989)

(Chicano artist Frank Romero did a rendering for the Mark Guerrero E.P. cover
based on a concept by Mark and executive producer Eddie Torrez.)


Ignacio Gomez painting (1989)

(Chicano artist/illustrator Ignacio Gomez
cover art for the "On the Boulevard" E.P. and later Anthology compilation CD)


Contact me at: info@markguerrero.com

Mark Guerrero
P.O. Box 776
Cathedral City, CA 92235

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