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Photo Gallery- Page 4

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez & Mark Guerrero (1985)

(Convention Center, Bakersfield, CA)


Mark Guerrero & Cesar Chavez (1992)

(McCallum Theater, Palm Desert, CA) 

Cheech Marin

Mark Guerrero & Cheech Marin (1992)

(McCallum Theater, Palm Desert, CA)

Ricardo Montalban


Ricardo Montalban & Mark Guerrero (1979)

(On the set of Fantasy Island))

Fernando Valenzuela



Fernando Valenzuela & Mark Guerrero (1981)

Paul Rodriguez


Paul Rodriguez with Lalo & Amigos (1992)

(left to right- Lupita Castro, Little Joe Hernandez,
Mark Guerrero, Paul Rodriguez, Danny Valdez,
Cheech Marin, Lalo Guerrero, and Carmencristina Moreno)

(McCallum Theater, Palm Desert, CA)

Edward James Olmos


Lalo & Amigos (1992)

(left to right- Edward Olmos, Mark Guerrero, Lalo Guerrero, Cheech Marin, Cesar Chavez, and Dan Guerrero) 

(McCallum Theater, Palm Desert, CA) 

Eric Burdon



Cesar Rosas, Eric Burdon, Mark Guerrero, and Hurricane Ramon (1995)

(Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA)

President Bill Clinton


Mark, Dan, and Lalo Guerrero with President Clinton (1998)

(Mellon Auditorium, Washington D.C.)

Hillary Clinton



Mark and Dan Guerrero with Hillary Clinton (1998)

(Mellon Auditorium, Washington D.C.)

Chris Montez


Chris Montez (1962)


Chris Montez with Tommy Roe and The Beatles (1963)


Chris Montez & Mark Guerrero (2002)

Maldita Vecindad


Maldita Vecindad & Mark Guerrero (2003)

(left to right- Aldo, Sax, Roco, Mark Guerrero, and Pato)


Quetzal Flores


Mark Guerrero & Quetzal Flores (2004)

(Autry National Center- Los Angeles, California)


Ruben & the Jets


Ruben & the Jets (1973)

(left to right- Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood,
Tony Duran, Robert "Buffalo" Roberts, Bill Wild, Bob Zamora,
Rubén Guevara, Johnny Martinez, and Robert "Frog" Camarena)


Rubén "Funkahuátl" Guevara (1992)

(photo by Aurelio José Barrera)


Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs


Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs (c. 1965)
(Domingo "Sam" Samudio aka Sam the Sham)


Johnny Chingas


Johnny Chingas (1984)

(photo by Aurelio José Barrera)


Ronnie & the Casuals


Ronnie & the Casuals (1964)

(left to right- Ronnie Duran, Robert Arroyo, Ryan O'brien,
Charles Lett, Jimmy Duran, Philip Duran, and Robert Foley)


Ronnie & the Casuals (1964)
(East Los Angeles)

Little Ray Jimenez


Little Ray Jimenez (c. 1964)


Little Ray (1965)


Little Ray & the Progressions (1965)
(Boulevard Theater- East Los Angeles)
(using our Mark & the Escorts drum set)

(far left- Clarence Playa, center- Little Ray Jimenez)


Little Ray Jimenez & Mark Guerrero (2004)

Mickey & the Invaders


Mickey & the Invader
s (c. 1965)

left to right- (front row) Mike "Mickey" Aversa and Simon Casas
(back row) John Ortiz, Bobby Espinoza, Denny Robinson, and Linda Robinson


Mickey & the Invaders with The Blossoms (c. 1967)



Dyna-Might (1969)

front- John Ortiz and Simon Casas
middle- Mario Sosa
back- Barry Ward and Mike Aversa

Mike "Mickey" Aversa


Mike "Mickey" Aversa (2011)

Bob Keane


Bob Keane & Mark Guerrero (2003)

(Bob Keane of DelFi Records produced and managed Ritchie Valens)

Billy Cardenas


Billy Cardenas & Mark Guerrero (2004)

(Billy was the manager of my first band, Mark & the Escorts, in 1964-65.
He also managed The Romancers, The Premiers, The Blendells,
Cannibal & the Headhunters, and many other Eastside bands in the 60s.)

Art Brambila


Mark Guerrero & Art Brambila (2004)

(Art Brambila was my manager in 1971-72. 
He also managed Tierra and Yaqui at the time.)


Billy Cardenas, Mark Guerrero & Art Brambila (2013)

Joe Ortiz


Mark Guerrero, Martha & Joe Ortiz

(Joe Ortiz is a Chicano media pioneer.  Starting in 1970, he hosted radio and television shows in Los Angeles and later became a publicist.  Joe was the announcer on many of my "Chicano Music Chronicles" internet radio shows.

Tony Valdez / Paul Carlin


Paul Carlin, Tony Valdez, Mark Guerrero, and Art Sanchez (2008)

(Paul Carlin promoted shows at the Montebello Ballroom and Big Union Hall in the 1960s in
East L.A.- Tony Valdez worked at the Record Rack on Whittier Blvd. and later became a
local L.A. television host)- Art Sanchez is a bass player who's played with many
East L.A. bands since the '60s)

Jesus Treviño


Jesus Treviño & Mark Guerrero (2012)

(Jesus Treviño is a Chicano filmmaker/activist)

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