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Photo Gallery- Page 2

Cannibal & the Headhunters


Cannibal & the Headhunters (1964)

(left to right- Richard "Scar" Lopez, Joe "Yo Yo" Jaramillo,
Robert "Rabbit" Jaramillo and Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia)


Paul McCartney and Cannibal (1965)


The Headhunters & Mark Guerrero (1999)

(left to right- Richard "Scar" Lopez, Mark Guerrero,
Robert "Rabbit" Jaramillo, & Joe "Yo Yo" Jaramillo)


The Premiers


The Premiers (1964)

(left to right- Tony Duran, John Perez, Lawrence Perez, Frank Zuniga and George Delgado)


The Premiers & Mark Guerrero (1999)

(left to right- George Delgado, Lawrence Perez,
Mark Guerrero, Frank Zuniga and John Perez)


Little Stevie Wonder (c. 1963)

(at the Paramount Ballroom in East L.A. on the drum set of John Perez
of The Premiers, who were also on the bill)


The Blendells


The Blendells (1964)

(top row, left to right-
Tommy Esparza, Sal Murillo and Ronnie Chipres
bottom row, left to right-
Don Cardenas, Mike Rincon and Rudy Valona)


Mark Guerrero & Sal Murillo (1999)

(Sal was lead singer of The Blendells)


Rudy Valona & Mark Guerrero (1999)

(Rudy was lead guitarist of The Blendells)
(photo by Tom Morin)

Little Willie G


Little Willie G


Mark Guerrero & Little Willie G (2000)


Trini Lopez


Trini Lopez


Trini Lopez with The Beatles


Trini Lopez & Mark Guerrero (2000)


Trini Lopez, Leon Becken, & Mark Guerrero (2004)

(Trini recording Mark's song "Oh Maria" at Leon Becken's studio in Rancho Mirage, CA)


Trini Lopez, Mark Guerrero & Jerry Salas (2005)

(Jerry Salas is the lead singer for El Chicano.)


Trini Lopez, Little Willie G. & Mark Guerrero (2008)

(Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles at taping of PBS show
"Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends.")


Hirth Martinez


Hirth Martinez (1977)


Mark Guerrero & Hirth Martinez (2001)


Hirth Martinez (1976)

(at photo shoot for "Hirth From Earth")


Hirth Martinez and Robbie Robertson (1976)

(Robertson produced Hirth's first album "Hirth From Earth"

The Romancers


The Romancers (1964)

(top row, left to right-
Ralph Ventura, Manuel Rodriguez, and Albert "Bobby" Hernandez
bottom row, left to right-
Cesar (last name ?), Max Uballez, and Manuel Mosqueda)


Max Uballez & Mark Guerrero (2000)

(Max was leader, rhythm guitarist, and chief songwriter for The Romancers)


Mark Guerrero & Andy Tesso (1998)

(Andy was lead guitarist for The Romancers on their classic "Do the Slauson" and "Let's Do the Swim" albums)


Mark Guerrero & Albert "Bobby" Hernandez (2007)

Mark & The Escorts / The Men From S.O.U.N.D. /

Nineteen Eighty Four / Tango / Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán


Mark & the Escorts (1964)

(left to right- Trini Basulto, Robert Warren, Mark Guerrero, Richard Rosas,
Ernie Hernandez, and Ricky Almaraz)


The Men from S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

(left to right- Tony Rodas, Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, George Ochoa, and Ernie Hernandez)


Nineteen Eighty Four (1969)

(left to right- Richard Rosas, Tony Rodas, Ernie Hernandez, and Mark Guerrero)


Tango (1974)

(left to right- Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, John Valenzuela, and Ernie Hernandez)


Tango (1974)

(left to right- Ernie Hernandez, Richard Rosas, Mark Guerrero, and John Valenzuela)


Tango "Live" at the Roxy (1974)

(left to right- Richard Rosas, Ernie Hernandez, Mark Guerrero, and John Valenzuela)


Tango (2004)
(at the wedding of John's son James)

(left to right- John Valenzuela, Ernie Hernandez, Mark Guerrero, and Richard Rosas)


Tango (2012)

left to right- Rick Rosas, Mark Guerrero, Ernie Hernandez, and John Valezuela)


Mark Guerrero & Radio Aztlán
(The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA, July 20, 2002)

(left to right- Aaron Guerrero Routtenberg, Johnny Guerrero, Tim Ortega Jones, Ron Reyes, Bobby Dominguez, Mark Guerrero, Alex Armstrong, Leo Valenzuela, and Al Lopez)

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