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El Chicano Album Covers


El Chicano "Viva Tirado" (1970)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "Revolución" (1971)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "Celebration" (1972)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "El Chicano" (1973)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "Cinco" (1974)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "The Best of Everything" (1975)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "Pyramid of Love and Friends" (1976)
(MCA Records)


El Chicano "This Is El Chicano" (1976)
(Shady Brooke Records)


Evergreen Blues "This Is El Chicano"
(Varese Sarabande)

(Reissue of 1976 album on Shady Brook Records)


"Chicano Chant"
(a best of compilation on MCA Records)


"Viva El Chicano- Their Very Best" (1988)
(MVA Records)


"Painting the Moment" (1998)
(Thump Records)


"The Best of El Chicano" (2004)
(Geffen Records)

Tierra Album Covers

Tierra "Tierra" (1972)
(20th Century Records)


Tierra "Stranded" (1973)
(Salsoul Records)


"City Nights" (1980)
(ASI Records)


 "City Nights" (1980)
(Boardwalk Records)


"Together Again" (1981)
(Boardwalk Records)


"I Want You Back" 12 inch single (1987)

(Satellite Records)


"A New Beginning" (1989)
(Fiesta Records)


"Tonight" (1993)
(Thump Records)


"Street Corner Gold" (1995)
(Thump Records)


 "Two Worlds - Dos Mundos" (2001)
Thump Records)


"Welcome To Cafe East L.A." (2005)
(Thump Records)

Evergreen Blues / Elijah

Evergreen Blues "Comin' On" (1967)
(Mercury Records)

(The Evergreen Blues were one of the first East L.A. bands to score a major record deal.  They changed their name to Elijah in 1972.)


Elijah "Elijah" (1972)
(United Artists Records)


Elijah "Elijah Fanfares" (1973)
(Sounds of the South Records)

Hirth Martinez


Hirth Martinez "Big Bright Street" (1977)
(Warner Brothers Records)

Geri Logan aka Geri Gonzalez

Geri Logan "Come and Get It" (c. 1978)
(MCA Records)

 Zoot Suit Soundtrack

"Zoot Suit" Soundtrack (1981)
(MCA Records)

Los Illegals

Los Illegals "Internal Exile" (1983)
(A&M Records)


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