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Photo Gallery- Page 6

Greg Rolie


Mark Guerrero, Gregg Rolie & Manuel Valdez (2008)
(Rolie, original organist/vocalist for Santana and Valdez, founding lead guitarist for Los Illegals.)

(Backstage at the Orpheum Theater after taping "Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends"")

Trini Lopez PBS Special


Trini Lopez, Little Willie G, and Mark Guerrero (2008)

(On the PBS special "Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends")


Mark, Rudy Salas, and Steve Falomir (2008)

(Mark backed by Tierra on PBS special "Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends")


Project Rytmo


At Project Rytmo (2009)

(left to right- Joey Arreguin, Jewel Akins, Mark Guerrero, Karl Carrasco,
Mike Anderson, Alan O'Day, and Preston Epps)

(Santa Ana, CA)

The Blazers


The Blazers (1994

(left to right-
Ruben Gonzalez, Manny Gonzalez, Lee Stuart, and Ruben Guaderrama)


Ruben Guadarrama & Mark Guerrero (2009)

(Ruben's a founding member of The Blazers)


The Delgado Brothers


Delgado Brothers (2008)

(left to right- David Kelley, Victor Bisetti, Joey Delgado, Steve Delgado, and Bobby Delgado)
(photo by Martin Coen)


Bobby Delgado, Joey Delgado, Mark Guerrero , and Steve Delgado (2009)


The Heartbreakers


Mark with The Heartbreakers (2009)

(Long before Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, there was East L.A.'s Heartbreakers, Joe & Bennie Rodriguez, whose ballad "Cradle Rock" is a Chicano classic)


Los Texmaniacs


Los Texmaniacs (2009)


Mark Guerrero & Max Baca (2010)

(Max is the leader of Los Texmaniacs)


Bill Ward


Mark Guerrero & Bill Ward of Black Sabbath (2009)

(Cerritos, California)


Gary Bias


Mark Guerrero and Gary Bias of Earth, Wind & Fire (2010)

(Palm Springs, California)


Question Mark & the Mysterians


Question Mark & the Mysterians with Dick Clark (1966)

(left to right top row- Bobby Balderrama, Frank Lugo, Eddie Serrato, and Frank Rodriguez; foreground left to right- Question Mark and Dick Clark)


Question Mark & the Mysterians (2009)

(left to right top- Robert Martinez, Question Mark, and Bobby Balderrama; foreground left to right- Frank Lugo and Frank Rodriguez)


Mark Guerrero , Question Mark, and Robert Zapata (2010)

(Benedum Theater- Pittsburgh, PA)


Paul Revere


Louie Ruiz, Chalie Muñoz, Paul Revere, Robert Zapata, and Mark Guerrero (2010)

(Paul Revere of Paul Revere & the Raiders)

(Pittsburgh, PA)

Cannibal & the Headhunters Band


Pittsburgh Limo Ride (2010)

(Mark Guerrero, Dave Goldstein, Karl Carrasco, Charlie Muñoz, and Robert Zapata)


Retrorock 2010

Joey Molland / Denny Laine / Terry Sylvester / Dennis Tufano /
Sonny Geraci / Otis Day / Cannibal & the Headhunters


Joey Molland
(Badfinger) & Mark Guerrero (2010)

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Mark Guerrero & Denny Laine (Wings, Moody Blues) (2010)

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Mark Guerrero & Dennis Tufano (Buckinghams) (2010)

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Mark Guerrero, Otis Day, Denny Laine,
Sonny Geraci
(Outsiders, Climax) & Dennis Tufano (2010)

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Terry Sylvester (Hollies), Louie Ruiz, Denny Laine, and Charlie Muñoz

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Retrorock (2010)

(left to right- Louie Ruiz, Mark Guerrero, Sonny Geraci, Dennis Tufano,
Otis Day, Joey Molland, Charlie Muñoz, Terry Sylvester, Denny Laine,
Dave Goldstein, Robert Zapata, and Karl Carrasco)

(Carlsbad, New Mexico)


Denny Laine Finale (2010)

(left to right- Mark Guerrero, Dave Goldstein, Dennis Tufano, Charlie Muñoz,
Denny Laine, Sonny Geraci, and Otis Day)

(Ashland, Kentucky)


Louie Ruiz, Robert Zapata, Charlie Muñoz, and Mark Guerrero

(Ashland, Kentucky)


Mark Guerrero and Charlie Muñoz (2010)

(Ashland, Kentucky)

Beaumont, California 2014


Denny Laine and Mark (2014)

(Beaumont, California)



Joey Molland and Mark (2014)

(Beaumont, California)

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