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Lalo & Mark

My Musical History with My Father

by MarkGuerrero

     In the 1960s, as a teenager I played on many of my dad's records, usually with my bands, Mark & the Escorts and Nineteen Eighty Four.  Some highlights were a rocker called "Los Grenudos," his 60s remake of "Pancho Claus," and his big hit "La Minifalda de Reynalda," on which I played lead guitar on a 12-string Rickenbaker.  Mark & the Escorts also played some out of town gigs opening for my dad's orchestra in the early 60s.  In our early teens, we traveled with him and his band and played in Indio, Bakersfield, Stockton, and San Jose, California, as well as Yuma, Chandler, and Tucson, Arizona.  In the 70s and 80s, I put bands together to back him on many of his children's records, "Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero."  I also wrote the music to eleven of those recordings, with my dad writing the Spanish lyric.  I would also sometimes be one of the Ardillita singing voices.  Many of the vocal sessions took place in Mexico City so my dad and I had some great times recording and hanging out down there in the early 80s.  On the songwriting front, he also wrote a full Spanish lyric to my song "On the Boulevard."  We also wrote a beautiful ballad together called "Receta de Amor," on which I wrote the music and he the lyric.  In 1981, during the Fernando Valenzuela phenomenon, my dad recorded a single containing two songs about the Dodger pitcher, who had brought such pride to the Latino community in Southern California.  I wrote one of the songs, "Fernando, El Toro," my dad wrote the other, "Ole Fernando."  The record sold at Dodger Stadium at the concession stands.  In 2001, both songs were included on an ESPN television show called "Fernandomania," on which my dad and I were also interviewed about Fernando.  The songs were later sent to the baseball hall of fame.  My dad and I did numerous other television and radio shows together, mostly local shows in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

     Other than a handful of "live" shows we did together in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, it never occurred to us to create a show and perform together with a band.  It wasn't until my dad was offered an opportunity to play in Paris, France in 1998, that he thought to ask me to lead a small group to perform with him.  That group consisted of yours truly on lead guitar, a guitarrón player, and a drummer.  I also sang a couple of my songs on the show.  The show in Paris was a big hit so when we returned home  we kept it going.  Our next opportunity was to perform at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for which the band grew to to six pieces.  I eventually came up with the name "The Second Generation Band" because its members were of my generation, which is second generation Mexican-American, my dad being first generation with his parents having been born in Mexico.  The one exception was Alex Armstrong, who is of my generation, but of Scottish, not Mexican descent.  Lalo Guerrero with Mark Guerrero & the Second Generation Band played eleven shows in the period between 1998 and 2000.  After 2000, I formed my own band called Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán.  On several occasions we did shows on the bill with my dad on which we would back him.

Recordings I Did with My Father

Colonial Records (1964-1968)

El Rock De Las Ardillitas"- electric guitar with my band Mark & the Escorts
"Señora Gonzalez"- bass
"La Minifalda de Reynalda"- 12 string Rickenbaker electric guitar with Mark & the Escorts
"Felipe El Hippie"- electric lead guitar with Mark & the Escorts
"El Greñudo"- electric guitar with Mark & the Escorts
"Guitarzan"- electric guitar/vocals with Nineteen Eighty Four

L&M Records
(c. 1968)

"Mario From the Barrio"- electric guitar
"Tacos For Two" (60s version)- electric guitar

Cap Latino (1969)

"Pancho Claus"- electric guitar with Nineteen Eighty Four
"The Burrito"- electric guitar with Nineteen Eighty Four
"El Tex Mex"- electric guitar with Nineteen Eighty Four

Ambiente Records (1981-1982)

Elvis Perez"- electric guitar/bass
"Fernando, El Toro"- wrote song

EMI Records (Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero) (1979-1991)

From the L.P. “La Discoteque de Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero” (1979)

"Gasolina"- electric guitar
"Disco Jalisco"- electric guitar
"Fierbre de Lunes"- electric guitar

From the L.P. "Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero" (1981)

"Azotalo (El Latigo)" ("Whip It")- bass
"La Marea Esta Alta" ("The Tide Is High")- bass
"Mi Perrito"- two electric guitar parts
"Vamos a Silbar"- two electric guitar parts

From the L.P. “Country Al Estilo De Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero” (1982)

"El Pizarrón"- bass/piano
"Soy Un Cowboy"- bass/piano
"Lulubelle"- arrangement, bass/piano
"El Vaquero Urbano"- arrangement, bass/acoustic guitar
"El Paso"- arrangement, bass/acoustic guitar
"El Tex Mex"- arrangement, bass/piano
"Gringo" ("Ringo")- arrangement, bass

From the L.P. "20 Exitos Navideños de Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero (1981)

"E.T. El Extraterrestre"- wrote music, bass/electric piano

From the L.P. "Panfilo El Rey Del Rock" (1983)

"Panfilo, El Rey Del Rock"- wrote music, bass
"Juegos de Video"- wrote music, bass/piano
"Rocanroleando En Mexico"- wrote music, bass
"Ejercicios Aerobicos"- wrote music, bass/piano

From the L.P. “Aleluya! Es Navidad” (1984
"Queremos Rock Para Navidad"- wrote music, bass
"Super Santo Clos"- wrote music, bass
"La Computadora (de Santo Clos)", wrote music, bass
"El Niño Jesus"- wrote music, bass/lead guitar
From the L.P. “Mensajes y Locuras” (1991)
"Panfilo El Catrin"- wrote music
"El Sapo"- wrote music

Self Released

No Chicanos On TV"- bass
"Mexican Mamas (Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Busboys)"- bass
"Mr. Jackson" ("Mr. Sandman")- bass/keyboard
"Battle Hymn of the Chicano"- bass

Songs I co-wrote with My Father
(Mark Guerrero music/ Lalo Spanish lyric)

En el Bulevar
Receta de Amor
Quiereme Nomas a Mi
Amor Joven
No Hay Nadie Como El Rock & Roll
Amor Desparejo
El Camion Oloroso

For Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero

E.T. El Extraterrestre
Panfilo, El Rey Del Rock
Juegos de Video
Ejercicios Aerobicos
Rocanroleando En Mexico
Queremos Rock Para Navidad
Super Santo Clos
La Computadora (de Santo Clos)
El Niño Jesus
Panfilo El Catrin
El Sapo

Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero You Tube Video

     My second cousin, Denny Guerrero of Mexico City, created a video, which is a collage of photos and images from our time recording Las Ardillitas de Lalo Guerrero sessions at EMI studios in Mexico City in the early eighties.  Denny sometimes was the third ardillita (Demetrio), with yours truly being the second (Anacleto), and my dad being the star ardillita (Panfilo).  The song featured in the video is "Rocanroleando En Mexico," a song for which I wrote the music and my dad and I wrote the lyric.

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