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Las Casuelas Terraza (1987-2009)

Performed as singer/guitarist as a solo, and as part of duos and trios from 1987-1998.  Band leader of Hot Rox 1998-2009.  Music Director 1993-2009.

Las Casuelas Terraza
Palm Springs, California


Performed with my cover band "Hot Rox" performed Wednesday through Sunday nights year-round at Las Casuelas Terraza Restaurant in Palm Springs, California from 1998-2009. 

Hot Rox 2006

(back row, left to right-
Rick Cowling, Ed Genovese, and Mark Warila)
(front center- Mark Guerrero)


Las CasuelasTerraza Restaurant 
222 S. Palm Canyon Drive
Downtown Palm Springs, California

     Classic rock from the '50s to the present, plus reggae, blues, country, and Latin in our tropical outdoor nightclub, the Mexicantina.  Las Casuelas Terraza was voted to have the "best live music" in the Coachella Valley in Desert Magazine's "Best of the Valley" issues 2008 and 2009, Mark's last year there.

Hot Rox decked out for Halloween '98

(left to right- Mark Lynn, Tim Gross, Mark Guerrero, Bobby Dominguez, and Rick Cowling)

Chicano and "Eastside Sound" Guest Musicians

     Over the years many singers and musicians, who are featured on my website jammed with my band, Hot Rox at Las Casuelas Terraza.  They include Chan Romero, Jerry Salas (former and once again lead vocalist for El Chicano), Bobby Navarrete (sax and flute player, formerly of Tierra), Dale Villavicencio (percussionist for Tierra), John DeLuna (original drummer of El Chicano), Roy Murray (original brass man for Malo), Ronnie Reyes (formerly of Thee Impalas and Yaqui), Manuel Valdez (lead guitarist of Los Illegals), Mario Panaqua (guitarist, formerly of The Jaguars), Cannibal & the Headhunters (featuring two original members Robert "Rabbit" Jaramillo and Richard "Scar" Lopez, and new members Gregory Esparza and Cesar Lemus), Andy Tesso (guitarist, formerly of The Romancers), Robert Zapata (drummer for Redbone and the Cannibal & the Headhunters Band), George Ochoa (singer, formerly of the Slauson Brothers, The Men From S.O.U.N.D., Yaqui, and Cannibal & the Headhunters), and Lalo Guerrero.

     Visitors have included Trini Lopez, Chris Montez, Steve Salas (lead vocalist of Tierra), Carmencristina Moreno, Willie Herron and Jesus Velo (of Los Illegals), Tony Valdez (formerly of Los Illegals), Little Willie G, Fred Sanchez (leader and original bassist of El Chicano), Rosella Arvisu (of The Sisters), Max Uballez and Albert "Bobby" Hernandez (formerly of The Romancers), Albert Martinez (formerly of The Desires), Ernie Hernandez and John Valenzuela (formerly of Tango), Geree (formerly of the Village Callers, Chico, and El Chicano), and Don Tosti.

Guest Artists at Las Casuelas Terraza


Chan Romero (2006)

(left to right- Rick Cowling, Brian Pim, Chan Romero, and Mark Guerrero)


Trini Lopez, Mark Guerrero & Jerry Salas (2005)


Jerry Salas & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(Jerry is the former and once again lead singer for El Chicano)


Mark Guerrero & Roy Murray (2005)

(Roy Murray is a founding member of Malo and the trumpet soloist on their classic hit "Suavecito.")


Rick Cowling, Bobby Navarrete, Mark Guerrero & Ed Genovese (2008)

(Bobby Navarrete was a member of Tierra during the period when they had their national hit "Together" and now plays often with Thee Midniters.)


Hot Rox & Joey Covington on drums (2007)

(Joey played with the Jefferson Airplane, Starship and Hot Tuna)


Mark Warila, Ed Genovese, Mark Guerrero & Robert Zapata (2008)

(Robert Zapata is currently playing drums with Redbone and Cannibal & the Headhunters)

Other Celebrity Visitors

     Other musical artists I've seen or met at Las Casuelas Terraza include Bill Medley, Quincy Jones, Tony Orlando, Gerry Beckley of America, Brian Setzer, Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Dewey Martin (former drummer of Buffalo Springfield), Joey Covington (former drummer of the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna), and Native-American actor/musician/activist, Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, who sang with my band.  From the sports world, former Dodger Steve Garvey, former Lakers coach Phil Jackson, former Dallas Cowboy Don Meredith, and former San Francisco 49er John Brodie have been guests.  Other notables include the late comedian Buddy Hackett, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, and Merv Griffin.

Hot Rox Photo Gallery


Rick Cowling, Mark Warila, and Mark Guerrero (1996)
(Pre- Hot Rox)


Hot Rox (c. 2000)

(front, left to right- Tim Gross and Bobby Dominguez)
(back row, left to right- Mark Warila, Mark Guerrero, and Rick Cowling)


Hot Rox (c. 2002)

(left to right- Mark Guerrero, Tim Jones,
Bobby Dominguez, Mark Warila, and Rick Cowling)


Hot Rox (2003)

(front- Mark Guerrero and Rick Cowling)
(top row, left to right- Bobby Dominguez, Mark Warila, and Shari Evaro)


Hot Rox (2004)

(left to right- Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Mark Warila, and Rick Cowling)


Hot Rox (2004)

(left to right- Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Mark Warila, and Rick Cowling)


Hot Rox "Live" (2007)

(left to right- Mark Warila, Rick Cowling, Ed Genovese, and Mark Guerrero)


Hot Rox Halloween '07

(left to right- Rick Cowling, Mark Warila, Ed Genovese, and Mark Guerrero)


Hot Rox (2007)

(left to right- Rick Cowling, Ed Genovese, Mark Guerrero, and Mark Warila)


Hot Rox CD Sleeve


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