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Photo Gallery- Page 5


Photos on back of album cover (c. 1972)

Rudy Regalado, Ronnie Reyes, and Larry Cronen


George Ochoa, Art Sanchez, Eddie Serrano, and Ray Rodriguez


Official publicity photo (1973)

(standing left to right- Rudy Regalado, Larry Cronen, Ray Rodriguez, Eddie Serrano, and Ronnie Reyes)
(squatting left to right- George Ochoa and Art Sanchez)



Mark Guerrero with Yaqui (2005)

(left to right- George Ochoa, Art Sanchez, Rudy Regalado, Mark Guerrero, Larry Cronen, Ray Rodriguez, and Ron Reyes)


Mark Guerrero with Yaqui (2005)

(left to right- Rudy Regalado, Art Sanchez, Mark Guerrero, George Ochoa, Ray Rodriguez, and Ron Reyes)

Dr. Loco


Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band (1998)


Dr. Loco- José Cuéllar (1991)


Dr. Loco & Mark (2016)


Jack D'Amore
(a.k.a. Jack Street)


Jack D'Amore (1982)


Jack D'Amore (2012)


Jack D'Amore (2012)


Jack D'Amore, Mark Guerrero, & Anthony Baray (1971)


Mark & Jack (c. 2014)


The Sisters / Ersi Arvizu


The Sisters (1964)

(clockwise from top- Ersi, Rosella, and Mary Arvizu)


Ersi (center) with El Chicano (1971)

(on the cover of El Chicano's "Revolution" album)
Pancho Villa and Zapata are superimposed in the foreground


Rosella Arvizu


Ersi Arvizu and Mark Guerrero (2005)


Rene Camacho, Ersi Arvizu, Mark Guerrero,
Rosella Arvizu, and Mickey Lespron (2005)


Elijah / Evergreen Blues


Elijah (1972)

(left to right- Steve Lawrence, Jim Morris, Ken Walther, Manny Esparza,
Sam Lombardo, Tom Bray, Hank Barrio and Joe McSweyn)


Evergreen Blues c. 1969

(left to right- Steve Lawrence, Manny Esparza, Sam Lombardo,
Ken Walther, Hank Barrio, Tom Bray, and Joe McSweyn)

Ry Cooder


Ry Cooder, Mark Guerrero, & Lalo Guerrero (2003)


Ry Cooder, Mark and Lalo Guerrero, & Flaco Jimenez (2003)


Mark Guerrero, Bobby Dominguez & Ry Cooder (2004)

(Don Tosti Memorial Concert- Riviera Hotel Grand Ballroom- Palm Springs, California)


Ry Cooder & Mark Guerrero (2002)


Waddy Wachtel


Waddy Wachtel & Mark Guerrero (2007)

(jamming at the Joint in Los Angeles)


Waddy Wachtel & Mark Guerrero (2007)

(Mark singing "Slow Down")


Waddy Wachtel, Rick Rosas, and Mark Guerrero (2007)


Jeff "Skunk" Baxter


Jeff "Skunk" Baxter & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(Jeff Baxter was lead guitarist for Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers)


Dr. John


Dr. John & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(photo by John Rowlands)

James Burton


Alex Armstrong, James Burton, & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(James Burton played with Rick Nelson and Elvis Presley)
(photo by John Rowlands)


Floyd Red Crow Westerman


Floyd Red Crow Westerman & Mark Guerrero (2006)

(Red Crow, a Dakota actor/musician/activist)


Floyd Red Crow Westerman & Mark Guerrero (2007)

(backstage at The Mint in Los Angeles)
(photo by Christina Rose)

(Red Crow passed away on December 13, 2007.)

Keith Secola


Mark Guerrero , Pat Vegas & Keith Secola

(Pat Vegas of Redbone)
 (Keith Secola, a Native-American singer/songwriter/musician)

(El Paso, Texas)


Alan O'Day


Rick Cowling, Alan O'Day & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(Alan O'Day scored a number 1 hit with "Undercover Angel" in 1977.
Alan also co-wrote the mega hit "Rock & Roll Heaven")
(Rick Cowling is a member of my former band Hot Rox)


Mike Aversa, Mike Ortiz, Alan O'Day & Mark Guerrero (2005)

(playing in Indio, California at a private party for Christen Ortiz, the daughter of a mutual friend of Alan and Mark, pioneer Chicano radio broadcaster, Joe Ortiz)


Alan O'Day, Mark Guerrero & band (2005)

(front row left to right-
Alan O'Day, Mark Guerrero, Ernie Gurrola, and Mike Aversa
back row left to right- Mike O'Brien, unidentified, and Mike Ortiz)




Chico (2007)

(left to right back row-
Danny Diaz, Gilbert Avila, Manny Fernandez, Joe Espinosa, and Bill Keis.
front- Bertha Oropeza and Adolfo "Fuzzy" Martinez)


Joe Espinosa, Mark Guerrero, Adolfo "Fuzzy" Martinez & Manny Fernandez (2007)

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