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Photo Gallery- Page 3

Los Illegals


Los Illegals (1983)

(left to right- Manuel Valdez, Jesus Velo, Willie Herrón, Bill Reyes and Tony Valdez)


Los Illegals (c. 1983)

(Palo Alto, California)
(left to right- Tony Valdez, Willie Herrón, Manuel Valdez, Bill Reyes, and Jesus Velo)
(photo courtesy of Bavi Garcia)


Mark Guerrero with Los Illegals (2002)

(left to right-
Manuel Valdez, Tony Valdez, Mark Guerrero, Bill Reyes, Jesus "Xuiy" Velo, and Willie Herrón)


Mark Guerrero & Willie Herrón (2002)

Freddy Fender


Freddy Fender (1956)
(Baldemar Huerta)


Freddy Fender & Mark Guerrero- Las Vegas (1980)

El Chicano


El Chicano  (1972)

(left to right- Rudy Regalado, John DeLuna, Bobby Espinoza, Andre Baeza, Fred Sanchez, and Mickey Lespron)


Mark Guerrero & Mickey Lespron (2003)


Mark Guerrero & Bobby Espinoza (2003)


Mark Guerrero & Jerry Salas (2005)

(Jerry Salas is a former and once again lead singer for El Chicano.
Jerry sang lead on El Chicano's 1973 hit "Tell Her She's Lovely.")


Fred Sanchez & Mark Guerrero (2007)


El Chicano (2006)

(left to right- Fred Sanchez, Rudy Regalado,
Bobby Espinoza, and Jerry Salas)



Redbone (c. 1972)

(left to right- Pat Vegas, Tony Bellamy, Lolly Vegas, and Pete DePoe)


Redbone (1974)

(front- Lolly Vegas)
(back- Tony Bellamy, Pat Vegas, Butch Rillera

Pat Vegas and Mark Guerrero (2003)


Lolly Vegas and Mark Guerrero (2003)

(Lemoore, California)

Redbone (2003)

(left to right- Raven Hernandez, Steve Roybal, Pat Vegas, Mark Guerrero, and George Ochoa)


Mark Guerrero & Pat Vegas (2010)

(El Paso, Texas)


Mark Guerrero & Pat Vegas (2010)

(El Paso, Texas)


Pat Vegas and Mark (2014)

(Just finished doing Pat's radio show in Hollywood)
(Photo by Piero F. Giunti)



Mark Guerrero & Butch Rillera (2017)

(Las Vegas, Nevada)



Geree with The Village Callers (c. 1970)

(left to right- Adolfo "Fuzzy" Martinez, Ernie Hernandez, Johnny Gonzalez, Geree Gonzalez, Jeff "Dino" Dean,
Charles Sarceda, Sonny Ray, and Michael Mercado) 


Geree (1982)


Geree, Mark Guerrero, George Ochoa, and Steve Salas (1996)


Mark Guerrero & Geree (2007)


Malo (c. 1972)

(left to right-
top row: Richard Kermode, Jorge Santana, and Tom Poole
center row: Arcelio Garcia, Leo "Pepe" Rosales, and Raul Rekow
next row below: Richard Spremich, Tom Harrell, and Mike Heathman
two in foreground: Abel Zarate and Pablo Tellez)


Abel Zarate & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(original Malo guitarist, along with Jorge Santana)


Mark Guerrero & Richard Spremich (2005)

(original Malo drummer)


Roy Murray & Mark Guerrero

(original Malo brass man who played the valve trombone solo on "Suavecito")


Mark Guerrero & Arcelio Garcia (2009)


Malo (2004)

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