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Liverpool Photo Gallery

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Lee Curtis with The Clayton Squares

(left to right- Eric Wooley, Bernie Prescott, Bobby Scott, Lee Curtis,
Tommy Nestor, Sam Hardie (sittin' in), and Billy Hardie (out of picture)


Lee Curtis & Mark Guerrero


Ian Edwards and Mark Guerrero

(Ian Edwards from Ian & the Zodiacs)


Mark Guerrero & Geoff Nugent


Mark & Wheels On Fire

(left to right- front, Arty Davies and Phil Ford
back- Frank Hopley, Mark Guerrero, Ritchie Ballard, and George Eccles)


Photos below at BBC Merseyside Studio


Ian Kennedy, Spencer Leigh, and Mark Guerrero


Ian Kennedy & Mark Guerrero


Faron Ruffley & Mark Guerrero


Mark Guerrero & Faron Ruffley


John Lennon's Dovedale Primary School


Mark at Mendips

(John Lennon's childhood home)


Mark at Forthlin Road

(Paul McCartney's childhood home)


Casbah Coffee Club Plaque

(The Casbah is the true birthplace of The Beatles)


Mark Guerrero & Rory Best

(Rory is the brother of the original drummer of The Beatles, Pete Best)


Mark at entrance to Casbah Club


Photos and flyer below at Fort Perch Rock


Fort Perch Rock



Vintage Liverpool Poster

(note: The Beatles are only "The North's Top Group"
and Lee Curtis and Faron are on the bill)


Vintage Liverpool Poster

(note: Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes on the bill)


Kingsize Taylor at Fort Perch Rock

(left to right- Gerry Stewart, Ritchie Ballard (partially hidden), Kingsize Taylor, and Mal Jefferson)


Kingsize & Marga Taylor


Mark at Fort Perch Rock

(left to right-
Frank Hopley, Gerry Steward, Mark Guerrero, and Mal Jefferson)


Geoff Nugent at Fort Perch Rock

(left to right- Gerry Stewart, Ritchie Ballard (partially hidden), Geoff Nugent, and Mal Jefferson)


Fort Perch Rock Group Photo

(left to right- Allan Schroeder, Geoff Nugent, Ritchie Ballard, Arty Davies, Kingsize Taylor, Mark Guerrero, Frank Hopley, and Mal Jefferson)

Vintage Merseybeat Photos

(Photo below courtesy of George Eccles)

The Quiet Ones (early 60s)

(George Eccles of Wheels On Fire second from right)

Flyer below: The Quiet Ones on the bill with The Beatles

(Photos below courtesy of Sam Hardie)

Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes
"live" at The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany (1962)

(left to right- Sam Hardie, John Frankland, Brian Redman, Kingsize Taylor, and Bobby Thomson)


Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes
Star Club publicity photo (1962)

(left to right- Bobby Thomson, Brian Redman, Kingsize Taylor, John Frankland, and Sam Hardie)


Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes
publicity shot (1963)

(left to right- John Frankland, Bobby Thomson,
Kingsize Taylor, Sam Hardie, and Gibson Kemp)


Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes
Berlin (1963)

(clockwise- John Frankland, Sam Hardie, Bobby Thomson, Kingsize Taylor, and Gibson Kemp)


Kingsize Taylor & the Dominoes business card

Click below to hear Mark Guerrero 2006 Liverpool interview

Subject:  George Harrison Music

Host:  Spencer Leigh  Guests:   Ian Kennedy and Mark Guerrero

Part 1- Mark Guerrero 2006 BBC Merseyside Interview (52minutes 19 seconds)

Part 2- Mark Guerrero 2006 BBC Merseyside Interview (56 minutes 49 seconds)

Click here for Mark Guerrero at the Cavern videos

See Mark Guerrero performances of The Beatles' "Back In the U.S.S.R.,"
Mark's "Meet Me On the Other Side,"  Chan Romero's "The Hippy Hippy Shake,"
Louis Jordan's "Let the Good Times Roll," and Larry Williams' "Slow Down."
You can also see Mark's performance of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven" at Fort Perch Rock

Click here to read the story of my first trip to Liverpool in December of 2004


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