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Lalo and Mark Guerrero In Concert

Video Page 1

Lalo & Mark Guerrero at Mural Dedication Concert
Tucson, Arizona
May 1, 1999

     The mural that was being dedicated included one of fourteen panels with an image taken from a photo of my dad (Lalo Guerrero) at age 22 walking down a street in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona with his friend Gregorio "Goyo" Escalante, who played with my dad in Los Carlistas at the time.  The images are about 18 feet high and the process used for the mural was done to last perhaps hundreds of years.  The panels are described as "glazed ceramic tile photographic murals" or "tile canvases."  The title of the mural is ``Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future'' and its located on a wall entering the Broadway underpass in downtown Tucson, Arizona.  The artist and creator of the mural is Stephen Farley.  The concert was Lalo Guerrero with Mark Guerrero & the Second Generation Band, a band I formed to back my dad made up of musicians of my generation, hence second generation.  We formed a year earlier (1998) after the success of my backing my dad at the Cite de la Musique in Paris, France with a three piece band.  We made it a six piece band for our first concert after our return from Paris.  We played the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs, various colleges, and other venues between 1998 and 2000.  Our shows were made up of around eight or nine of my dad's songs and two or three of mine.  Below are performances of two of my dad's songs with him on lead vocal and two of my songs with me on lead vocal at the Tucson Mural Dedication Concert in Tucson on May 1, 1999.

Musicians:  Mark Guerrero (lead vocal, guitar), Lorenzo Martinez (guitarrón),
Bobby Dominguez (drums), Willie Loya (congas), Alex Armstrong (guitar, background vocals),
Steve Alaniz (sax), and Lalo Guerrero (guiro)

Songs performed on videos below:
"Chicas Patas Boogie," "Muy Sabroso Blues," "On the Boulevard," and "Orale!."

Click once in the middle of the video screens or on the play button on the lower left.

"Chicas Patas Boogie"
words by Lalo Guerrero/music by Louis Prima ("Oh Babe")

"Muy Sabroso Blues"
words & music by Lalo Guerrero

"On the Boulevard"

words & music by Mark Guerrero


words & music by Mark Guerrero


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