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Chicano Music Articles

Articles Index Page
Introductory Article: Mark Guerrero

Chan Romero: Rock & Roll Pioneer
Don Tosti: Master of Music
El Chicano: Latin Rock Pioneers
Flaco Jimenez: The Patron Saint of Conjunto Music
Tierra: Funkafied Salsa
Carmencristina Morena: Chicana Lady of Song
Lalo Guerrero: The Father of Chicano Music
Los Lobos: How Did the Wolf Survive?
Cannibal & the Headhunters: 1960s Chicano R&B Hitmakers
The Premiers: 1960s Chicano Rock Hitmakers
The Blendells: 1960s Chicano Rock Hitmakers
Little Willie G.: Thee Midniters and Beyond
Trini Lopez: From the Barrio To International Stardom
Chris Montez: Rock & Pop Hitmaker of the 60s
Freddy Fender: Tex Mex Superstar
Little Ray: East L.A. Superstar of the 60s
Hirth Martinez: Hirth From Earth and Beyond
The Romancers: The Father of East L.A. Bands
Tango: From East L.A., Not Argentina
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     Tango Gallery - Page 3
     Tango Gallery - Page 4
     Tango Gallery - Page 5
Los Illegals: Pachuco Punk Rockers of the 80s
Geree: Chicana Latin/Soul Singer Supreme
Redbone: Cajun Funk with a Touch of Latin Soul
Ruben Funkahuatl Guevara: Ruben & the Jets, Con Safos, y Mas
Malo: Suavecito: "Suavecito" to Latin Legends
Ronnie & the Casuals: 60s Eastside Band from Pomona
Yaqui: East L.A. Chicano Rock Band of the 70s
Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band: Jose Cuellar- PhD. by Day, Loco by Day
The Sisters: Ersi, Rosella and Mary Arvizu
Elijah: East L.A.'s Funky Horn Band of the 70s
The Mixtures: Stompin' At the Rainbow / Breakin' Down Racial Barriers
The Village Callers: East L.A. Latin Rock Innovators

The Blazers: The Other Band From East L.A.
The Delgado Brothers: Blues and Beyond
Manny Lopez: East L.A.'s King of the Cha Cha Cha
Question Mark & the Mysterians: The First Punk Rock Band
Mickey & the Invaders:  More Than a Surf Band
Jack D'Amore:  Rocker From East L.A.

Miscellaneous Writings Miscellaneous Writings Index Page
Book Review: "Land of a Thousand Dances"

CD Review: "Chicano Alliance"
CD Liner Notes: Lalo Guerrero "Vamos a Bailar Otra Vez"
CD Review: Los Lobos"This Time"
CD Liner Notes: "Eastside Sound, Vol. 2, Featuring Mark & the Escorts"
Mark & the Escorts: My First Band 1963- 66
Tribute Concert for 1960s Record Producer Billy Cardenas:Feb. 11, 2001
Mark & Lalo Guerrero Lecture/Concert: May 22, 2001
Book Review: "Lalo- My Life and Music"
My Chance Recording Session with Harry Nilsson
CD and Concert Review: "Thee Midniters Greatest"
Chicanos in Paris- Lalo Guerrero Concert: February 8, 1998
Unplugged with Eric Burdon For the Heartland: May 20, 1995
Lalo & Amigos Tribute Concert: October 11, 1992
Mark & the Escorts with Lalo Guerrero In the 1960s
Book Review: "Barrio Rhythm"
Lalo Guerrero & Sons At the White House: January 9, 1997
The Men From S.O.U.N.D. Back Dobie Gray: April 9, 1966
Book Review: "Los Tucsonenses"
CD Review: Lalo Guerrero "El Chicano Inolvidable"
Lalo Guerrero Discography
My Surprise Concert Opening for Rick Nelson in 1970
The East L.A. Revue All Star Band: The Eastside Sound of the 60s Lives
Book Review: "The Mexican American Orquesta"
Lalo Guerrero Tribute Concert- John Anson Ford Amphitheater: Oct. 4, 2003
Latin Oldies Festival 2003: November 1, 2003
Maldita Vecindad: Bridging Mexican and Chicano Rock
My Unpublished Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine on Behalf of Lolly Vegas
Don Tosti Tribute: August 17, 2004
My Lou Adler Sessions: February 1971
Tribute Concert for Don Tosti: October 3, 2004
East L.A. Meets Liverpool: My December 2004 Pilgrimage
Book Review: "The Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture"
Lalo Guerrero Memorial Service- Palm Springs, California: March 21, 2005
Lalo Guerrero Memorial Service- Tucson, Arizona: March 23, 2005
Book Review: "A World of It's Own"
Book Review: "Voices of Latin Rock"
My Visit To a Parallel Chicano Universe- San Francisco: April 5-6, 2005
Lalo Guerrero's Posthumous Arizona Music Hall of Fame Induction
Steve Salas and I Invade El Paso, Texas: April 21-23, 2005
My Concert with Redbone- Lemore, California: September 6, 2003
My Concert with Yaqui- Puente Hills, California: May 26, 2005
Lalo Guerrero Recording Sessions with Ry Cooder: January 29-30, 2003
Mark Guerrero Interview with Daniel Delarosa: November 4, 2004
The James Burton International Guitar Festival: August 19-21, 2005
Book Review: "Mexican and Chicano Music"
Liverpool Revisited: July 11-17, 2006
Billy Cardenas: East L.A. Manager and Record Producer of the 60s
My Concert at Tucson's Puro Mexicano Film Festival: November 3, 2006
Book Review: "The Oracle of DelFi"
Mark & the Escorts Meet the Beach Boys (1964)
Book Review: "The Latin Beat"
Book Review: "Chicano Popular Culture"
Concert For the Lalo Guerrero Film & Arts Festival Gala: March 23, 2007
7th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Awards Dinner: March 28, 2007
My Lecture/Concert at the Marin County Civic Center: March 29, 2007
Experience Music Project 2007
My 2004 Recording Session with Chan Romero
"Riot On the Sunset Strip" Book Signing Event: September 8, 2007
The Men From S.O.U.N.D.: My East L.A. Band 1966- 68
The Opening of the "American Sabor" Exhibit in Seattle: October 12, 2007
Concert For Garfield High School- Gibson Amphitheater: October 14, 2007
Shin Miyata: Chicano Music's Bridge To Japan
Book Review: "Riot On the Sunset Strip"
My Concert/Interview On the Mr. Duran Show: March 11, 2008
My Concert at Pima Community College- Tucson, Arizona: March 18, 2008
Nineteen Eighty Four: My Band 1968- 70
Al Wilson Tribute Concert: May 3, 2008
Corrido Conference- Santa Barbara, California: May 8, 2008
My Concert at the "Chicano Rock" Documentary Premiere: October 9, 2008
Book Review: "Living the Blues (the Canned Heat Story)"
Documentary Review: "Chicano Rock- The Sounds of East Los Angeles"
Mark & the Escorts Reunion: February 21, 2009
Documentary Review: "The Murals of Aztlán"
Tango Reunion- East Los Angeles College: April 23, 2009
Mark Guerrero Interview by Al Guerrero for LAEastside.com
Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends: November 11, 2008
Edward "Lalo" & Bobby Robles:  Two Generations of Music in Los Angeles
Art Brambila:  Brown Bag Productions & the Mean Salsa Machine
My 2004 Recording Session with Trini Lopez
My 2003 Recording Session with Chan Romero
Ode To Buffalo Springfied / Neil Young
Mark Guerrero Band Mark Guerrero Band
Mark Guerrero Band - Page 2
Songwriting Songwriting
Mark Guerrero Recordings Mark Guerrero Recordings


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