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Lalo & Mark

Photo Gallery

Lalo Guerrero
with Mark Guerrero
& the Second Generation Band

The Getty Museum- May 22, 1998

(left to right- Lorenzo Martinez, Juan Chapa, Lalo Guerrero,
Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, and Willie Loya)


The Getty Museum- May 22, 1998

(left to right- Lorenzo Martinez, Lalo Guerrero, Juan Chapa, Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, and Alex Armstrong)


Cal State L.A. (Luckman Auditorium)- August 8, 1998
during daytime rehearsal)

(left to right- Al Lopez, Lorenzo Martinez, Lalo Guerrero,
Mark Guerrero, and Bobby Dominguez)


The Second Generation Band
(backstage at Cerritos College- September 18,1998)

(left to right- Alex Armstrong, Willie Loya, Lorenzo Martinez, Mark Guerrero, Bobby Dominguez, and Al Lopez)


Lalo & Mark

C.Y.O. Hall (East Los Angeles)- May 22, 2001


Miscellaneous Lalo & Mark Photos


Ricardo Montalban, Mark, Tony Curtis, & Lalo (1972)
Belvedere Citizen Newspaper Office in East L.A.

(the boy in the center was the son of Al Diaz, who was the editor of the Belvedere Citizen)


Mark & Lalo (1972)

(Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School- East L.A.)


Lalo & Mark (1976)

(Artesia High School- Artesia, California)


Mark, engineer & Lalo (c. 1982)

(EMI Mexico City)


Mark & Lalo (1985)

(publicity shot for the OTI Festival)


Lalo & Mark (1992)

(singing the national anthem in Palm Springs, CA)


Mark & Lalo (1992)

(Barnsdall Park Theater, Los Angeles)


Lalo & Mark (1996)

(Rancho Mirage, California)


Lalo & Mark (1997)

(Washington D.C.)


Lalo & Mark (1998)

(at the dedication of Avenida Lalo Guerrero in Cathedral, City, California)


Lalo & Mark (1998)

Paris, France at a radio station)


Lalo & Mark (2001)

(at a Billy Cardenas tribute at Mi Hacienda Restaurant in Desert Hot Springs, CA)


Mark, Lalo, and Mark Nichols

(on " The Talking Stick" TV show, June 17, 2004)



Mark & Lalo Last Performance Together
(Ry Cooder seated on right)

(Don Tosti Tribute, Riviera Hotel, Palm Springs, CA- October 3, 2004)


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