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Lalo Guerrero Gallery


Los Carlistas (1936)

(top left to right- Soledad "Chole" Salaz, Lalo Guerrero, and Gregorio "Goyo" Escalante) (seated- Joe "Yuca" Salaz)


Los Carlistas (1936)

(top left to right- Joe "Yuca" Salaz, Lalo Guerrero, Gregorio "Goyo" Escalante) (seated- Soledad "Chole" Salaz)


Los Carlistas (1936)

(left to right- Soledad "Chole" Salaz, Gregorio "Goyo" Escalante, Lalo Guerrero, and Joe "Yuca" Salaz)


Lalo & Goyo
(Tucson, Arizona- mid 1930's)


Trio Imperial (c. 1946)

(left to right- Jose Coria, Lalo Guerrero, and Mario Sanchez)


Trio Imperial (c. 1948)
(Mayflower Club)

(Jose Coria, Lalo Guerrero, and Mario Sanchez)


Lalo Guerrero (c. 1948)


Lalo Guerrero c. 1949


Lalo Guerrero c. 1950


Lalo Guerrero y Sus Cinco Lobos (late 40s-early 50s)
left to right- Pete Alcaraz, Lalo Guerrero, Frank Quijada, Nacho Barranco, Tino Isgrow, and David Lopez


Lalo and his band on the road (mid 50s)

(standing left to right- Bill Castagnino, unidentified, Bill Trujillo, and Frank Quijada) (front- Al Leon, and Lalo Guerrero)


Lalo and his band in the studio (mid-50s)

(foreground left- Lenny Niehaus, behind Lenny- Bill Trujillo, behind Bill- Frank Quijada, left to right from there- Lalo Guerrero, Al Leon, unidentified, and Bill Castagnino)


Lalo Guerrero y Su Orquesta (1960s)

(left to right- Lalo Guerrero, Pete Alcaraz, Mike Sanchez, Chuck Lechuga, Ernie Molina, Bart Calderall, Rudy Gallardo, and Tony Facciutto)


Flyer for Discos Real Artists

(In the mid-50s, my dad and his partner Manuel Acuña owned Discos Real)


Lalo's night club (c. 1962- 1972)

(note: Lalo and Margaret, my mom and dad, behind the bar in the center photo and Lalo and his band on the bandstand in the bottom photo)



Matchbook from Lalo Guerrero's Club (c. 1960)

(Before buying his nightclub outright in 1962, he co-owned it with a partner.  During that short period, it was called "Lalo Guerrero's Club."


EMI Capitol (Mexico) publicity card (c. 1970)


Lalo with Conrad Lozano & David Hidalgo of Los Lobos (1981)


Lalo & Mark Guerrero (1985)

(Southwest Museum- Highland Park)


Lalo Guerrero and Don Tosti (c. 1985)

(Lalo and Don were competitors, but had a mutual respect.)


Lalo & Dolores Huerta (c. 1990)

(singing his "Corrido de Dolores Huerta" to her at UCLA)


Lalo Guerrero, Jose Feliciano & Paul Rodriguez

(backstage at "El Show de Paul Rodriguez," early 90s)


California Department of Agriculture campaign (mid 90s)


Dan, Lalo & Mark Guerrero (1997)

(Days after Lalo was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton)


Lalo with Louie Perez and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos (late 90s)


Skip Heller, Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero, unidentified (2002)

(Japanese-American Museum, Los Angeles, CA)


Lalo's final bow at last performance (2004)

(Tucson, Arizona)


L.A. Weekly

(by Lalo Alcaraz)


L.A. Times

(by Lalo Alcaraz)


L.A. Times

(by Lalo Alcaraz)


Lalo Guerrero altar on display at Arte America in Fresno, CA
(October/November 2005)


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