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Miscellaneous Writings

     The following articles are CD, book, and concert reviews.  Also included are stories of events and musical experiences I've had that I'd like to preserve in writing for the record.  I hope you find them of interest.  Some of the articles have their own photo galleries you can access by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  You can get to any article directly from the links below or you can navigate from one article to the next from the link at the bottom of each page.

Article 1-  Book Review:  "Land of a Thousand Dances"

Article 2-  CD Review:  "Chicano Alliance"

Article 3-  CD Liner Notes:  Lalo Guerrero "Vamos a Bailar Otra Vez"

Article 4-  CD Review:  Los Lobos "This Time"

Article 5-  CD Liner Notes:  "Eastside Sound, Vol. 2, Featuring Mark & the Escorts

Article 6-  Mark & the Escorts:  My first band 1963- 66

Article 7-  Tribute Concert For 1960s Record Producer Billy Cardenas:  February 11, 2001

Article 8-  Mark & Lalo Guerrero Lecture/Concert:  May 22, 2001

Article 9 Book Review:  "Lalo- My Life and Music"

Article 10 My Chance Recording Session with Harry Nilsson

Article 11 CD and Concert Review:  "Thee Midniters Greatest"

Article 12 Chicanos In Paris-  Lalo Guerrero Concert:  February 8, 1998

Article 13 Unplugged with Eric Burdon For the Heartland; May 20, 1995

Article 14 Lalo & Amigos Tribute Concert:  October 11, 1992

Article 15 Mark & the Escorts with Lalo Guerrero In the 1960s

Article 16 Book Review:  "Barrio Rhythm"

Article 17 Lalo Guerrero & Sons at the White House:  January 9, 1997

Article 18The Men From S.O.U.N.D. Back Dobie Gray:  April 9, 1966

Article 19Book Review:  "Los Tucsonenses"

Article 20CD Review:  Lalo Guerrero "El Chicano Inolvidable"

Article 21Lalo Guerrero Discography

Article 22My Surprise Concert Opening for Rick Nelson In 1970

Article 23The East L.A. Revue All Star Band:  The "Eastside Sound" of the 60s Lives

Article 24Book Review:  "The Mexican American Orquesta"

Article 25 Lalo Guerrero Tribute Concert- John Anson Ford Amphitheater:  October 4, 2003

Article 26Latin Oldies Festival 2003:  November 1, 2003

Article 27Maldita Vecindad:  Bridging Mexican and Chicano Rock

Article 28My Unpublished Letter To Rolling Stone Magazine On Behalf of Lolly Vegas

Article 29Don Tosti Tribute:  August 17, 2004

Article 30My Lou Adler Sessions:  February 1971

Article 31Tribute Concert for Don Tosti:  October 3, 2004

Article 32East L.A. Meets Liverpool:  My December 2004 Pilgrimage

Article 33Book Review:  "The Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture"

Article 34Lalo Guerrero Memorial Service- Palm Springs, California:  March 21, 2005

Article 35Lalo Guerrero Memorial Service- Tucson, Arizona:  March 23, 2005

Article 36Book Review:  "A World Of Its Own"

Article 37Book Review:  "Voices of Latin Rock"

Article 38My Visit To a Parallel Chicano/Latino Universe- San Francisco:  April 5- 6, 2005

Article 39Lalo Guerrero's Posthumous Arizona Music Hall of Fame Induction

Article 40Steve Salas and I Invade El Paso, Texas:  April 21- 23, 2005

Article 41My Concert with Redbone- Lemoore, California:  September 6, 2003

Article 42My Concert with Yaqui- Puente Hills, California:  May 26, 2005

Article 43Lalo Guerrero Recording Sessions with Ry Cooder:  January 29-30, 2003

Article 44Mark Guerrero Interview by Daniel Delarosa:  November 4, 2004

Article 45The James Burton International Guitar Festival:  August 19-21, 2005

Article 46Book Review:  "Mexican and Chicano Music"

Article 47-  Liverpool Revisited:  July 11-17, 2006

Article 48Billy Cardenas:  East L.A. Manager and Record Producer of the 60s

Article 49My Concert at Tucson's Puro Mexicano Film Festival:  November 3, 2006

Article 50Book Review:  "The Oracle of DelFi"

Article 51Mark & the Escorts Meet the Beach Boys (1964)

Article 52Book Review:  "The Latin Beat"

Article 53Book Review:  "Chicano Popular Culture"

Article 54Concert for the Lalo Guerrero Film & Arts Festival Gala:  March 23, 2007

Article 557th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Awards Dinner:  March 28, 2007

Article 56My Lecture/Concert at the Marin County Civic Center:  March 29, 2007

Article 57Experience Music Project 2007

Article 58 "The Jukebox Man":  An Original Chicano Roots Screenplay

Article 59"Riot On the Sunset Strip" Book Signing Event:  September 8, 2007

Article 60The Men from S.O.U.N.D.:  My East L.A. Band 1966- 68

Article 61The Opening of the "American Sabor" Exhibit in Seattle:  October 12, 2007

Article 62Concert for Garfield High School-  Gibson Amphitheater: October 14, 2007

Article 63Shin Miyata:  Chicano Music's Bridge To Japan

Article 64Book Review:  "Riot On the Sunset Strip"

Article 65My Concert/Interview On Thee Mr. Duran Show:  March 11, 2008

Article 66My Concert at Pima Community College- Tucson, Arizona:  March 18, 2008

Article 67Nineteen Eighty Four:  My Band 1968- 70

Article 68Al Wilson Tribute Concert:  May 3, 2008

Article 69Corrido Conference- Santa Barbara, California:  May 8, 2008

Article 70- My Concert At the "Chicano Rock" Documentary Premiere:  October 9, 2008

Article 71- Book Review:  "Living the Blues (The Story of Canned Heat)"

Article 72- Documentary Review:  "Chicano Rock- The Sounds of East Los Angeles"

Article 73- Mark & the Escorts Reunion:  February 21, 2009

Article 74- Documentary Review:  "The Murals of Aztlan"

Article 75- Tango Reunion- East Los Angeles College:  April 23, 2009

Article 76- Mark Guerrero Interview by Al Guerrero for LAEastside.com:  May 2009

Article 77- Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends:  November 11, 2008

Article 78- Edward "Lalo" & Bobby Robles:  Two Generations of Music in Los Angeles

Article 79- Art Brambila:  Brown Bag Productions & the Mean Salsa Machine

Article 80- My 2004 Recording Session with Trini Lopez

Article 81- My 2003 Recording Session with Chan Romero

Article 82- Ode To Buffalo Springfied / Neil Young

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