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Related Links

(featured on this website)

96Tears.net- website of "The World's Greatest Garage Band," Question Mark & the Mysterians.  Their song "96 Tears" was a #1 hit in 1966.

AversaMusic.com-  website of Mike "Mickey" Aversa, formerly of the 60s Eastside band, Mickey & the Invaders.  You can see photos of Mickey & the Invaders on his "music memories of the 60s page."  Mike has played music though out the the years and continues to do so.

ChrisMontez.com- website of legendary Chicano rock, Latin, and pop star, Chris Montez.  Chris had a huge hit with "Let's Dance" in the early 60s and followed up with several easy listening hits in the mid-60s including, "Call Me."  He also has recorded Spanish language albums.  Click here to go to the Chris Montez my space page.

DelgadoBrothers.com- website of the Delgado Brothers band.  The Delgado Brother's roots go back to the Eastside Sound of the 60s with The Exotics.  Their current band, which features Bob, Steve, and Joey Delgado, is an authentic and excellent blues band.  Click here for a webpage on the Delgado Brothers at the website of their former label, Mocombo Records (mocomborecords.com).

DrLoco.com- official website of musician/educator/activist Jose Cuellar, a.k.a. Dr. Loco and his eclectic band, Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band.  Dr. Loco has recorded a version of Lalo Guerrero's "Los Chucos Suaves."

ElChicanoMusic.com- El Chicano's official website.  Click here to visit the my space page of El Chicano's founder, leader, and manager, Fred Sanchez.

Flaco Jimenez- official my space page of Flaco Jimenez.

FreddyFender.com- official website of Freddy Fender.

HirthMartinez.com- official website of singer/songwriter, Hirth Martinez.
Click here for Hirth's my space page.

Hirth Martinez- another website of singer/songwriter Hirth Martinez.  

Hirth Martinez
Japanese website (In English) of singer/songwriter Hirth Martinez. 

JerrySalas.com- website of former and now current lead vocalist and guitarist for El Chicano.

John DeLuna- my space page of original drummer for El Chicano.
Click here for John's other my space page.

LaloGuerrero.com- official Lalo Guerrero website.

LittleWillieG- official my space page of Little Willie G.

Los Illegals- Facebook page of Chicano punk rockers Los Illegals.

LosLobos.org- official website of Los Lobos.

Makzrecords.com- official website of Max Uballez, singer/songwriter/producer and leader of the pioneering 1960s East L.A. band, The Romancers.

MaloMusic.com- Malo's official website.

Redbone- Pat Vegas website on Redbone.  Click here to visit Christian Staebler's Redbone site.

Tantrikfunk.net- website of Ruben "Funkahuatl" Guevara.

Tierramusic.com- Tierra's official website.

TriniLopez.com- official website of singer/entertainer, Trini Lopez.

Additional Related Artists

AlanODay.com- website of the late singer-songwriter Alan O'Day.  Alan's recording of his song "Undercover Angel" was a #1 hit in 1977.  He also wrote Helen Reddy's hit song "Angie Baby" and co-wrote the Righteous Brothers' mega hit "Rock 'N' Roll Heaven."  Alan grew up in the Coachella Valley in Southern California where he  played in a Chicano band called the Renes.

AlexDelZoppo.com- website of musician/songwriter Alex Del Zoppo.  Alex was a member of the band Sweetwater, who played at the original Woodstock festival in 1969.  He's played and recorded with many major artists over the years, including Eric Burdon, The Beach Boys, and Donovan, and works with songwriters organizations that help young songwriters develop.  Alex also played keyboard with my reunited 70s band Tango for a show in 2009.

AlCampos.com- website of singer, songwriter, trombonist, producer, arranger, Al Campos.  Originally from Highland Park, California, he now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Al performs in the genre of Soul, Smooth and Funky Jazz with deep roots in Gospel music.

BarelaBand.com-  website of Orange County-based 11-piece band led by the Barela brothers, Tony and Richard.  Barela is a horn-driven band who's musical style is a throwback to the great horn bands of the 70s and 80s, such as Tower of Power, Chicago, Average White Band, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

CannedHeatMusic.com- website of legendary blues band Canned Heat.  Fito de la Parra, born and raised in Mexico, has been a member since 1968, performed at Woodstock, and has been with the band ever since.  He now is band leader and custodian of their legacy.  Click here to visit their my space page.  Click here to visit the my space site of Fito's documentary "Rock & Roll Made In Mexico."

CarlosSantana.com- official website of Carlos Santana.

ChicoBand.com- website of the great L.A. Latin/rock band Chico, whose roots are firmly planted in East Los Angeles.  In the 60s, some of the members were in the popular East L.A. band, The Village Callers.  Their excellent lead vocalist is Bertha Oropeza.

Coco MontoyaBand.com- official website of phenomenal blues guitarist/vocalist, Coco Montoya.

CornellHurdband.com- website of Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter Cornell Hurd and his band, the Cornell Hurd Band.  Cornell recorded a versions of Lalo Guerrero's "Do You Believe In Reincarnation" and "Adios To Mexico City," the latter on his latest CD, "Texas by Night."

Cuicanisvibe.com- website of Cuicani a.k.a Irma "Cui Cui" Rangel, an extraordinary singer, performer, songwriter, actress, poet, dancer, and more.  Cuicani sings in traditional and contemporary American and Latin musical styles in English and Spanish.  She currently sings with her own group, Cuicani's Vibe. Click here to visit Cuicani's my space page.

Her vocal style is a combination of tradtional and contemporary American and Latin musical styles. She sings in both the English & Spanish languages.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/cuicanisvibe#ixzz0r2YgsBcZ

Daniel Valdez- My space page of singer/songwriter/actor, Daniel Valdez.  A member of El Teatro Campesino with his brother Luis in the 60s and 70s, Daniel was one of the stars of the play and movie "Zoot Suit," performed with Linda Ronstadt on her "Canciones de Mi Padre" tour and record, and has the 1974 album "Mestizo" to his credit.

Gregory Esparza- official my space page of Gregory Esparza, who currently sings with Thee Midniters.  The site also has information on Gregory as a solo artist and actor.

Johnny Guerrero- my space page of my cousin, composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Guerrero.  He's been a member of the reggae bands Christafari and Temple Yard and has worked with artists including Beyonce Knowles, Jimmy Cliff, and Big Mountain.

JorgeSantana.com- website of founding member of Malo and solo artist, Jorge Santana.

LatinPlayboys.org- website of Los Lobos members Louie Perez and David Hidalgo's side project/experimental band, the Latin Playboys.

LittleJoeYLaFamilia.com- website of Tex-Mex/Tejano music legend Little Joe Hernandez and his band Little Joe y La Familia.

Los Fabulocos- my space page of the and East Los Angeles "Calimex" band whose music is a mix of rock, blues, and Mexican and Tejano styles sung in English and Spanish.  The roots music band that features Kid Ramos, formerly of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, James Harmon, The Mannish Boys.

LosLonelyBoys.com- official website of Los Lonely Boys.

LosTremolocos.com- L.A. based roots band whose music encompasses Mexican folk, Tex-Mex, country, norteño, cumbias, honky tonk, cajun, zydeco, blues and roadhouse rock n roll.

LysaFloresMusic.com- website of East L.A. Chicana singer/songwriter/actress/activist, Lysa Flores.  Lysa is a pioneer of the East Los alternative scene of the '90s.

MarthaGonzalez.net- website of singer/musician/activist/academic, Martha Gonzalez of the East L.A. band Quetzal.

MundoTish.com- official website of singer/songwriter, Tish Hinojosa.

OllinBand.com- website of East L.A. band, Ollin, who's style encompasses punk, Tex Mex, and even Jewish klesmer music.

PcMunoz.com- official website of poet/speaker/songwriter, pc Muñoz.  pc is an excellent poet and songwriter from San Francisco.

Pete DePoe- webpage about original Redbone drummer, Pete "Last Walking Bear" DePoe.

PonchoSanchez.com- official website of Poncho Sanchez, whose Latin jazz band is one of the best, if not the best, in the world.  Poncho grew up on the eastside of Los Angeles and his musical director, David Torrez, is a former member of Tierra.

QuetzAnimales.com- webpage of East L.A. Chicano fusion band, Quetzal.  Their music fuses Mexican, Afro-Cuban, r&b, and rock. 

Quinto Sol- my space page of East L.A. Chicano band, Quinto Sol.  On their my space page they describe their music as, "deeply rooted in community and roots music - from the Americas, to the Caribbean and Africa. Having emerged from the artist/activist community of East Los Angeles in 1994, Quinto Sol is roots-reggae at its core, woven seamlessly with Latin rhythms like cumbia, rumba, and son. Quinto Sol is a collective of musicians, inspired to use music as a tool for awareness of socio-political and economic issues facing their community.

RitchieValens.com- official Ritchie Valens website, authorized and developed by Ritchie's family, Bob, Connie, Irma and Mario.

RogerConnelly.net- website of blues artist Roger Connelly.  I worked with Roger in a band in the late 70s.  He recorded one of my songs, a blues shuffle called "You Gotta Thank the Black Man" on his 1996 CD "No Stranger To Bad Weather."

RosieandtheOriginals.com- website of Rosie and the Originals.  Rosie Hamlin is a pioneering Chicana singer, who's vocal on "Angel Baby" is a timeless classic.

SamtheSham- website about Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs.  Sam the Sham is Sam Samudio, who had major hits with "Wooly Bully" and "Little Red Riding Hood" in the 60s with Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs.

SatisfactionBand.com- website of East L.A. band, Satisfaction.  They're an excellent band who play a variety of styles, including top 40, r&b, Latin rock, rock & roll, ballads, cumbias and corridos, at various events around the Greater Los Angeles area.

Suenosband.com- official website of the Sacramento-based Chicano soul band first formed in 1979.  They have several CDs out in English and Spanish featuring their music, which has elements of r&b, funk, and Latin.  They're most known for their ballads such as "Baby, I Love You," "Oh, Little Girl," and "Hollywood Girl."

SunnyOzuna.com- official website of Chicano music pioneer Sunny Ozuna and his legendary band Sunny & the Sunliners.

Sweetwaterband.com- official website of the band Sweetwater, who recorded for Warner/Reprise Records from 1968 to 1972 and performed at the original Woodstock festival in 1969.  Bassist Fred Herrera, a Chicano from Los Angeles, is a founding member of the band as is Alex Del Zoppo, a keyboardist who sat in with my band Tango at our 2009 reunion.

TeiraDoom.com- website of singer/songwriter Teira Doom.  Teira is a very talented musical artist, who also writes an informative monthly newsletter called Real School People, which you can access from her site.  Teira has included a couple of my articles in her newsletter, which she describes in this way: Real School is a demographic, a movement and a community... It's musicians from back in the day who make music and the people who love to listen. It's the music events and media that shaped our world: from Motown to the moon.

Texmaniacs.com- official website of Max Baca's band, Los Texmaniacs.  Their music is Tex Mex and conjunto with some Texas rock, blues, and r&b in the mix.  Max has worked with The Texas Tornados, The Rolling Stones, Flaco Jimenez, and many others. Max played with Flaco in Paris, France in 1998 on the bill my dad and I and although he's known as a master of the bajo sexto, he played drums with us on part of our show and did a great job.

TheAceBand.com- website of 60s East L.A. band, Ace.  The band is still together to this day.

TheAmbertones- webpage on a website called garagehangover.com, which has info, photos, and record label scans relating to the popular 60s East L.A. band, The Ambertones.

TheGrooveBand.biz- website of East L.A. seven-piece horn-driven Top 40/Latin band, The Groove Band.  Members include Eastside Sound veteran guitarist Ron Reyes, Robert Medina on drums, and Al Trainor on bass.

TimWiedenkeller.com- website of singer/songwriter/musician Tim Wiedenkeller.  Tim, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, is a world-class performer on guitar, banjo, and mandolin, in addition to being an excellent singer/songwriter.  I sang on his upcoming CD on several tracks, including a great song about Tucson's Barrio Viejo, where my dad was born and raised, called "The New Old Pueblo."

VuduCafe.com- website of a great band from Texas, led by Jesse Flores.  Jesse's a great singer and the band, with whom he also plays guitar, is first rate as are the quality of their songs.  Their first two albums were in Spanish, however their latest CD, "Revelation," is bilingual but mostly in English.

Record Companies

ArhoolieRecords- website for Arhoolie Records.  Founded in 1960 by Chris Strachwitz, this label has released countless albums representing blues, gospel, Tejano, Mexican, Cajun zydeco, old time country, jazz, and world music.  This is the label that released "Pachuco Boogie, Featuring Don Tosti" and many other Latino CDs by artists such as Freddy Fender, Lydia Mendoza, Flaco Jimenez and many others.

Barrio Gold Records- website of Shin Miyata's record company, which has reissued many classic recordings by Chicano artists in Japan.

Del-Fi Records- website with info on Bob Keane's Del-Fi Records, the label that released recordings by Ritchie Valens, Chan Romero, the Romancers, and Ronnie & the Pomona Casuals.

DionysusRecords.com- website for Dionysus Records, which reissued my teenage band Mark & the Escorts 1965 recordings originally on Crescendo Records.  To order the compilation CD, "Eastside Sound, Volume 2, Featuring Mark & the Escorts," which has cuts by other Eastside bands such as the Blendells and the Premiers.  Go to the site, click on Bacchus Archives, then click on "60s Garage/Psych & More," and scroll down to the CD.

GnpCrescendo.com- website of GNP Crescendo Records, who have released several Malo cds, as well as CDs by Azteca and other Latin artists.

Music for Little People- website for Music for Little People, the children's label that released the Grammy-nominated CD "Papa's Dream," by Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero.

RounderRecords- website of Rounder Records.  East L.A.'s roots band, The Blazers, have four albums available on this label.

ThumpRecords.com- website for Thump Records, the label that releases CDs of artists such as, Tierra, El Chicano, and Thee Midniters.

Vampisoul.com- website for Vampisoul Records based in Spain.  They've reissued Eastside Sound artists such as the Village Callers "Live" as well the "Land of a Thousand Dances Anthology" by  Cannibal & the Headhunters.  They also have a large catalogue of Latin and Latin jazz artists.

VareseSarabandeRecords- website where you can order, "Eastside Sound, Volumes 1 through 4," which has classic East L.A. sounds of the 60s, featuring artists such as, the Premiers, the Blendells, Cannibal & the Headhunters, the Romancers, El Chicano and more.

Television / Film / Documentaries

DanGuerrero.com- website for my brother, television executive and producer, Dan Guerrero.  He's produced television shows for Paul Rodriguez, Maria Conchita Alonzo, Vikki Carr, and others.

EdwardJamesOlmos.com- official webpage of actor/activist Edward James Olmos.  Eddie sang my dad's "Marijuana Boogie" in the play and movie, "Zoot Suit."

MrDuran.com- website of Richard Duran, who hosts a bi-weekly television show, which airs on Adelphia cable in parts of the L.A. area and worldwide on the internet.  In addition to actors, politicians, and comedians, he's had many Chicano musical artists as guests on his show including Little Willie G. & Thee Midniters, Tierra, Redbone, The Blazers, and many others.  The artists are interviewed and many perform live on the show.

OriginalChicano.com- website for Lalo Guerrero television documentary, "Lalo Guerrero:  The Original Chicano."  Produced by Nancy De Los Santos and my brother, Dan Guerrero.

TheLastConquistador.com- website of filmmakers John J. Valadez and Cristina Ibarra.  Valadez is currently writing and directing the third hour of a four hour prime time PBS series Latin Music USA WGBH/PBS and the BBC.

Voces.tv- website of the Voces documentary series airing on PBS.  "Voces" is described as, "a journey DEEP in the HEART and SOUL of LATINO CULTURE."  A documentary on my father called "Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" is a part of this series.  For more info on the documentary, go to my "related documentaries" page.

Wilkman.com- website of Wilkman Productions.  Jon and Nancy Wilkman are working on a television documentary called "Chicano Rock!," a documentary about the history of Chicano rock 'n' roll, inspired by the book "Land of a Thousand Dances" by Tom Waldman and David Reyes.  It features interviews with many of the artists featured on my website.  "Chicano Rock!" is a great documentary in progress which also features some amazing archival footage of pioneer Chicano rock artists.

Rock & Roll Made In Mexico- my space page for Canned Heat drummer Fito de La Parra's excellent documentary on the history of rock & roll in Mexico.


Homeboy Industries- website of Father Greg Boyle's organization that assists at-risk and formerly gang-involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society through job placement, training and education.  Father Boyle has been doing great work giving hope to former gang members for 20 years, beginning in East Los Angeles.  Their headquarters are not in downtown Los Angeles.  Visit this website and donate whatever you can to this great cause. 

PlazadelaRaza.org- a private non-profit organization that provides year round programs in arts education and serves as an art center and school of performing and visual arts.

Rytmo.org- Project RYTMO is a project founded in 2003 by CLAMA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving youth who desire a career in music.  Located in Anaheim, CA, it's designed to provide a positive, creative and professional environment for underserved youth who demonstrate musical, technical and/or business potential in the arts.

Self-Help Graphics- a Chicano community-based visual arts center located in East Los Angeles.

ElTeatroCampesino.com- official website of the legendary Chicano theater group, El Teatro Campesino, founded by Luis Valdez.  The video "La Pastorela," in which my dad plays a small role, and related books and cds are available on the "tiendita" page. 

UFW.org- website for the United Farm Workers, the labor organization founded by Cesar Chavez.


Chicano-Magazine.com- website of Orange County's #1 Chicano magazine.  The magazine has lots of photos and information on Chicano music and musicians, particularly Eastside sound artists.

JoeOrtiz & Associates- website of broadcaster, journalist, author, educator, civil servant, community activist, and public relations man, Joe Ortiz.  Joe had a radio show called "Impact" on KLOS in Los Angeles in 1972 on which I was a guest, along with Tierra, Yaqui, and other artists.  He also had a television show on CBS-TV in Los Angeles the same year on which I was a guest. 

JohnByrnesPublicRelations.com- website of publicist John Byrnes.  John has been a successful agent and publicist since the 60s in Hollywood.  John is the longtime publicist for Trini Lopez.

LatinoLA.com- website featuring Latino culture, arts, and entertainment in Los Angeles.

NetworkAztlan.com- website an independent media provider of contemporary art, activism, and news- an internet nexus to the people in safeguarding its intellectual properties of Chicano life to its sociopolitical and cultural thought, activity, and artistry.

RamiroBurr.com- Chicano news website with an emphasis on Tejano music.


CultureClash.com- official website of the premiere Latino/Chicano comedy troup.  Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, and Herbert Siguenza are not only extremely funny, but much of their work has social relevance and some of their comedy makes a serious point, much like my dad, Lalo Guerrero, did with many of his parodies and comic songs such as "No Chicanos On TV."

JoeyMedina.com- website of comedian Joey Medina.  He's a former professional boxer and one of the Latin Kings of Comedy, along with Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, George Lopez, and Alex Reymundo.

PaulRodriguez.com- website of comedian Paul Rodriguez.  My dad was co-host of the Paul Rodriguez television show in the 90s and my brother Dan was co-producer.


CarlosAlmaraz- website of the late great artist, Carlos Almaraz.  Carlos was arguably the greatest Chicano artist of all time.  He was a personal friend I was blessed to have known.  A documentary on his life is in the works.  Read about it on the site.  His brother Ricky was lead singer in my first band, Mark & the Escorts, in 1964.

Magulandia.com-  website of the late great artist, Gilbert "Magu" Lujan.  Magu was a member of the legendary art group Los Four in the early '70s.

BaviGarcia- my space page of Bay Area artist/photographer, Bavi Garcia.

EastLosStreetScapers.com- websites of East L.A. artists/muralist Wayne Healy and the East Los Streetscapers, an artists duo of which he is a member with his fellow artist David Botello.

JamesDeloye.com- website of extraordinary artist James De Loye.  James grew up in East L.A. in the 50s and 60s, graduating from Garfield High School with me in 1967.  He has both traditional and fine art available in many media, including signed prints.

HarryGamboaJr.com- website of artist, Harry Gamboa Jr.  The art of Harry Gamboa Jr. encompasses photography, video, performance, installation, essays, fiction, poetry, and lesser known forms of his own creation.  Working in the tradition of Bertolt Brecht and Samuel Becket, Gamboa has pioneered multimedia formats for nearly three decades.

JuditheHernandez- website of Los Angeles artist Judithe Hernandez, whose career began in Los Angeles during the socially and politically turbulent 1960's as one of the artists in the vanguard of the Chicano art and Los Angeles mural movements.

PatssiValdez.com- website of the pre-eminent Chicana artist, Patssi Valdez.  Patssi did the artwork for the "Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano" CD/DVD and the CD "Canto" by Los Super Seven.  She was also a member of the seminal performance art group ASCO in the 70s.


AmericanSabor.org- Official website of the exhibit, "American Sabor: Latinos In U.S. Popular Music."  This exhibit began at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, Washington and subsequently travelled to New York, Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix and other cities before a run at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.  It has since travelled to Kansas City and other cities.  It's next run will be at Cal State Los Angeles this November (2013). 

ArteAmericas.Blogspot.com- website of Fresno, California's Chicano cultural center.  "Arte Americas is a cultural arts and education center, concert venue, and gallery space with a mission to create a flourishing place for Latino arts in the San Joaquin Valley."

AzMusicHallofFame.org- Official website of the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Lalo Guerrero was posthumously inducted on April 17, 2005.   

BrownPlanet.com- Musica Latina website.  You can add your favorite Latin music artists, videos, pictures, and everything else Latin Music related.

BrownPride.com- website with information on Chicano culture, arts, and entertainment.  They've got a Latin Rock page that has links to many Chicano artists.

CEMA- website of the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  The archives of several Chicano musical artists, including Lalo Guerrero and Don Tosti, reside in this archive.  The link set to go straight to my dad's (Lalo Guerrero's) webpage at CEMA.  My brother Dan and I also have archives at CEMA.

ChicanoMusicChronicles.com- website with more information on my internet radio show, the "Chicano Music Chronicles" on crnlive.com.

EastLARevue.com- website of promoter and East L.A. Chicano music boosters, Steven and Janie Chavez.  It spotlights upcoming shows involving Eastside musical artists and has various CDs, books and photos for sale.

Experience Music Project (EMP)- website of the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, Washington.  EMP created the "American Sabor:  Latinos In U.S. Popular Music" exhibit that contains a section on Chicano music in Los Angeles for which I was a consultant.

GarageBands- website page devoted to some '60s hit bands that started as garage bands including The Kinks, the Ramones, The Velvet Underground, The Kingsmen, Paul Revere & the Raiders.  All of East L.A.s bands of the 1960s and beyond also started as garage bands.

Gaytino.com- official website of my brother Dan's one man show, "Gaytino."  The solo piece is driven by Dan's lifelong friendship with the late Chicano artist Carlos Almaraz and by our father, Chicano music legend, Lalo Guerrero.  The 90 minute performance travels through decades of Mexican-American history and the gay experience from a unique and personal perspective.

InLakEch.net- website of In Lak Ech, a performance poetry collective of Xicana multi-media artists, writers, students, and organizers uniting to tell Her-story through poetry.  Based in Los Angeles, the six woman group have been performing spoken word, singing songs, and telling herstory from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas.

KarlSandoval.com- website of guitar maker Karl Sandoval.  Karl's has built custom guitars for the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and ZZ Top.

MeetTheAvilas.com- official website of the Avilas, father Bobby Sr. and his two Grammy Award winning sons, Bobby Ross and IZ.  Bobby Sr. grew up in East L.A. and played in a number of bands.  His sons have recorded their own records and produced artists such as Usher and Chaka Kahn.

NuestraFamiliaUnida.com- website started by Joseph Puentes to preserve our indigenous oral and audio history in the form of music, poetry, and stories.  Two of my songs are on the site, "The Days of the Dons" and "Eldorado."

RanchoMirageMusicPeople.com- website for the recording studio of Leon Beckon, located in Rancho Mirage, California (in the Palm Springs area).  Leon is a former drummer and a recording engineer, who has engineered for Leon Russell and recorded albums for Trini Lopez and many other rock and jazz artists.

UltimateSantana.com- a comprehensive website of all things Santana.

You Found That East L.A. Blogspot- Guy Aversa's "Eastside Sound" blogspot, which has a ton of rare record label scans and information on many East L.A. bands and vocal groups of the 1960s.

Radio Stations and Shows

ChicanoExpress.com- on line radio show of D.J. Crazy Chuy Hernandez, "The Godfather of Tejano Soul."

crnlive.com- website of Chicano Radio Network which broadcast 24/7 on line.  Some of its shows are also broadcast on an fm radio network.  CRN plays an eclectic mix of Chicano music.  One show called "The Boulevard" plays Chicano oldies and old school.  For that show go to their website and click on "Studio A."  "Studio B" is dedicated to rap and hip hop music.  This is also the home of my new radio show "Chicano Music Chronicles," which is on every Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Sundays at 10:00 a.m., pacific time, in Studio A.

DubLab.com- internet radio station that plays a variety of music.  They have an awareness of Chicano music and the music of East Los Angeles in the 1960s and beyond.  Jimmy Espinoza of Thee Midniters has been a guest and I did a two hour show on the "Eastside Sound" of the '60s in East L.A.

EastLaRevue.com- on line radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, featuring Frankie Firme's "The Second Time Around Show."  Frankie plays classic cruising Oldies but Goodies, along with Chicano and Eastside Sound music.  Djs Crazy "Chuy" Hernandez, Eric "Chico" Manqueros, and "Musical Routes in Rhythm & Blues" hosted by Tom Morin can also be heard at this site.   

hot103fm- KHQT-FM radio in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  "On a Sunday Afternoon" with host Henry G, 12 to 5 p.m. on Sundays.  Click on hot103fm link to hear the show.  Click here to visit the station's website.

kbcs.fm- "Musica de la Raza - Aztlán to El Barrio," Host- Patty Fong, Saturdays, 5:00- 7:00 a.m., 91.3 FM KBCS, Bellevue, Seattle, WA, streamin' live on-line.

kcbx.org- "Casa Babylon," Host- Pedro Arroyo, Mondays, 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., NPR  (national public radio) 90.1 FM KCBX- San Luis Obispo, 89.5- Santa Barbara, 90.9 Santa Ynez Valley, Avila Beach, and Cambria, 91.1- Cayucos.

kucr.org- "Radio Aztlán" - Friday nights from the campus of the University of California at Riverside.  Schedule - Brown Sounds with DJ Tripp 6:30- 7:00 - Tex Mex with El Guapo Loco 7:00- 9:00 p.m.- Mr. Blue Rolas de Aztlán 9:00- 11:00 p.m.- Cruisin' Through Midnight with El Beto Man 11:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m.- Dreaming Casually Soulful 70s with Angel Baby 2:00- 5:00 a.m.- Las Madragadoras with Paloma & Manna 5:00- 6:00 a.m.  Once on the webpage, go to the red area on Friday to find shows.

kunm.org"Raices" hosted by Adam Aguirre and various members of Raices collective, Latin-American music, Mondays 7 to 10 p.m and Saturdays 2 to 5 p.m.; "Route 66" hosted by Adam Aguirre, oldies, Saturdays 8 to 10:30 p.m.

kxci.org- Wednesdays- "Onda Suave" 8 to 10 p.m., host- Ernesto Portillo, "Sabor del Barrio" 6 to 8 p.m., hosts Javier & Pepe," and "La Serenata" 10 to midnight, hosts- Justin Enriquez & Bob Diaz, 91.3 FM KXCI, Tucson, Arizona, live on-line.

wpmd.org - "Steve Propes 45's Show," host Steve Propes, Saturday 9 to 11 a.m., Cerritos, California, A celebration of the 45 rpm record, rhythm & blues, soul and doo wop, surf, rockabilly, garage, low rider, girl groups, gospel, rare cuts, and on occasion even the hits.

XispawithTita- on crnlive.com- "Xispa With Tita" with host Ariana Gallegos.  Bilingual show specializing in Chicano and Latino Punk Rock, Ska, and Reggae roots music.

Contact me at: info@markguerrero.com

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P.O. Box 776
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