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Photo Gallery- Page 1

Chan Romero


Chan Romero (1959)


Mark Guerrero & Chan Romero (1996)


Chan Romero Recording Session (2004)
(Sanctuary Studios- Montebello, California)

(left to right- Mark Guerrero, Andy Tesso (formerly of The Romancers), Louie Durazo,
Chan Romero, John Perez (of The Premiers), Billy Cardenas, and Willie Mondragon)


Chan Romero (2006)

(left to right- Rick Cowling, Brian Pim, Chan Romero, and Mark Guerrero)


Chan Romero & Mark Guerrero (c. 2009)


Chan Romero & Mark Guerrero (2014)

Don Tosti


Don Tosti (1943)


Pachuco Boogie Boys
(clockwise from left: Bob Hernandez,
Don Tosti, Raul Diaz, and Eddie Cano)


Don Tosti & Mark Guerrero (1998)


Mark Guerrero & Don Tosti (2004)


Flaco Jimenez


Flaco Jimenez & Mark Guerrero- Paris, France (1998)

(performing Mark's song "Oh Maria" on a live radio show)


Flaco Jimenez & Mark Guerrero- Paris, France (1998)


Flaco with The Texas Tornadoes (1996)

(left to right- Flaco Jimenez, Doug Sahm, Freddy Fender, and Augie Meyers)




Tierra (1972)

(left to right- David Torrez, Steve Salas, Rudy Villa, unidentified, and Rudy Salas)


Tierra (1981)

(left to right- Bobby Navarette, Phillip Madayag, Steve Falomir, Joey Guerra,
Roberto Loya, Rudy Salas, Steve Salas and Andre Baeza)


Tierra (2002)

(top row, left to right-
Jeff Lewis, Dale Villavicencio, Roger Rivas, Isaac Avila, Steve Falomir, Rudy Villa, Victor Cisneros, and Aaron Ballesteros
front, left to right- Rudy Salas and Billy Mondragon) 


Mark Guerrero & Rudy Salas (2002)
(backstage at The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA)

(Rudy is leader, lead guitarist, vocalist, and chief songwriter for Tierra)


Steve Salas & Mark Guerrero (1996)

(Steve was a founding member and lead vocalist of Tierra.
In 2005, after many years leading his own band, he has returned to Tierra.)


Steve Salas & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(El Paso, Texas)


Carmencristina Moreno


Carmencristina Moreno (1972)


Carmencristina Moreno (2000)


Carmencristina Moreno & Mark Guerrero (2004)


Lalo Guerrero


Lalo Guerrero (c. 1950)


Lalo Guerrero (c. 2000)


Lalo & Mark (1997)

(Washington D.C.)


Los Lobos


Los Lobos (2002)

(left to right- Steve Berlin, Conrad Lozano,
David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, and Cesar Rosas)


Lalo & Mark Guerrero, Eugene Rodriguez & Cesar Rosas (1995)

(recording vocals for Los Lobos' 1995 "Papa's Dream" CD)


 Mark Guerrero & Cesar Rosas (1995)


Cesar Rosas, Eric Burdon, Mark Guerrero, and Hurricane Ramon  (1995)

(Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California)


Los Lobos & Mark Guerrero (1995)

(left to right- David Hidalgo, Conrad Lozano, Mark Guerrero, Cesar Rosas and Louie Perez)


(left to right- Jimi Seville, Jimmy Espinoza, Louie Perez, Mark Guerrero, and David Hidalgo)


Mark Guerrero & Louie Perez (2013)

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