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Media Clippings

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Mark & the Escorts (1964)

Thursday August 13, 1964- East Los Angeles



Local East L.A. newspaper



Men From S.O.U.N.D.- (1966-68)


October 7, 1966- Cantwell High School- Montebello, CA






Mark Guerrero (1971-72)

     Below is the right 1/3 of an article that was entitled "Pop Music:  Stones Form Own Label," which appeared in the now defunct Los Angeles Herald Examiner on Friday, April 9, 1971.  In paragraph one above, my signing with Lou Adler's Ode Records is announced.



     Below is the left 1/2 of an article entitled "Chicano Rock on Bill at Cal State L.A.," which appeared in the L.A. Times on Saturday September, 16, 1972.  The lineup of the concert included Tierra, El Chicano, Elijah, Carmen Moreno, and Mark Guerrero with The Mudd Brothers (later to be named Tango).




      Below is the part of the article about the then upcoming "Feria de la Raza" concert at Cal State L.A., which appeared in the Monterey Park Californian on Saturday, September 16, 1972.








Mark Guerrero (1972)


July 22, 1972




November 9, 1972




October 5, 1972




October 14, 1972



Tango (1974)

Reviews of Tango at the Roxy




January 19, 1974




January 2, 1974




January 5, 1974




Tango ad in March 2, 1974 Cash Box Magazine

The above was part of a six album ad under the heading "New A&M Records."  Other albums in the ad were by Peter Frampton, Humble Pie (without Peter),
Toots and Svend, Roger Kellaway, and Esperanto.


Mark Guerrero (1980)

Lalo & Mark (1984)


Review of Television Show
"L.A.- An Artist's View"

Hollywood Reporter
September 3, 1980









Mark Guerrero (1989-92)

The New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sunday, June 18, 1989

     In the second to last paragraph above, it says my "On the Boulevard" album "features the popular Herb Alpert number Noche de Amor.  This was not correct.  I had told the writer that Herb Alpert had recorded my song "Pre-Columbian Dream" on his "Noche de Amor" album.  The writer, the late Jackie McCartey, was a very personable, charismatic, and great woman.  In addition to being a writer, she was an excellent singer/guitarist who sang both in English and Spanish.



February 18, 1990




August 8, 1992



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