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Mark Guerrero Videos - Page 1

Cal State Los Angeles
CSULA State Playhouse
Los Angeles, California
December 7, 2013

     On December 7, 2013 I did a concert at my alma mater, Cal State L.A.  The concert was part of the events surrounding the "American Sabor" exhibit, which was showing at the University.  The concert had an acoustic and an electric set.  The acoustic set consisted of me on acoustic guitar and singing six of my songs, vocally accompanied by Geree Gonzalez on two of them, and Ernie Hernandez and Geree on two others.  Ernie and I then backed Geree on my song "Mihijita."  The electric set was composed of eleven songs; seven of my original songs, three of my father's (Lalo Guerrero), and an instrumental I recorded in 1965 with my teenage band, Mark & the Escorts.  The band I put together for my electric set is listed below:

Musicians (electric set) Mark Guerrero (lead vocal / guitar), Ron Reyes (guitar),
Jimi Seville (keyboard),Louis Ruiz (bass), Manny Lizardo (drums), and Marco Palos (sax)

Vocalists (acoustic set):  Mark Guerrero (lead vocal/guitar),
Geree Gonzalez (backing vocals, lead vocal on "Mihijita"), Ernie Hernandez (backing vocals) 

Video: Tiffany Stearns
Sound processing: Brad Mercer

Songs performed on videos below:
"The Streets of East L.A.," "The Great Mango," and "Los Chucos Suaves," "Oh Maria," "On the Boulevard," "Zoot Suit," "Orale," "Muy Sabroso Blues," Get Your Baby," "Tin Marin De Do Pingue," "I'm Brown," "Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Todd Me)," "Mihijita," and "Viva Dolores."

Electric Set

"The Streets of East L.A." / "The Great Mango"
words & music by Mark Guerrero
"Los Chucos Suaves"
words & music by Lalo Guerrero


"Oh Maria" / "On the Boulevard"
words & music by Mark Guerrero


"Zoot Suit" / "Orale"
words & music by Mark Guerrero
"Muy Sabroso Blues"
words & music by Lalo Guerrero


"Get Your Baby"
music by Thomas-Edwards
"Tin Marin De Do Pingue"
words & music by Lalo Guerrero


"I'm Brown"
words & music by Mark Guerrero


Acoustic Set

"Ay Yi Yi Yi (Nobody Told Me)"
words & music by Mark Guerrero
(Geree Gonzalez and Ernie Hernandez on backing vocals)


words & music by Mark Guerrero
(Geree Gonzalez on lead vocal, Mark on guitar, Mark and Ernie on backing vocals)


"Viva Dolores"
words & music by Mark Guerrero
(Geree Gonzalez on backing vocal)

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Mark Guerrero
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